Coerced Scientology Abortions

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German TV documentry of 2 April 1997

Janet Honn-Alex of Planned Parenthood Riverside: I just felt that it was strange that they would all make the same decision. Independent of their individual circumstances, they had all made the decision to have an abortion, no matter how old they were or how many children they already had. We found that almost unbelievable. And when we started asking more questions, in order to find out their individual motives, because we were suspicious, they stopped coming to us alltogether, for any services.

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English transcript of the program  (auf Deutsch )

Scientology -- Is this a Religion? (in Italiano or en Français)
By Stephen A. Kent of the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta

Because the attitude among some Sea Org leadership appears to be that children hinder adults from performing their vital assignments, researchers should not be surprised to learn of pressures that Sea Org women felt to either abort pregnancies or give-up children for adoption. My 1987 informant told me that when Sea Org operated on ships during the mid 1970s, women knew that they were not allowed to raise children on the vessels. Consequently, they experienced pressure to have abortions.

Affidavit of Mary Tabayoyon  (in Italiano or en Français)

On September 28, 1986, Gillaume Leserve, the Executive Director International ("ED Int"), put out an order binding on all Sea Org members. Within the Sea Org, these binding orders were called Flag orders. The September 28, 1986 Flag Order No. 3905 forbade Sea Org members from having any more new children. The reason given by ED Int. was that the Sea Org simply did not have the time, money and resources to raise children properly. In the event Sea Org members elected to disobey this Flag Order, they would be exiled to a non Sea Org Scientology organization of the Class IV level until the Child reached 6 years of age.

Real life application of the above referenced Flag Order No. 3905 in Flag Personnel Order 4115


Jill Graham is in violation of FO 3905 as she has had a child since this FO was issued, yet is still on AOLA staff.

Per FO 3905:

"Therefore the following policies regarding children and the Members are hereby established:

1. Married Sea Org members currently posted in Sea Org orgs who wish to have a new child may do so on the understanding that the parents will be posted in a Class IV org. There is no change in their Sea Org member status, they simply do not work or berth in an S.O. installation. ..."

Scientology directive ED NW 26 PAC - 29.06.1979


Posting of Jesse Prince

15. My wife and I went through this nightmare when she became pregnant. Neither one of us wanted the abortion and it caused us much grief. However she was convinced to have one anyway, and nothing I said or did would stop her. I even told her we could both leave the Sea Org, but she didn't want to.

Declaration of Jesse Prince
27 July 1998

In late 1991, my wife Monika became pregnant and although we were elated, she was ordered to abort the child. The reason for the abortion order is that Sea Org members were not allowed to have children. The order devastated both my wife and me. Our dedication as Sea Org members clashed violently with our intentions as parents and we went through a personal nightmare with me opposing it, to no avail. She got the abortion and afterwards she was not the same.

Posting to ARS of 25 Apr 1999

While I was in the Sea Org and became pregnant with my first child (I had been married prior to coming into the Sea Org), I was strongly encouraged to get an abortion and told that "there were already too many bodies on this planet".

Declaration of Tera Hattaway
12 April 2001

6. She went on to tell me that the spirit doesn’t enter the baby’s body until the baby is born. She made the point that all I would be “killing” is a piece of meat essentially. We discussed this for a couple of days and she showed me definitions in the L. Ron Hubbard Technical Dictionary to persuade me to have an ABORTION.

Declaration of Astra Woodcraft
24 January 2001

Approximately 1½ years before I left, a new rule came out stating that if you got pregnant, you had to either get an abortion, which was heavily pushed, or leave. The rule had previously been that if you got pregnant, you had to get an abortion or be sent to a small and failing lower organization where you had to fend for yourself and your baby.

I personally knew of three other girls who got pregnant and were convinced to get abortions. One was my sister-in-law who was 16 weeks pregnant when she was convinced to abort her child although she was strongly against it.

Stacy Brooks Young on treatment of children
Posting to ARS of 07 Sep 1998

Later, these messengers ended up mostly at the secret international management compound (known as "Int") in Gilman Hot Springs east of Los Angeles. Children were forbidden at Int, so these young women were forced to have abortions in order to remain there. I know several former Commodore’s Messengers who are no longer in Scientology specifically because they were unwilling to have any more abortions. Some of them now have lovely children; others less fortunate are unable to have children because of the damage they suffered from repeated abortions.

Stacy Brooks Young affidavit
04 April 1994

People are being held under guard; people are being interrogated on the E-Meter for the slightest infraction. or the slightest hint of disaffection, women are being coerced into aborting their unborn children; parents are being kept from their children for weeks and even months at a time.

My daughter was ordered to have an abortion
Open letter of Clarence Sevdy 31 July 1998

I asked for her permission to pass on her story,which she gave to me. While at Superorg in L.A. she was indiscrete...she got pregnant. She was told by those over her to make amends(I don't know Newspeak well enough to use here) . She was ordered to get an abortion!! She refused. Then the bullying started. She had signed a "billion year contract". Your church promised to send her home , but after a bunch of American Nazi wannabees kept her confined (all day in the patio area, not in a room, how kind they were) Then every day for three days , she was kept in a room with 10 to 12 screaning rageing maniacs doing a Chinese Brainwashing routine on her , with an E-meter .

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Babies kriegen verboten?

Da die Aufmerksamkeit von Scientology-Eltern durch ihre Kinder zu sehr beansprucht werden kann, wurden Regelungen herausgeben welche beinhalten, dass es den Mitarbeitern der Eliteeinheit von Scientology der "Sea Org" nicht erlaubt Kinder zu haben.

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