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Three weeks later, Clearwater, Florida. Scientology adversaries rally at Fort Harrison. They blame the organzation for the death of Lisa McPherson.

Garry too has come. We kept close contact after the time of the shooting in Los Angeles. He hopes public appearences like this will save him from further psychoterrorism or acts of revenge.

Attorney Abelson organizes a counterdemonstration of Scientologists.

Also Mike Rinder, chief of Scientology secret service OSA has flown in from Los Angeles. He wants to observe the moves of the Scientology adversaries personally.

Meanwhile in California. We're making preparations for a helicopter flight. Our goal is hard to find, it's located near the edge of an Indian reservation.

The children's camp of the organisation, the scientologists say "Cadet Org", is located inaccessably in the San Bernardino mountains.

According to scientology documents Sea Org members may see their children only sporadically. One hour a day is too much, whatever the circumstances.

And we read once more the internal document about the socalled children's rehabilitation project. A boy called Gavin is mentioned there. He slashed both his wrists with razor blades, we read. He is a problem. He should therefore be sent to the children's punishment camp.

The barracks look empty. Deserted workplaces.

Not a living soul in sight.

It gives the impression that the children have been sent into the buildings at the first noise of the helicopter.

Happy valley is the name of the area amongst scientologists.

He who knows the internal order of the organisation, who has read the reports of the neglected scientology cadets, can hardly imagine that happy children live here.

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