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We are on our way to Cape Coral. Martin has recommended us to contact Hana Whitfield. We read once again what she testified under oath.

Sea Org members are frequently held prisoner in a dark, dirty, stinking rat infested 'hole'.

Gerry and Hana Whitfield were members of the elite unit 'Sea Org' for years. Hana even rose to become "deputy commodore', representative of the founder of Scientology, Hubbard.

Hana Whitfield: These pictures where taken in the early 70's. That's me in the middle. That is Diana, the eldest daughter of Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue.

Here I am again. That is Hubbards daugther, and his son Quentin.

I was loyal to him, absolutely and totally. Yet I was accused of having bad thoughts about Hubbard. That was my alledged crime. I was dragged by two strong men to a location in the fort Harrison Hotel, next to the garage. The correction facility was on the second and third floor. I was locked into a windowless room for about two days, all alone. I didn't have a bed, had nothing, only a matrass on the floor. The lights were sometimes on, sometimes off. We did a lot of repair work, we did the dirty work, the menial work, cleaning tiolets and bathrooms. And when there was reconstrucion activity in the Fort Harrison Hotel, we had to carry the debris down from the top floor in buckets. And then the cement back up. We had to carry buckets up the stairs. We weren't allowed to use the elevators.

Here is the three stories high garage of the fort Harrison Hotel. And a black dressed scientologist, apperently a convict. Hana's fellow prisoner Lynn, had even been chained in the cellar.

She was a member of the Guardian's Office. Today it's called the Office of Special Affairs, OSA. It's something like the CIA in scientology, the undercover spy department of the organisation.

Lynn had been sent on an investigation to Washington. She had found irregularities and wanted that to be looked into. Her superiors were against that idea, they wanted to cover it all up.

So Lynn was sent to the correction facility in the Fort Harrison Hotel. There they chained Lynn to a pipe. She was about two to three weeks locked in the basement. She slept down there, she ate down there, she was made to work down there, cleaning the pipes.

I would sometimes entertain the thought of calling the police for help. But always it was followed by the thought that that would be the greatest crime against Hubbard and the organisation. You just cannot do it... Absolutely not...

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