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TEK TALK: Co$ in the healing field by Tom Voltz

From: Tom Voltz <>
newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: TEK TALK: Co$ in the healing field
Date: 02 Aug 1996

"Actually, I would like to be able to leave all this Co$ stuff behind me -
however the scienos won't let me. Their harrassment doesn't stop ... As
long as they continue their tactics with me and my wife, that's how long I
would like to become accredited by the ARSCC as a critic." - Tom Voltz in
his delurk post.

Thought I 'd entertain a little series here to bring certain pieces of
ElRon's tek for your information, entertainment or any other appropriate

Discussion in several threads currently focuses on the question of Co$
being involved in healing or not. I would like to contribute a few bits and
pieces for discussion.

From the book "Handbook for Preclears", first published in 1951, chapter

        "At the Foundation we repair psychotics, the despair of
        thousands of years of civilized man, in a relatively short
        period of time. For two thousand years they have been giving
        psychotics shocks, restraints and operations - there has been no
        change. Freud alone suggested a change but he didn't have the
        reason why nor the effectiveness and today, in major
        institutions, these antique methods pass for "modern" treatment.
        Out of our present body of knowledge we are restoring the sanity
        and effectiveness of psychotics, a thing  which has never before
        been done with regularity or a guarantee of success. We even
        restore psychotics who have been given "mordern" treatements,
        shock and the rest of it."

I wonder whether that paragraph is still in today's version of the book?
(Mine is 1968.) This in my view certainly qualifies as a healing claim. The
way the book is made up - you follow precise steps of self-therapy - I
don't think it would pass as a "religious healing" book. As the book also
makes repeated reference to "this science" (meaning scientology) I believe
there is sufficient reason to view the healing claims from a secular
viewpoint. Or can one do ANYthing in the U.S. and get away with it by
calling it "religion"? (Being in Europe I lack some understanding of U.S
customs.) What, if part someone's religion was to shoot all the
non-believers? Would it pass as religious doctrine? What if a religion said
that wogs, how they migh call such non-believers, could not be trusted with
justice and that only the religion was able to produce men of sufficient
ability to administer justice? How are radical islamic sects operating in
the U.S. being treated?

In chapter THE ELEVENTH ACT we find further medical revelation:

        "Nobody ever became ill without wanting to be ill at some
        earlier moment in his life. Here is a polio case, in bed two
        years. She became ill because she felt sorry for another little
        girl who got polio and so decided to get it herself. It was a
        clear-cut decision, followed by two years in bed."

Now that paragraph might be religious as it indeed requires a lot of
"faith" to accept it as a true fact of "this science". Can anyone in the
ars community confirm that becoming ill has to do with having wanted to be
ill at an earlier time in life? What with people who have AIDS?

THE FIFTEENTH ACT (last chapter) asks for comments about the book to be
sent to the publications organization (then at famous Thistle Street in
Edinburgh, Scotland) and also lists the following items to be answered:

        "My current state of health (physical) was as follows before I
        used this book.
        "My state of health is now:
        "My chronic complaint was and (has been) (has not been) alleviated.

If one had any doubt that the book has anything to do with physical healing
matters, that would probably be the final proof needed.

Of course I would be unfair did I not quote the disclaimer the book has on
page 10:

        "This book is not intended for the people who would usually seek
        help by reason of severe aberration, neurosis or insanity

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