already too many bodies on this planet

it seemed that over 50% of the children were on antibiotics

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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:58:20 GMT
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Dear Scio PR person, I was in Scn for 12 years (10 years on staff - 5 of
those in the S.O.) and I saw alot of divorces.        Divorcing in Scn is very
easy. "In sickness or in health, for richer or poorer" becomes null and void
if the spouse in question goes "off-purpose" or "out-ethics". Kids that are
involved are a very mild consideration when it comes to divorcing - probably
because they spend very little time with their families as it is - the
marriage above all marriage is that between the individual and the church.
Not only did I see many divorces, in the S.O., there is no pre-marital sex
involved, plus you live in very cramped dorms when you are single, so the
incentive to get married and be able to have sex and a small room of your own
is strong. As a result, I saw people get married too quickly (don't
misinterpret this as my saying one needs to have sex before getting married -
but it should be each to his own - as anything more than a mild kiss is also
forbidden in the Sea Org - ref: SO ED HEAVY PETTING).        By the way, this
policy came into being when while on the ship, seems there was alot of
promiscuity and unwanted pregnancy. While I was in the Sea Org and became
pregnant with my first child (I had been married prior to coming into the Sea
Org), I was strongly encouraged to get an abortion and told that "there were
already too many bodies on this planet". As far as the warm and fuzzy
families in Scn and with the help of Scn tech, it still eats me alive how I
allowed my son from age 0-4 to live in the cadet org in such stinking dirty
conditions. At all times during those 4 years, it seemed (in my brainwashed
state I was never aggressive enough to find out those stats) that over 50% of
the children were on antibiotics. While there, my son almost lost his sight
when a "nanny" left a pail of cleaning solution unsecure and it dumped over
on his face. I was called 12 hours later and met them at the hospital where
it was touch and go with the poor little guy's eyes propped open with clamps,
screaming in terror, while they were rinsed out. The playground was dirt
(not sand or grass) and the kids got filthy. The CEO (cedar Estates Org) was
undermanned and mostly the children suffered. My husband and I got on the
bus to the Manor (where the nursery was) at 8am and picked up our son at
midnight. We were allowed to spend 1 hour of family time from 5-6pm - this
is 7 days per week, 12 months per year. Sometimes we had Saturday mornings
till noon together, but this is when all our laundry and cleaning was to be
done and it was considered "out-ethics" to do other and cleaning during that
time. Also, when the org stats were in Emergency, or lower, or when one was
in lower conditions, or when a mission was in the org, or when there were
"all hands" or, or, or (in otherwords OFTEN) family time was cancelled and
again, the child lost out. While I was on the RPF and routing out of the Sea
org, I was not allowed to seem my son for months. He was 4 at the time and I
remember one instance when we RPFers were digging a ditch outside the
nursery, my son was on the other side of the fence, recognized me and came
running shouting "mommy, mommy, mommy!" I just wanted to go and grab him and
hug him; I hadn't seen him for months at this stage. I started crying and
the S.O. member in charge of us coldly shouted at me to keep digging!!        I am
incredulous that I put up with such a situation. When a child is born in the
Sea Org, the policy says he has 30 days maternity leave. I got this and
then, bang! back on post on the 31st day at 12-16 hour days with (maybe)
one hour of family time. What a shock to the mother and child. Then I was
sent on mission across the country for months!        Mine was not an isolated
situation, most of us S.O. parents were in the same boat. The divorce rate in
Scientology as a whole is very high - just incase you are just diluding
yourself and not outright lying - take a survey in your org and find out what
percentage of the people are divorced since Scientology. I think you'll find
the percentage is very high. Thanks for the audience.

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