This is a HTML login form to launch the applet for connection to IRC #scientology on primarily the Undernet network.

If the connection fails, and/or if you want to change server or network (Efnet is also available), push the Config button, and change the settings from there.

Just enter your nickname, and press the ENTER button on the form.
Enter your nick name:

You need to have Java and Javascript enabled on your browsers.

What browser do I need ?

You'll need Netscape4.0 or above and Internet Explorer4.0 or above. If you use IE4/IE5, be sure to follow these steps Help for Internet Explorer before entering the chat applet. When we later obtain digital ID for IE and sign the applet, you will no longer to do so. AOL browser is also supported as it is essentially Internet Explorer. Other browsers probably will fail unless they can bypass the applet security sandbox.

What is that pop up window asking for "permission"?

We sign the applet with Thawte digital certificate to by pass the Java applet sandbox. You can safely say yes to this request. If you don't grant these permissions, the applet will not function properly.

End of excerpt.

Have fun folks, and do join the large chat channel for the scientology topic.