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A bit later, downtown Los Angeles. We are harrassed by some people of Garry's former department, with cameras. They must have followed us.

Mike Rinder: What we're up to? We're making a film about your film.

Elliot Abelson is the lawyer of Scientology International. Mike Rinder is chief of the secret service and Leisa Goodman is his assistant, officially press spokeswoman. A confrontation between Garry Scarff and Rinder emerges. They call each liars.

Rinder: I have no idea.

Scarff: You are a liar. You're a liar.

Rinder: He's not me. I know what you are.

Scarff: You're a liar.

Rinder: I know what yout are.

Scarff: You're a liar.

Rinder: Gary. Gary.

Scarff: Yes. Mike.

Rinder alledges that Garry, as a worker for an anti-sect organization, lied in public. Yes, says Garry, everything I did for OSA was a lie.

In the office of lawyer Graham Berry in Losa Angeles. Garry shows pictures from his time at Scientology. The appendix to his statement under oath consists of approximately more than a thousand pages of documents.

Graham Berry represents several Scientology adversaries. In the context of one of the court cases he has asked Garry to make a socalled deposition, an interrogation under oath. Thus the former Scientology agent became one of the crown witnesses for the incrimination of the organization.

Graham Berry: The Scarff deposition was a very long one. It involved many attempts by the Scientology attorneys to stop the deposition. They were claiming constantly that Scarff was incredible, the evidence wasn't relevant, that we were harrassing the church, etcetera. Nevertheless the magistrate judge, who supervised this discovery, ordered the deposition to continue.

It was a cross interrogation. Graham Berry on the one, the Scientology attorneys on the other side. The interrogation took seventeen days, was recorded by court stenographers and completely taped on video.

Garry Scarff demanded the highest security measures from the attorneys. He was in fear of his life. In his interrogation he explained the reasons for this fear.

After he quit, Scientology tried to abduct him.

Garry Scarff: I just happened to notice some fingers behind the side door of a van and a face that looked in my direction. I said I would call the police at once, went to the telephone and heard the automobile screeching out of the parking lot away at the same moment at a high rate of speed and there was an automobile fleeing right behind it.

What do you think they were after?

I knew what they were going to do. They were going to grab me. I think they would take me to Hemet.

What is Hemet?

Hemet, Gillman, Hot Springs. Over there is the center for prisoners. I believe I would never have returned. I think my life would have been over.

After the visit to the attorney. Outside the Scientology camera man is waiting. Also secret service man Rinder and attorney Abelson hurry to their vehicles.

Two or three cars take to the chase immediately. A shadowing action of enormous proportions begins. It is obviously meant especially for our companion Garry Scarff. We inform the Los Angeles Police Department. Garry asked for that. He's feeling constant unease.

We're a television crew escorting a man, threatened by Scientology. Those are the ones following us.

The police however don't show much interest.

On the highway we try to lose the pursuers, without success. We're on our way to that centre where women of the Scientology Sea Org have been forced to have abortions, as told in the following statement under oath:

The more these women wanted to carry their pregnancy to childbirth, the stronger the pressure was to have an abortion. I was pressed into an abortion myself. The pregnant women were routinely taken to an clinic in Riverside for an abortion.

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