Scientology's Harassment of UK Citizens

Richard's message to the net sent immediately after the visit from the PI:


I had a visit from a private investigator tonight, he said he worked 
for a solicitors called Hodkin and Company, that represent the Church of 
Scientology.  I feel very upset and invaded by this, and my wife feels that 
it is a violation of our human rights.  I have been speaking to other 
distressed people who, like myself, have loved ones in the Scientology 
organisation. This is my only crime.

Our friend Ron Lawley was also phoned by a private investigator who also 
claimed to be an independent legal researcher into the 20/20 television 
programme. When Ron accused him of spying on him and working for 
Scientology, and trying to obtain information from him under false 
pretences, the investigator hung up without giving any answers.

Another friend has just had a letter from the same solicitor warning them 
not to take any action they might regret with regard to publicising the Big 
Story programme about Scientology that is to be screened on the 13/20 July.