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We have an appointment with Sergeant Gregg Tita, Deputy Sheriff of Pinellas County, in which Scientology stronghold Clearwater is situated. We heard that there may even be correction camps for children in the organization of Scientology. In an internal message there is word of cadets that tried to escape.

I've had here cadets who ran away, who had to come in the childrens' correction camp.

In Pinellas County too, they have experience with Scientology children.

Sergeant Gregg Tita: My collegues observed what they believed to be evidence of child neglect. They filed a report to the Sherrif's office and the case was handed to the department of Health and Rehabilitative Services.

However, Scientology filed a complaint against the publishing of the report in the press, and sucessfully so. It is closed until this day.

I don't think that the fight had to do with the report as such, it had to do with information on Scientology that would be released as a public record.

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