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The Odhran Fortune Story

The purpose of these pages is to tell the story of Odhran Fortune and his family. This is a very important story as it describes the first occurance (in the UK) of Scientology using their policies of harassment against a family who have someone inside the cult. In addition to describing the plight of the Fortune family, it is hoped that these pages can be used as a information collection point. If you have information or experiences of interest it may be useful for court cases so please email the address below.

The Story in Brief

When Odhran, an Irish Scientologist based in Copenhagen, came home to visit his family during Christmas 1997, they were horrified. Odhran is six foot two inches tall, but on his arrival from Scientology he weighed just seven stone. The family sought help and contacted an exit counsellor. Odhran saw the exit counsellor and agreed to stay with his family. He seemed to be recovering well but he suddenly disappeared without prior notice. His family were concerned by his sudden disappearance and contacted the police. The police found that Scientology had collected Odhran and taken him back to England. Odhran's parents, siblings, and some friends went to England to protest at Scientology's abduction of their son. The incredible harassment of the Fortune family then began. Here is the incredible story in full (full story).

Why Odhran?

An ex-Scientologist and exit counsellor called Bonnie Woods decided to take legal action by suing them for libel. Scientology now have a serious problem because the case against them is almost certain to now go to court. It is thought that Odhran is being used by Scientology as a key witness against Mrs Woods, alleging that he was forcibly held against his will by her (see Scientology's Freedom magazine article, and the response from Bonnie Woods). Odhran was not held against his will or abducted. However, Scientology seem to have decided that they can utilise him and since his abduction he has been quoted as verifying their allegations.

If you have received a copy of this Freedom magazine please contact the site administrator at the email address below. It is implied in the article that a large team of "deprogrammers" held Odhran captive for days, when the truth is that each of the people mentioned only saw Odhran on seperate occassions, for a few hours at a time, and with his consent.

How does an Organisation Like Scientology Exist?

The English libel law originated after the French Revolution, when it was used to suppress the propagation of democratic ideas. The libel law is used by Scientology and other corporates (such as MacDonalds) to suppress publication of information which the public has a right to know. We are puzzled by the apathetic reaction of the government in the UK to conduct further enquiries into an organisation especially when the same government's inquiry was extremely critical of Scientology. It is also puzzling that the governement has not acted after the incredible revelations from the Big Story programmes.

The Purpose of the Photo Gallery

On the 7th of June 1997, the Fortune family and friends demonstrated outside Saint Hill, East Grinstead. The photo gallery links to pictures which were taken during the demonstration. If you can identify any of the people whose photographs are in the picture gallery, please email the address below.

The picture gallery contains a picture of a man who we know as the 'Ice Man'. He seemed to be in charge of the Scientologists during the demonstration. We think that this man could hold a position within the Office of Special Affairs Watchdog Committee (OSA WDC). This may mean that OSA are running out of senior staff. Staff who hold positions in the Office of Special Affairs International (OSA Int.) often end up on the Rehabilitation Project Force at Gilman Hotsprings and are removed from their post. This happens when Scientology personnel fail to handle and neutralise bad publicity or family situations. In Scientology a negative situation is called "a flap". Recently there have been lots of "flaps" that have ended badly for Scientology and it is quite possible that many of the senior members of OSA have been demoted. Read the information about OSA page to learn more about OSA's activities.

What you can do

Circulate this information, sign the petition and get your friends and family to sign it and send to PO BOX 26, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland. Send money to the address as the family still need funds for their defense.

Visit the Free Odhran Fortune site for further information and to find out how you can help.

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