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Next morning, Hollywood, Los Angeles. During the night we have hired bodyguards, who will look after Garry's security, while we are talking to scientology. Because today we will have an interview with Mike Rinder, the chief of the security service OSA and the lawyer Elliot Abelson. Garry doesn't want anything to do with them anymore.

One of the hired private detectives that we would like to take with us as an additional witness is denied access by Rinder and Abelson.

The interview takes place in the scientology Celebrity Center, where otherwise scientology's Hollywood stars hang out.

Mike Rinder: Scientology isn't dangerous. There are eight million people around the world who are scientologists. They define scientology to be perfectly right. You go round and find three, four, five, six, whatever handful of people that say "oh there's something wrong with it". You know, we hear and read about the fact that there are Gulags. This is an outragous claim. It's particularly outragous when it comes from anybody in Germany. If there's one place wich should be sensitive to human rights, and respect the rights of minority religions, it's Germany.

Elliot Abelson: You are an agent of the German Government. You don't care for the true story. You only want to confirm prejudice.

After the abuse, we change the subject of the conversation to the case of the scientologist Lisa McPherson.

She died in Clearwater Florida under strange circumstances. Questions on that subject are apparently not very welcome.

Has scientology given her all the medical help she needed?

Elliot Abelson: Well, I think they tried...

Mike Rinder: The answer to that is yes. Of course they did

Elliot Abelson: You have to understand. They had no reason not to help her. They loved her. She was one of the church members, she asked for help, she got help.

Mike Rinder: Listen. If your accusation is that someone did something to kill her and you put that on the TV, then I will prosecute you till the end of time, because it's a total, utter lie.

But then Rinder and Abelson betray themselves unintentionally. They admit that Lisa was already dead when she arrived in the hospital, when Rinder discloses she died in a hotelroom...

Mike Rinder: ...died in a hotelroom.

In a hotelroom?

Elliot Abelson: ...uhuh...

So Lisa McPherson died while in the care of the scientologists after all...

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