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The golf course of Gold. That is the largest Scientology base, the true center of power. Mike Rinder accompanied us. Especially here he wanted to keep control on our shooting.

Next to the golf course, states Gold's former security chief Andre Tabayoyon (sp) after he quit, is an apartment of Hollywood star Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise profited from the slave labour of Scientology prisonors.

Rinder: That's another one of Andre Tabayoyon's lies.

So that's not right?

Rinder: Absolutly not.

But he comes here, occasionally?

Rinder: Absolutly not. You were supposed to make some shots, not an interview. Please, we already did this long interview.

Rinder supplies airshots from the area that are technically less than prefect. Nothing suspicious is to be seen, Rinder may have taken care of that.

Tabayoyon's statement also says:

The Scientology base is armed. There are semi-automatic machine guns, pistols, all unregistered. I trained the security forces in the use of these weapons and I taught them several ways to shoot people.

In the evening we made plans for the next day with Garry. We want to hire a helicopter and fly over the alledged children's camp. It's situated a few miles away from Gold base.

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