Scientology's Harassment of UK Citizens

The Courier, August 11, 1995

Page 14 - Letters page


ON JULY 14, your  paper published a highly inflammatory article on the front 
page about the Church of Scientology, which contains several inaccuracies.

For example when Richard Prices sister first became a member of the Church 
of Scientology they did not immediately seek help in order to get her out.

It was only years later when Richard Price came in contact with an 
ex-scientologist, Bonnie Woods, did his sisters involvement in Scientology 
become an object of concern.

In order to understand this it is necessary to understand Bonnie Woods.


Bonnie Woods is a faith breaker for a fee, who having turned against her 
former religion, dedicates herself along with he husband Richard Woods, to 
spreading false propaganda about the Church of Scientology.

One could conclude that Richard Price has been merely a dupe in Bonnie 
Woods game which is exactly how he got into trouble.  Lost in the article 
is the fact that Richard Price became part of a hate campaign using 
misinformation tactics learned from the likes of Bonnie Woods.

The church simply acted to protect its rights and inform Richard Price in 
the appropriate manner of possible violations of law that, under the 
influence of Bonnie Woods, he was committing.

It is a shame that Richard Price has not taken the time to look for the true 
story of Scientology, and understand his sisters choice of religion.


If he did he would find that over the past 40 years since the church began, 
it has grown from one church in 1955 to 2,318 churches, missions and related 
organisations in 107 countries and in 31 languages.  Every year 
approximately 500,000 people participate in Scientology services for the 
first time somewhere in the world.

Those who wish to find out the truth about Scientology for themselves need 
only go to their local library and request the book "What is Scien
tology", for a definitive description of all aspects of Scientology.

"The Scientology Handbook" is also available in most libraries for a 
practical guide to applying Scientology principles to life.

Public Relations Officer
Church of Scientology
Saint Hill
East Grinstead


Readers should be aware that Bonnie Woods runs an organisation which 
professes to help those whose relatives have become involved in Scientology.

The standard response of the church is to vilify her.  Those relatives she 
works with seem glad of her help.

The book What is Scientology is published by the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology is taking out private prosecutions for "obtaining 
services by deception" against the film company its managing director 
and the reporter.

Such legal moves are common practice by the church and its members.