My daughter was ordered to have an abortion!
She refused. Then the bullying started.

Part of by Mike Gormez


From: (clarence sevdy)
Subject: Re: Open letter to Claire Swazey
Date: 1998/07/31
Message-ID: <>#1/1
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Claire, My name is Clarence Sevdy. I just got my daughter to talk to me
about her experience in Scientology.
She was in Los Angelus , then Portland Ore "orgs" in 1990 & 1991.
I asked for her permission to pass on her story,which she gave to me.
While at Superorg in L.A. she was indiscrete...she got pregnant. She was
told by those over her to make amends(I don't know Newspeak well enough
to use here) . She was ordered to get an abortion!! She refused. Then
the bullying started. She had signed a "billion year contract". Your
church promised to send her home , but after a bunch of American Nazi
wannabees kept her confined ( all day in the patio area,not in a
room,how kind they were)           Then every day for three days , she
was kept in a room with 10 to 12 screaning rageing maniacs doing a
Chinese Brainwashing routine on her , with an E-meter . O.K. I believe
you Scios call this a Sec Check.  Then she was "Declared", and went from
P.T.S. to S.P. status.       She was promised a bus ticket to Seattle.
She had worked months for subsubsiistance.           The liars put her
into a small car with a couple going to Portland Oregon. The temperature
was over 100 degrees, she was crammed into the back with baggage, books
, & papers. She was not spoken to,nor was there a rest stop.
On arrival at the Portland Org, she was taken into another room,already
frightened.  She was then subjected to another nightmarish,sureal,and
extremely vicious verbal beating for a better part of 7 hours. Then sent
out onto the street,after refusing to sign some form.
When she got back to Everett we helped her to get settled,she had the
baby, and was on psych drugs for a couple of years.
I love my 7 year old granddaughter,and get mad as hell at the bastards
that almost killed her.
Ironically, I had had 5 years of your church when i was 13 to 17 years
old....thats another story, but I could not have stopped her at the time
(getting involved with Scientology) even though I had warned her of it
for years.                      Bob Minton is fast becomming one of my
If you reject the truth about Bob ,and/or my daughter,and the many fine
people (ex-scienos) on ARS or out in the world because their
terminology,or Jargon does not fit your concept of true Hubbardspeak ,
then that is simply insane,and you are totaly lost.
I sincerely hope this is not the case,Claire.
Clarence Sevdy

Note by webmaster: Claire Swazey, to whom this open letter is adressed, says she has left the Church of
Scientology and that she got declared by them. Though she is out she maintains that she is a scientologist.

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