Life and death of Quentin Hubbard (22)

Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard was born 6 January 1954 -- Found 28 October 1976

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Affidavit of Robert Vaughn Young
9 Mar 1994

Hubbard's son Quentin also died under mysterious circumstances in 1976. He had disappeared from his home in Clearwater, Florida, and was found unconscious in a car next to the Las Vegas airport. (Coroner's report is attached as Exhibit U. He died unidentified, as a "John Doe.") The engine of the car was on and a hose ran from the exhaust pipe (although it appeared to have fallen off when the authorities arrived) to the window, making it appear to be a suicide. But, like his father's death, there were a number of nagging questions . For example, Quentin was found unkempt with a beard stubble, a state that no one who knew Quentin could accept. (He was ultra-meticulous in his appearance.) Or that the license plate of the car was missing and found under a rock some distance away. Or that his wallet was gone, making identification impossible. Or that a near-empty bottle of liquor was found, as if he had been drinking, when Quentin did not. Or that there were needle marks on his arms, when he did not use drugs.

A Piece Of Blue Sky, Chapter 6
By Jon Atack

Quentin had tried to measure up to his father's expectations - he was one of the few top-grade Class Twelve Auditors - but he did not share his father's temperament. By all accounts he was far too gentle to govern Scientology, or indeed to govern anything. All he wanted was to fly airplanes, and he often pleaded with his father to allow him to leave the Sea Org and do just that. He had disappeared several times in an attempt to escape. There was also an aspect of his nature which could never be reconciled with his father's philosophy: Quentin was a homosexual. There is little doubt that his death was self-inflicted, as he had attempted suicide before. Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard

Interview with Kima Douglas  (oder auf Deutsch)

I walked into [L Ron Hubbard's] office at La Quinta at Rifle and took breakfast into him. He saw messengers running about outside, and asked what was going on. I tried to distract him, then Nicky and a GO person went in and told him. The death report said there was sperm in the anal canal and he had died of asphyxiation of carbon monoxide . He took it reasonably well, didn't cry, didn't get emotional. He threw the death report at me and said, "Read that!" He went in and told Mary Sue and she screamed. She screamed for ten minutes, keening. He was her favourite son. It kept going - I couldn't believe she had that much in her lungs. It was horrendous. The only time I had really seen her cry before was when Vixie her Corgi dog died and I gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation to try and revive it. LRH came back and said, "She took it very badly." He was furious, really angry that Quentin had done it. The sperm in the anus didn't help much. Next time I saw the medical report there was no mention of sperm. I saw it about two months later. I saw another death certificate that said, "scar on the heart, death from unknown causes". I always thought he was homosexual. He was trying to get out of the Church.

Quentin Hubbard
Quentin Hubbard

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti  (or different format)
26 September 1989

A few weeks later [in 1974], Quentin attempted suicide. As a result he was confined to isolation in his cabin for about three weeks and then assigned to the RPF. While on the RPF, Quentin and I became close friends... In late August, Quentin went away on a three week vacation. When he returned, in September, he confided to me that he had made, yet another suicide attempt. At this point, I was ordered to stop seeing Quentin, probably because I knew too much. I refused to stop seeing Quentin and continued to see him.

Affidavit of Hana Whitfield
8 Mar 1994

184. In late October or early November, 1976 in Clearwater, a GO staff member briefed us that on 28 October that year, Quentin was found unconscious in his car outside Las Vegas and was hospitalized. About two weeks later we learned he was dead. A few days after that, we heard that Mary Sue ordered three autopsies done, and the third located the cause of Quentin's death; he was suffering from a rare disease. We weren't told its name. I and others I knew, questioned why we were not given more information about how Quentin was found, hospitalized and how he died.

185. Many years later, I saw the Coroner's report and the Report of Investigation, both attached hereto as Exhibit 78, and I read that Quentin had a possible cerebral abscess when he died, but no trace of carbon monoxide toxicity.

End of the Q by Dennis Erlich

A couple of weeks later I arrived in the crew dining room for dinner to find the whole place quietly a-buzz with the news: "QUENTIN'S DEAD! NO ONE KNOWS HOW HE DIED. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN MURDERED!"

At that moment, hand to the Lord, I thought, "Rumor has it that LRH was really pissed at Q. It was a huge loss of face for "the boss" having a gay son. This most recent disgrace -- the false reporting -- was the last straw. I bet he was murdered."

We learned later that he was found in his car in the desert near Las Vegas airport. All the windows were closed and there was a tube from the tail pipe into the car. The car and his person had been stripped of all evidence such as licenses, which would identify the occupant. He was still alive, but unconscious when he was found. Something happened in the hospital and he died two weeks later without regaining consciousness. His death was listed as a "possible suicide." There are obviously a few questions still unanswered about his death.

LA Times, June 24, 1990

Hubbard expected his children to live up to the family name and do nothing that would reflect badly on him or the church. And for that reason, his son Quentin was a problem. Quentin had once tried suicide with a drug overdose and was confused about his sexual orientation - a fact that was quietly discussed among Hubbard's friends and at the highest levels of the church. "He thought Quentin was an embarrassment," said Laurel Sullivan, Hubbard's former public relations officer, who had a falling out with the organization in 1981. "And he told me that several times."

Coroners Report of Quentin

Death Notification 
Next of Kin L Ron Hubbard Relationshsip Father 
Address Ireland 
Person notified (if other than N.O.K. ) Church of Scientology 
Address 210 S Ft Harrisson Ave Clearwater Florida Tel No. 813 461 1267 

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