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Scientology's "Basic Study Manual"

The BSM also has a direct attack on psychology and psychiatry

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Subject: RE: Scientology's "Basic Study Manual" (BSM)
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 00:38:34 UTC
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Courtesy of the Information Militia Inc.  (IM)

The Basic Study Manual is one of scientology's attempts to get
their influence in on as many school aged children as possible. In 
the Basic Study Manual on the page with the copyright information 
you will find the statement that:

     "This book is a part of the works of L. Ron Hubbard.  It is    
     presented to the reader as a part of the record of his         
     personal research into life, and application of same
     by OTHERS, and should be construed only as a WRITTEN REPORT of 
     such research and not as a statement of claims made by the     

There it is in black and white! His research into the application 
of life by OTHERS. LRH did a lot of reading of other people's 
materials, took a little from here and a little from there, then 
pieced it together and claimed it as being his own "breakthrough" 
discovery.  This is why some of LRH's tech does make sense and 
works in certain applications.  He took good tech from other he 
read, changed the terminology, put a twist throughout and then 
asserted it as his own.  Now get out a dictionary and look up the 
work "charlatan".

An excellent piece of work you can get that demonstrates this fact 
is "The Hubbard Is Bare" by Jeff Jacobsen.  If you haven't read it
yet then obtain a copy.  You will definitely discover interesting

In the Editor's Forward of the BSM, Applied Scholastics is referred 
to as "the organization which promotes and utilizes L. Ron 
Hubbard's study technology".  So much for Applied Scholastics
claims of not being associated with scientology.  How may 
scientology courses have been taken with the exact same tech as the 
BSM at Scientology orgs around the world? (Student Hat,
Hubbard Qualified Scientologist, Key to Life, OT, L's and on and 
on).  You'll also find the EXACT "technology" in the HCO's (Hubbard 
Communications Office) Policy Letters an Bulletins, the
"gospel" of the church.

The BSM also has a direct attack on psychology and psychiatry in it
under the guise of teaching "study tech".  In chapter three titled 
"understanding Words" on pages 79 and 80 of the sub chapter
titled "Simple Words" it states:

     "The subject of psychology (13) began its texts by saying they 
     did not know what the word means.  So the subject itself never 
     arrived.  Professor Wundt (14) of Leipzig (15) University in   
     1879 perverted the term.  It really means just a study
     (ology) of the soul (psyche).  But Wundt, working under the    
     eye of Bismark (16) the greatest of military fascists (17) at  
     the height of German war ambitions, had to deny man had a      
     soul. So there went the whole subject!  Men were thereafter
     animals (it is all right to kill animals) and man had no soul, 
     so the word psychology could no longer be defined."

Now, why would L. Ron just "happen" to choose the word psychology 
to use for and example. Hmmmmm.  Where it really gets interesting 
is in the footnotes for the words so indicated in the
above paragraph and where LRH can add HIS SPIN to the young readers 
mind.  I would like to add that these are the most extensive 
footnotes in the entire BSM.
They are:

     "(14) Wundt: Wilhelm Wundt (1833-1929), German psychologist    
     and physiologist (expert in the study of functions of living   
     things and the ways in which their parts and organs work); the
     originator of the false doctrine that man is no more than an   

     (15) Leipzig: a city in Germany; the location of Leipzig       
     University where Wilhelm Wundt and others developed "modern"   

     (16) Bismark: Otto Von Bismark (1815-1898), German political   
     leader and the first chancellor (chief of government) from     
     1871-1890. Bismarck was called the "iron chancellor"; he       
     fought wars with Denmark, Austria and France as part of his    
     plans to unify Germany.

     (17) fascist: people who believe in or practice fascism, the   
     principles or methods of government or a political party       
     favoring rule by a dictator, with strong control of industry   
     and labor by the central government, great restrictions upon   
     the freedom of individuals, and extreme nationalism and

So in one page total under the guise of teaching "misunderstood" 
words (psychology) the BSM manages to put into a young persons mind 
the equation that psychology and its beliefs equals man having no 
soul, man is only an animal, war-mongering, fascism, cruel German 
dictatorship, on individual freedom, being under dictator's rule, 
etc.  As you emerge deeper in to scientology teachings the anathema 
of psychology and the entire mental health field is built upon. The 
BSM lays out the foundation for that future structure.  To a young 
person it is subliminal, but it is on an overt level for those 
whose eyes are opened and have an expanded degree of insight into
Scientology's methods of indoctrination.

ANYONE familiar with Scientology is familiar with their desire to 
see the complete dismantling and eradication to the psychological 
and psychiatric fields.  They have great success with this through
another Scientology front group, the Citizen's Commission on Human 
Rights (CCHR).  One of the ending statements in a recent CCHR 
newsletter says, "Remember, the psychs are next!"  There
are also many HCO's and other LRH writings denouncing the mental 
health field and the "psychs" as criminals and enemies.

The BSM achieves yet another step in the Scientology goal of 
disassembling the credibility of psychology by putting this 
foundational thought into the mind of the young reader and all the 
while this is being done is schools and tutoring centers and "The 
World Literacy Crusade" under the guise of "teaching study tech".

Also in the BSM is the training in "Clay Table Training and 
Demonstration". To the uninformed "wog" this seems like a chance to 
bring out the child's creativity. But anyone who has been on the
inside of the Church of Scientology is familiar with clay table 
processing as per LRH tech taught in orgs and churches world over.  
You see, the use of the "clay table"is used as an integral key in 
all Scientology courses and all clay demos are in turn taught to be 
formed according to the specific "clay table tech" as far as size, 
shape, mass and form.  In order to be acceptable, the demo's are
to be done according to LRH specs, and the child's own creativity 
or ideas of how to represent things (what's true is what's true to 
you) is slowly squashed and they become replaced by LRH
specifications (what was real to HIM!).  Anything less than tech, 

Talk to an ex-scientologist about the importance of the clay table 
in absorbing LRH courses and the concepts and the exacting methods 
of the display.  When you go into a Scientology course
room, everybody's demos look the same.  It doesn't's matter if you 
look at figures on a clay table in Clearwater, Germany, S. Africa, 
Japan or Australia... the same.  Didn't any of you out there
notice that also?  The mind and the method of understanding WILL 

Then come the chapters on "Word Clearing".  Put on the students 
here are the processes of Method 3 Word Clearing, Method 7 Word 
Clearing, and Method Word Clearing.  These are at the
most very banal and time consuming.  They are, however, the 
processes that are used extensively in conjunction with clay demos 
in doing the Church of Scientology's min-altering

The equivalent of the Basic Study Manual for younger children 
titled Learning Hot To Learn, has a very interesting illustration 
on the book jacket.  When it is opened, the cover has the story of 
OT III on it, seemingly very innocent unless you are familiar with 
the OT levels.  It has a sweet cartoonish picture of a young boy 
and girl reading a book, with a large dormant volcano to the rear
left, and a space capsule in the sky with a picture of a planet 
above it (very "space opera") and a large dinosaur to the right of 
that.  Well, shades of Xenu!  Brought here to Earth from another
planet in a spaceship and placed next to volcanos (Incident II) to 
be blown up approximately 75 million years ago, you know about the 
time period of the dinosaurs.  (We know why they became
extinct!).  I don't think the picture on this cover was designed by 
accident, do you?

So now you realize why the Church of Scientology wants The Basic 
Study Manual put in on as many children as possible.  It is more a  
primer" on Scientology methodology for absorption of
Scientology courses and processes.  It is considered a necessary 
step towards their goal of "Clearing the Planet".

I advise everyone reading this to go to your local public library 
and read over The Basic Study Manual for yourselves.  There should 
be a copy there because the church had a major push a few
years ago to have them donated and put in the children's section as 
well as the educational section.  It is very eye-opening once you 
understand what is REALLY going on.

Books by LRH that the church of scientology postulates to be put 
into use in the school system:

The Basic Study Manual
Study Skills For Life 
Learning How To Learn
The How To Use A Dictionary Course
The Children's Communication Course
The children's Grammar Course
The Way to Happiness

PR front groups for the Church of Scientology to get access for 
their FSM's and programs to children, schools and Social 

The World Literacy Crusade
Lead the Way to a Drug Free USA
Drug Free Marshals Program
The Way to Happiness Foundation
Set a good Example Campaign
Concerned Businessmen's Association of America

Please crosspost this article to any newsgroups you know of where 
it would be on topic and of valuable information.  Thank you very 

Get informed, read alt.religion.scientology!

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