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Early next morning, on the way to the 'Hacienda'. We recall once again the instructions of the organisation for the 'rehabilitation project'.

Personal limitations and punishments.

Garry Scarff: There is a convict. There's a meeting. They're sitting down in a circle. Go forward, just a bit

There he is, there, he's doing a security check. He's running, see? He's running.

Martin Ottmann says that the prisoners must move constantly, or walk around a tree for days for punishment.

What's behind the idea of a Rehabilitation Project?

Martin Ottmann: Well, it's a correction camp, so to say. It's about how I picture a Gulag camp in Stalinist Russia.

What image should a layman have about such a correction camp?

First of all, one gets black clothing, that one must actually wear. One must work at least 16 hours a day. One must talk about their own case at least five hours, and one has no contact with the outer world whatsoever.

But the people don't run away? They can run away, can't they, and they don't?

Yes, they are dependent on it, they've been made dependent and made themselves dependent on Scientology. Their lives are, in their own opinion, completely dependent on Scientology. They let themselves be humiliated like this rather than that they turn away from Scientology.

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