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Los Angeles Airport. We see Garry Scarff again. He's not surprised when we tell him about the case of the epileptic from Ludwigshafen. Garry declared to be willing to help us find an abortion clinic, as well as labour camps and children's camps of which quitters report. For this he will return to his old workplaces, so he'll have to reckon with crossing the path of his old bosses.

Next morning. A sight seeing tour of the Scientology headquarters. Garry: Here, in the building in the middle, in my time prisoners were locked up.

A few weeks before we actually observed Scientology prisoners at work.

In the offices of the Office of Special Affairs, up there, in 1991 a plot to murder was cooked agains a sect enemy. That moved him to leave, Scarff says.

The most severe criminal activity that I was asked to carry out, that anyone can be asked to carry out, was to take the life on someone. It's horrible to see in a sect adversery such an great enemy that I was ordered, it was an order, not a request, I was pressed, to commit this murder. The plan was that she should lose control of her Ford Bronco after the brake line was severed. In case that wouldn't work I was to take my car and ram it into her from behind, to cause an accident. I should do everything to ensure she was dead. If she in fact did survive the accident, I was to take a pillow, put it over her head and suffocate her to death.

Also these enormous allegations, that Scientology have denied, have been testified by Scarff under oath.

When we talked about the killing of the sect adversary the atmosphere was very exhilarated. A lot of laughter, it was fun. It gave a sense of power over the victim. And then we talked about what we should do when the investigators would react quickly and we didn't have time to flee. In that case I should commit TKO, total knock-out, that is suicide and I was told how to do that. One took his finger as a gun, pointed it to the roof of the mouth, upwards. I was to pull the trigger and with the bullet at least sever the spinal chord. Then he said if you don't die immediately, at least you killed the brain matter so you are unable to talk and are nothing but a shell.

Scientology denies this too.

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