ARD (Germany), April 2, 1997

Die dunkle Seite von Scientology

Ein film von Mona Botros und Egmond R. Koch

As transcribed by bogie and nantko

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Garry Scarff: "... they're gonna get rid of me... And they know where my parents live..."

Five days earlier, Clearwater, Florida. Shooting film in front of the Fort Harrison hotel, the spiritual centre of Scientology.

Immediately, we are photographed by a security guard of the organisation.

Garry Scarff knows the game.

Until 1992, Scarff stood on the other side. He was Scientology agent. Then he left. Became a bitter opponent. Weeks before he told us about punishment camps, misterious deaths and even about planned murder attempts in 1991. We will investigate these heavy accusations against the organasition.

Scarff, on the right here, is willing to help us with that. With us is also Martin Ottmann from Stuttgard, on the left. He worked until 1992 as a member of the paramilitarily modelled Sea Org, the elite unit of Scientology, here in Florida.

The presence of Scarff and Ortmann makes the Scientology staff very nervous. Never before have such massive accusations been made on television by ex-members with such intimate knowledge.

How much do you get payed?

Actually... this is kind of a joke what's going on here..

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