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Next morning. Rinder calls us and claims Garry betrayed our plans.

Scarff: I did not call him last night. Please! I mean, really, I don't know what's going on. I don't know.

I have a suggestion for you. I'll go home. You go on, but don't tell me. Then you'll be guaranteed about confidentiality. These people conduct are running an operation on you, they are running an operation on me.

Did Garry call? Or did the Scientology eavesdrop on our conversation the night before from one of their cars?

We drive back to Los Angeles. We're uncertain. On a parking lot in Los Angeles the situation escalates dramatically. We call the police and our bodyguards for help. Garry suffers a nervous breakdown. The Scientology pursuitors observe the scene from their cars.

So you told them about our plans?

Garry Scarff: Yes. They don't say things if they don't mean it. If they say they would get rid of somebody they would do it. You don't mess with Rinder. You don't mess with them. They don't fool around. I'm gonna give them what they want, so they'll leave me alone.

Did they try it before?

These people told me that I shouldn't come out here, because they would come after me and I didn't listen to them. They're angry 'cause I called them murderers before the camera.

But it is the truth, isn't it?

They're gonna get rid of me. And they know where my parents live.

Roger Johnson: I would do nothing. They already know you want to take pictures out there, and they have a helicopter ready to start, I know that.

What can they do?

Intercept yours. I mean, two helicopters, that could be exciting, but it's ridiculous. They're gonna keep you from taking pictures.

We accompany Garry to the airport. We stay with him untill the machine takes off and we decide to stop shooting.

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