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This page was created: October 22, 1996

This critical page brought to you by Anti-Cult.
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Pictures from the picket against the scientology cult in Stockholm, Sweden DEC. 6. 1997. In memory of the tragic death of Lisa McPherson. (Read more about that further down on this page.)
Some pictures taken when Zenon Panoussis had his trial in May 1998. The trial was of course about scientology's copyright claims, and if Zenon Panoussis had violated any law. The verdict is still to come. Copyright © 1998 Birgitta Dagnell.
Interesting pictures of the bridge to total freedom, or how the NOTs got plastered on a bridge in Stockholm.
Court transcripts from the trial of Keith Henson , May 5-12, 1998. Yes, even the sealed parts are there.
This is also a sealed document. The affidavit of Jesse Prince in the Lisa McPherson case. This affidavit was sealed too in the U.S. However, since I'm not under the jurisdiction of any U.S law, I'm free to publish it here.
This is the real story of and by Birgitta Dagnell, and her life in the cult. She is a former Scientologist that was in the old GO (Guardian Office), and later on, in OSA (Office of Special Affairs). Read her story, it's very revealing. This is how this criminal cult operates.
Let's start with what it all comes down to when you have paid hundreds of thousands of $'s to this cult, and when your mind have been severely screwed up in order to be able to buy this crap. This is the most kept secret of the criminal organization of Scientology. The Xemu leaflet, tells you about the secret core belief of the Scientology cult in just a few minutes of reading. In English, or in Swedish
This is a picture of me. In case you wonder how this critic of Scientology looks.
The following excerpt was taken from a magazine called Saturday Evening Wings, which was printed for a while in the 1970s. Wings described itself as "Wings -- The New Age Satire Magazine". The issue this excerpt was taken from was the Nov.-DEC. '78 issue. It is of great interest, because Harlan Ellison, a rather famous science fiction writer, claims to have been present the night L. Ron Hubbard decided to write Dianetics.
The Scientologese language is not easy to understand, Its Acronyms and Scieno-English can drive you nuts. Therefore, with the permission of Martin Hunt , I have HTML-ized his ARS Acronym/TerminologyFAQ v3.1 It is divided into one page per letter. Return to this FAQ, when you find something in any of my pages that you just can't figure out what it means. That will probably happen very often, since Scientology have created a language of its own.
What is Scientology? (Author: Roland Rashleigh-Berry, 1st March 1997.)
The Truth About Scientology and Dianetics. Original Swedish Text: 1988 by FRI - Föreningen Rädda Individen. A Swedish cult awareness group (Rescue the Individual Association). Original Title: Sanningen om Scientologin och Dianetiken. English Translation: Made 1995 by Teodor Väänänen.
This is a collection of some of the best and more concise descriptions of Scientology belief and practice posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology (A.R.S). I have only HTML-ized the articles, reformatted the text, and underlined a few words that I found extra important to stress. I have removed the names of the posters, to protect their anonymity. If anyone should recognize his/her article and would like their names attached to the article, please contact me and I'll include your name.

Visit Operation Clambake!

A scientific scrutiny of OT 3. By Peter Forde, B.Sc. November 11, 1994. (revised June 1996)
Html'ized by Cornelius Krasel

Also by Peter Forde Psychiatry and Trouble An article to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology made Sun, 05 Jul 1998 15:57:11 -0700

Who's who on A.R.S. Martin Hunt's. Version 2.0
Are you curious about how the participants of A.R.S looks like? Then, you must visit Martin Hunt's "ARSCC" Photo Gallery. (ARSCC doesn't exist.)
Now this is interesting. The Church of Scientology, Trade Secrets, and Monopoly. An analysis by an anonymous Bachelor of Arts in economics. University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC).
The following FAQ answers a few commonly asked questions about scientology in Germany, and corrects some common misconceptions by readers or some blatant inaccuracies by scientology. It's a link to Tilman Hausherr in Germany.
Let's take a look at the Swedish "offentlighetsprincip". Or the principle of publicly. This was published in the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, by someone who wanted to be anonymous.
I have only HTML-ized it, and fixed the formatting.
This is the letter that Congressman CARLOS J. MOORHEAD, 27TH DISTRICT, CALIFORNIA sent to the speaker of the Swedish Parliament regarding the Zenon case and the NOTS documents. You can also read the answer from the speaker BIRGITTA DAHL. They forgot something about the Swedish "offentlighetsprincip". The letters are available as well as NOTS, from the Swedish Parliament.

I have only HTML-ized the letters and fixed the formatting.

Now then, Scientology obviously have a great deal of influence in the U.S. These two letters, from the congressman HOWARD COBLE, CHAIRMAN Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property, is almost a declaration of war. The first letter is to Birgitta Dahl, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, and the second letter is to Laila Freivalds, Minister of Justice, Government of Sweden. Once again, a representative of the U.S congress, forgets about the Swedish "offentlighetsprincip". that makes these letters public forever.
This is also an interesting official document. Warren McShane, the President of Religious Technology Center (RTC), writes to the speaker of the Swedish Parliament, complaining about how Sweden treats their secret scriptures.

Still it seems as if nobody in the cult had a clue that it would be known to the world, thanks to the Swedish offentlighetsprincip.

More About the NOTS debacle in Sweden. Sue Taylor DC Public Affairs Director, set out on a misssion to save the NOTS. Read her letters here. The following letter was submitted to a Swedish Government appointed agency, commonly called the "Radio Court". The Radio Court deals with complaints filed by organizations and individuals, concerning the actions of TV and radio broadcasts in Sweden.

And this one too: Sue Taylor writes to OSA Sweden.

What do you say? Is this "The real thing"? OT-IX or is it someone faking the Hub? It comes from an anonymous source.

Lisa McPherson

Lisa McPherson died under mysterious circumstances December 5, 1995, in Clearwater Florida, while she was in the hands of the organization of Scientology. Please help find out why she died. She was only 36 years old.

Follow the link to cultxpt's page, for further information on Lisa McPherson's tragic death. Or for faster access choose the local mirror that I have made, in case that Jeff's page is unavailable.

Another isolation case: Gitte Mogensen, May 1996.
This is the story of Gitte Mogensen, as it was told by one of persons who were there, "babywatching" her. He is a former staff member of DK Foundation org in Copenhagen, Denmark, Karsten J. Lorenzen.
Now, this is something very interesting. This is a declaration of Gerald Armstrong, a former high ranking Scientologist. The declaration was filed to: United States District Court For The Northern District Of California, on January 26, 1997. Read it, it's going to teach you a lot of how the Organization of Scientology treats its critics, and its members.
This document, shows the secret Scientology plan to take over successful companies. It's well worth reading.
This comparison between Hitler and Hubbard is also very interesting: A preliminary investigation into the sociopolitical ideology of L. Ron Hubbard and Adolf Hitler.
Why Scientologists must not hold positions of Public Trust ( By Arnaldo P. Lerma)
This is a page full of links to critical webpages.
This is an HTML conversion of a series of messages to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, which posted the highlights of the "private" Scientologists-only mailing list, TNX-L, the contents of which were leaked to the "wog" world by some unknown member of the list.

This tells a lot of how the Scientologists view the outside world. In my opinion, they are a group of clueless right wing people with no knowledge about the political life at all. They seems to support a view of life that is very similar to the right wing militia.

Pictures from the March 15 picket of the Dianetics Center in Stockholm.
The article Jargon/mind control was posted on a.r.s 27 Mar 1997 by Richmann. I find it well worth reading. It gives some understanding of how Scientology use words, and redefinitions of existing words to manipulate people. I have webbed it with his permission.
(Reedited as a new years gift to All Those of Good Will, on this 1 January of 1999, by Richmann. Updated title: Language, Jargon and Mind Control )
The following pages, by Chris Owen, is probably the most comprehensive resource on the Web, when it comes to telling the true facts about Narconon.

- it includes many news reports, expert assessments and a detailed expose of Narconon's activities and practices.

Bob Lobsinger is owner and publisher of the Newkirk Herald Journal. Newkirk is the town closest to Chilocco Narconon. He wrote scathing editorials about the cult to alert his readers about the dangers of their operation. I have decided to collect as many of his article as I can on the following pages. I will also publish other articles written by other writers, that deals with the same subject. I would like to thank Rev. Dennis L Erlich for pointing me to their existence, his work in collecting the articles and sending them to me.
Here's more about Narconon. Expert advice on Narconon given to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, who are responsible for medical practices including drug abuse treatments in Sweden. This was mentioned in Swedish TV programs on Narconon. (Three parts. Internal links provided of course)

The report was written by Folke Sjoqvist, Professor, Scientific Advisor in Clinical Pharmacology. The report is translated from Swedish to English by stellaria@hotmail.com (Catarina Pamnell)

Factnet Report: Hubbard and the Occult  (by Jon Atack)This is a long report, but well worth reading. It gives a good insight into the origins of Scientology, and the connection between Scientology and the black magician Aleister Crowley.
THE ADMISSIONS OF L. RON HUBBARD. Read and wonder how many cards this guy was short of in his deck.
Now then, who do you think it was that screwed up badly, and tried to cancel a Fair Use Excerpt article from the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology ?

While you wonder about that, why don't you download an mpg file, which explains more about how scientology and Hubbard views Christ? Thanks to Jeff Lee, we now have this very good cartoon available.

This is something really worth reading: judicial and govermental decisions about scientology and dianetics.
Read the coroner's report on the death of Scientology cult founder L. Ron. Hubbard. Notice that Hubbard had the psych drug Vistaril in his blood, and several needle marks. I guess it is true what the rumor say, that he was screaming about the body thetans crawling all over him, and that those around him had to give him a psych drug, to make him silent..

Seems as if the scientology belief of not taking psych drugs wasn't worth much after all...

And now, the Scientology secrets about the "Bridge" . The information set out here is to help you decide whether you want to continue with Scientology and go up the "Bridge". (C) Roland Rashleigh-Berry, 28th September 2001
Watch this fascinating Video Interview with Mike McClaughry.

Mike McClaughry has been a Scientologist since 1968.

He joined staff at the San Francisco org in 1969 to become an auditor. After five years as a Class III auditor and Academy supervisor, he was recruited into the Guardian's Office. At that time, Kathy O'Gorman was the Assistant Guardian (AG) and Vaughn Young was the Assistant Guardian for Public Relations (AG PR). Mike was recruited to be the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence (AGI).

More will follow soon...
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