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Ariane Jackson should know what happens to Scientology children. She was forced to separate from three of her four children. They were two, four and six years old then. Scientology put them in a orphanage and later made cadets out of them. That was ten years ago. Later she only had contact with them sporadically. Since Ariane turned her back to Scientology she isn't allowed to see her children at all.

Do you remember the good-bye?

Ariane Jackson: Yes, it was terrible. I hate to remember that. Yeah, it's because they were put in a special bus, and it was an old man form Sea Org shoved me away and put me in a car. I could just wave and then we drove back to the airport.

Does that happen often, that people are separated from their children?


There are other cases?

Yes, when the partners separate, with a divorce, and one of them is in the Sea Org. That one is the better person, so that one gets the children. After all, what's better for the children than a Scientology treatment, Scientology school, Scientology everything?

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