Scientology's Harassment of UK Citizens

14th August 1995


I was absolutely amazed to read the letter written by the newly appointed 
Public Relations Officer of the Church of Scientology.

I think I need to set the record straight as far as my personal situation is 

I object to being called a hate campaigner.

I am aware that the Scientology organisation is extremely litigious.

However I cannot let this deter me - I have a story to tell and I shall tell 

Scientology has a policy, called 'Fair Game' which states that any person 
judged by Scientology to be a Suppressive Person "may be deprived of 
property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline 
of the Scientologist.  May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

In further policies, L Ron Hubbard states "if anyone is trying to stop 
Scientology, I can make Captain Bligh look like a Sunday school 
teacher", and "the law can be used very easily to harass."

Scientologists hold these to be scripture.


During a 1980 trial, top Scientology officials admitted that Fair Game had 
never been withdrawn. 

Founder L Ron Hubbards wife and ten others were thereafter sentenced to 
prison terms for a conspiracy which included burglary, bugging, theft, 
kidnapping, false imprisonment, and coaching witnesses to lie.

A report into Scientology for the state of Victoria, Australia said, 
"Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat 
to the community, medically, morally and socially".

The letter from the Church of Scientology stated that, "when Richard Prices 
sister first became a member of the Church of Scientology they did not 
immediately seek help in order to get her out."

My sister did not tell my family that she was a Scientologist until she had 
been in the organisation for two years.

To allay my concerns she took my wife and I to the Scientology headquarters.

This visit did not reassure me, so I decided to carry out some research into 
the organisation.

I discovered that their leader L Ron Hubbard was an stage hypnotist and a 
science fiction writer who called non Scientologists "wogs" and "raw 

After I had read a book called Religion Inc I tried to discuss it with 

I read an extract about a Scientology course that teaches that 75,000,000 
years ago Earth was part of a Galactic Federation run by an evil ruler 
called Xenu.

Xenu shipped billions of people to Earth, and gathered their spirits on 
electronic ribbons, and these were implanted with the images of the 

As I read this to my sister, she became very upset and tried to wrestle the 
book from me.


I later learned that Scientologists are taught that anyone hearing this 
material will become ill and die within days.
 My relationship with my sister was badly affected by the above and she was 
very distant for about two years. 

When I met Bonnie and Richard Woods my relationship with her improved.

It also improved as a result of obtaining advice from FAIR, and the Cult 
Information Centre.

However, our relationship continued to be very strained.

I was not able to discuss Scientology openly and this was very difficult 
because I had come to believe that the practices of the organisation could 
harm my sister.  

She was even put on a course that cost about 400.00, to teach her how to 
"handle" me.

Scientologists have to "handle" any opponents to Scientology (Potential 
Trouble Sources), or "disconnect" (cease all communication with them).

I am appalled by the attack on Richard and Bonnie Woods in the letter.

They stand for reasoned discussion rather then the haranguing invective of 

Scientologists are told that the Woods are deprogrammers who kidnap members. 
 This is totally untrue.  They will not meet a Scientologist unless the 
Scientologist agrees to meet them first.

They do not charge fees. They are normal, decent people who have detailed 
knowledge of the organisation and want to help families being torn apart by 

In addition to contacting the above, I have undertaken extensive and 
independent research, studying books and other information, from many 
different sources.

There is a mountain of information available by psychologists, sociologists, 
religious leaders, ex -members and families.

Scientology was condemned by a 1971 Government Enquiry conducted by Sir John 
Foster QC, MP  ( available from HMSO).

The most damning information comes from internal documents and course 
materials published by the Scientology organisation itself.

As a non-scientologist, I have the freedom to research and study a subject.

Unfortunately, Scientologists are forbidden to read any material critical of 
Scientology so they are not in a position to make an assessment of the 
organisation with which they are involved.

Mr Selfe defended the organisations actions against me by stating that the 
solicitors letter was a warning not to commit violations of the law.

I think that it is most unusual for a solicitor to send a letter warning of 
action over incidents that have not, and are not likely to, happen.

Sending private investigators round to my house and posting threatening 
legal letters through my door at 11.30 at night when I have done nothing 
unlawful, seems to me to be obvious intimidation.

It is a human right to be able to express an opinion.

I consider that Scientology violates this human right by trying to oppress 

It is also a human right to hold ones own beliefs and to practice ones 
chosen religion.


Scientology pays lip service to these beliefs in its creed but I see my 
sister being prevented from free thinking and exploited for commercial gain 
by an organisation that pretends to be a church in order to deflect 
criticism as religious "persecution".

Since my story appeared in the Courier, I have received another similar 
letter from Scientologys solicitor and my sister has indicated that she is 
going to have no more to do with me, so I must assume that she has been 
manipulated into "disconnecting" from me.

If any Courier readers are concerned that their family members are in a 
cult, they should contact the Cult Information Centre on 0181 6513322.

They also provide leaflets for schools and colleges that explain how to 
recognise a cult.

Readers concerned with Scientology can contact FUSS (Families under 
Scientology Stress), BM Box 3506, London WC1N 3XX.

Richard Price