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Garry Scarff: In my experience as a member of the Office of Special Affairs, it was the intelligence network, there is the the infamous War Room in Los Angeles. It had an office in which the organization has an large computer and communications network, that collects and assesses information on critics of Scientology from around the world, constant activity.

Scarff gave extensive evidence under oath about his activities for the Office of Special Affairs.

Where you involved in any kind of criminal activity?

There is one activity that I was asked to testify to in 1981. In that case I used my right to remain silent, and would do that again now, only because I would go to jail for a very long time. And the proceeds of those crimes went directly to the Office of Special Affairs.

Preparatory talks for the the shooting the next day. We will try to locate alledged prisoners of the organisation. The socalled 'rehabilitation project' is in reality a workcamp of the Sea Org, says Garry, for members that failed their duty. Also, if someone's turnover isn't high enough, they are sent to a workcamp. Martin Ottmann has regularly observed black dressed convicts in Scientology living quarters, the so-called 'Hacienda'.

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