Missing Person Casavius Tabayoyon

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Casavius Tabayoyon
Date: 21 Aug 1998 03:09:08 GMT

Any Scientologist, Sea Org Member, OSA ,
or anyone who can get this
message Casavius Tabayoyon

Please foreward to Casavius:

Hello Son,

You know it has been over 5 years 
now since you have written or spoken 
to us.

We  am really concerned that you have 
also not returned any of the calls we
have placed to you.

Grandmother(my mother) is asking to hear 
from you even a post card. 

You can not be upset with her, 
she knows nothing of our relationship.

They are people who you love, 
yet you have decided to cut them out
of your life and you enforce them to 
lose  your loving manner and presence.

Anita, your aunt has not recieved an 
answer to here calls to Flag, and
Golden Era, they say you are not know 

Ramona, your other aunt finally recieved 
her kidney transplant, she got a
second chance at life.

Zeb now has two children, 
Joanie, is in Florida, and the 
CW base claims that they do not 
know who your are.

Tess has had a third child and 
constanly asks of you.
Her calls to Golden Era go ignored.

Roman your uncle is asking me 
why your are ingoring your 

Gina and Ricky constantly ask 
for you.

Romaldo and Joey are big 
now and wonder where you are.

Alfred and his wife had a baby!!

Maggie, and Jennie, want to 
see you desperatly

Craig, Karen, Sharon, Susan,
Kevin, Alias, Andrew your mothers 
brothers children all ask for you.

Did you know Andrew won a scholarship 
to Northern Arizona University? 

Two years ago your Grandfather passed. 
He said that he loves you more
that you could know, and he
knows that you love him too. 

Casaivus you cannot deny these 
family connections.

Please try to find a little
forgiveness and compassion for us
we are your family. 

We are people who love you.  

We represent many generations of your 
family line.

Tabayoyon , Velasquez, Smith,
Chambers, Garcia, Martinez,
and Gomez family trees alive and well.

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 17 Apr 1998 20:42:00 -0700

We departed the sea org in dec of 1992. Since that time we have not been able to communicate with our son.

We have called. We have written letters. We have done everything we could to discover his where abouts.

A year or so after we left we recieved a letter from casavius stating that because we left the church and no longer were part of it he would nolonger communicate with us. He wrote a few more letter that were harsh and cold directed to his mother to stop trying ot contact him.

This no communication behavior toward someone (his mother) who cares and loves him so much is just not morally correct.

We rasied our son to be a good person.

He never disrespected me or his mother.

So why would our decision to leave the church and the sea organization create such a reaction?

Therefore we have concluded that Casivius our loving son has been murdered.

Or is in extended Isolation in this or another country.

We have decided that we want to ask the help of any one on the ARS to help us locate our dear SON,

We cannot believe that our son would not ever want to see or talk to us again.

His Name is

Casavius Tabayoyon

born 17 July 1972.

he was last seen at Golden Era Studios.

I will get a photo posted on the web.

Our next step is of course filing a missing persons report with the FBI.

We did want get this step done to have evidence that we have used the several means to locate our Son.

If you locate him, tell him to call his mother 602-807-9351

thanks in advance.


An Oldtimer gives some background on this sad tale

From: Oldtimer <oldtimer@cts.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 25 Apr 1998 14:54:05 -0400

>On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:44:17 GMT, in alt.religion.scientology Rod Fletcher

>>I don't have a problem with Andre. I do have a problem with Andre when
>>he implies that his son has been murdered.

        I understand and agree
that the implication was not necessary.

>>Just to make one point clear - that letter is not what you
>>call an attempt to "DA" Andre, but to remind Andre that he might have
>>something to do with the fact that Casavius is upset and does not want
>>to talk to Andre.

         It appears to me you and Enzo are responding to and referring to items based on Andre's PT [Present Time - MG] actions. What is not being looked at is: the PT actions are very late on the chain.

        Let's look at the situation simply: Andre and Mary desire communication from their son. The son wants no communication from them as he disconnected from them 6 years ago. You and Enzo believe Cas, at age 26, is certainly old enough to decide who he wants comm with and he certainly has the right to choose not to be in comm with his parents due to the parents actions. However, there is more to this story and that is what is not being looked at, IMHO. And this is the travesty of justice in this case.

        Andre and Mary spent over 20 years with complete dedication to their church. They abided by the SO contract for more than 20 years. They exchanged their services for room and board. They were given training to be better equipped to handle various posts they would be assigned to. They were given auditing as exchange for their work contribution and also as part of their contract . The SO was their 'home'. The SO is what they believed in and contributed to.

        So what happened? What changed?

        Mary became pregnant. She was given a choice. Have the baby and leave the SO for a Class IV Org or have an abortion and stay. Now let's not forget, this choice was given to someone who had proven their loyalty for more than 20 years. She was under much pressure to have the abortion in order to stay in the SO. In the end, she had the abortion. After the fact, neither she nor Andre could live with, nor justify, that act. It went against who and what they are as Scientologists. And yes, it went against their religious beliefs that once was Scientology before the current management took over.

        We all know Mary and Andre made the decision to leave the church. Their son Cas was made to disconnect. This was part of their 'punishment' for leaving. No matter what Cas may have felt at the time of his parents leaving, I'm sure there was much emotion and confusion, and I'm sure the pressure was intense, and remains intense.

>>In any event it is Casavius decision not yours or mine.

        If that were only true. But sadly it isn't. Mary and Andre's only recourse at this time, per policy, is getting in comm with the Int Justice Chief. Now remember, the Int Justice Chief is armed with data on these two criminals. I say criminals as that's how they are regarded. The Int Justice Chief has the affidavits they've written, along with the data on their association with CAN, etc. The first step in getting in comm with Cas would be completing steps A-E. On the other hand, Cas, under the circumstances, is forced to disclose to the Int Justice Chief any and all communications, or attempts of communications, from his mother and father. So, you see in PT Cas does not have the ability to make his own decision on communication with his parents.

        Now the question arises, if Andre and Mary went to the Int Justice Chief would he do the right thing and offer an acknowledgement and amends for the betrayal to Mary and Andre concerning the forced abortion that started this whole mess? Would the Int Justice Chief admit the original betrayal was church managements and further admit the forced abortion never should have happened? Would justice be served?

        You said earlier referring to Andre's post:

>>It comes across as an attempt to denigrate my religion.

        If Mary's affidavit and the statements from employees of Planned Parent Hood that verify Mary's story are true, in that the current church management has a policy of enforcing abortions for SO women, then this seriously does question how the Scientology philosophy is being practiced today under the current church management.

        Just my opinion.

        Old Timer


Casavius call your Grandmother

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Casavius Tabayoyon
Date: 18 Sep 1998 05:07:51 GMT

to any scientologist with a heart.

Casavius Tabayoyon's Grandmother was injured and was hospitilized.  She is
84 yrs old.

Please relay to Casavius.

Call you Grandmother Tina, she is waiting to hear from you.  She has
recently recieved photos of you and was very to see them.

If you could please grant a wish to a very old and loving Grandmother.

Go and see her, or call you now have the #.

Your Anunt Joan has called , and want you to return her call.

Your aunt Ramona still waiting to hear from you.

the rest of the family asks for you daily now it seems.  Why dont you just
call.  You dont have to mention me, just call them let them  know you
still love them.

They are part of your second dynamic and you have to recognize that, my
actions of departing the Scientology world did not destroy you love for
the family you shared your great big heart with.  In the twenty years I
spent there I know you have a means to get in communication with the reat
of your family.  Remember Affinity, reality adn communication towards your
family is part of your existense.  Honor and love you parents.  These are
policies and rules that you have to live by.  The lord says love and honor
your parents its and commandment.  You in your own heart cannot deny that
you have given unconditional love to your family in the past.  It is not
fair to them to discard them because you are no longer needing or wanting
your mother or father,  they have not done anything to you.  Please just
out of the sake of decency call your Grandmother, before she passes away.
There are tomany broken hearts in the world, please please please dont
break Your Grandmothers heart any more, just call her, you dont have to
say anything about me or mary,  listen, she only has one good eye left,
and she can hardly walk, have you really grown to hate her because of me
or mary, come on, just call her, please, just call her ,  when she gets
out of the hospital she will be at your aunt anita's.

Your mother and I; as always will continue to love you.


From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: letter
Date: 21 Nov 1998 15:52:07 GMT

Please relay to Casavius

Hello Son,

Its been quite some time now since we have spoken.  I wanted to update you
on how we are doing. Your mother just celebrated a birthday. We lit a
candle for you in hopes that you would reconsider you dicision about us.

I also celebrated  a birthday.

Your grandmother is better and ask for you.

I would only ask you to consider that your grandmother, loves you. She has
no good or bad view of scientology.  I really know you dont want to let
her die with out at least one visit. The regret of letting someone go
like that is not a good feeling.  When your aunt Charlot pasted I was not
able to go to see her in the hospitial (for produciton reasons).  I always
regret this, it hard to explain the feeling. You feel hurt inside and
every time I think of her, it hurts inside.  I dont want you to have this
feeling.  You can still call your grandmother,  you can still go see her, 

please reconsider your decision.

She is the reason you exist today, think, if I were not her son, I would
not have married your mother, and we would not have been blessed with you.

Remember hearts are fragile, they break and sometimes never mend,
forgiveness is a mending agent for the heart.

Our  hearts are broken with your refusing to communicate to
your grandmother.

Casavius please heal some hearts at least your grandmothers.

You know it has been six years, since we have talked or even seen

You know we still go to a movie and chinese dinner on sundays.  

When we go to Wendy's we rember when you and I used to get ice cream and
french fries. 

I remember when I was in the RPF at cedars and you found me in the
basement, you were only five years old,  we were so happy to see
eachother.  Also when you were being FB'd from the base and we were in
planning and I gave you a lucky rock, then several years later when you
returned to the base you gave me the rock back.  I still have it.

You know your cousin Margret is going to have another child. She askes for

Well son,  its seems just like the other day that I was with you walking.
But six years have passed aint it funny how time passes by.

I got to go now, I guess I'll see you whenever,  please remember that we
will always love you no matter what occurs in the future,  we will always
love you.


ps. have a great thanksgiving  and a very mery xmas and great success in
the comming year.

Bad news for Casavius..

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: URGENT Message to Casavius
Date: 12 Feb 1999 23:57:55 GMT
Message-ID: <7a2f63$a5o$1@nnrp02.primenet.com>



I have bad news from the family.

Today your Uncle Joel passed away this afternoon.

Your Anut Cammilla, has asked for you, please call her.

She is devastated by this loss.


I know your position is difficult, please, consider that Both Joel and
Cammilla have never said anything bad about you or your belief in

Andre and Mary
Dad & Mom

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 25 Mar 1999 01:04:45 GMT
Message-ID: <7dc23d$bu6$1@nnrp03.primenet.com>


I know that I have not been able to bring good news to you in the last
letter. Again I bring bad news.  You as a Scientologist would consider
this constant communication thru the net as a desprate attempt to get in
communication with you. It is Son.  Well the  sad thing is that your aunt
Ramona has passed.  This occured last night. At her Sacremento appartment,
she died after she had heart surgery and her kidneys failed.  I pray to
our father in heaven that you will set aside you upset with me and Mary
and get a call in to the family, in sacramento.  Your Uncle Roman is
crushed, as well and your aunts Anita and Ester.  Your Grandmother (my
mother) is devestated.  Casavius, please, please get in communication.

Scientology is communication, that is what itis about.  You need to take
some resposnsibility for you Second Dynamic, you can not just ignore,

And you must look at what you are doing to you flesh and blood relations.
You have met at least 30 of you cousins, and aunts, and uncles.  

Your own technology requires that you communicate, observe, and handle
situations occuring on your dynamics.  

I as your blood father, am pleading from the bottom of my currently broken
heart, that you grant beingness to your aunt Ramona.


From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 26 Mar 1999 05:40:15 GMT
Message-ID: <7df6jv$eh0$1@nnrp03.primenet.com>

Dear Casavius,

Sunday will be the Viewing of your aunt Ramona and Monday will be the
funeral.  Call you Aunt Anita at 1916 395-1057.  IF you need $ or airfare
just call.

From: Andre Tabayoyon <andret@primenet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 16 Apr 1999 02:34:05 GMT
Message-ID: <7f67it$eb4$1@nnrp02.primenet.com>

Hi Son,

Some good news;

Your cosin Maggie, had a baby boy!!!  His name is Joshua Ray Chambers.

We love and think of you always.


From: andret27@pop.phnx.uswest.net
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Growing up in the org
Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 02:13:33 +0000
Message-ID: <39137FCC.BD9BC8A8@pop.phnx.uswest.net>
References: <20000504124755.26664.00001284@ng-cf1.aol.com>
Reply-To: andret27@uswest.net
To: CWALDEN1970 <cwalden1970@aol.com>
CC: andret25@yahoo.com


While you were in the Sea Org, did you happen to meet a person by the name of
Casavius Tabayoyon. If you have please write to me at


I am his father,  and have not herd from him in 7yrs.

Also, if you would check with all of your family members as they might have met him

If, you have please relay this message to him.


Contact your aunt Ester in Sacramento. She is extrememly ill and needs to hear from
Please contact your Uncle Roman immediately. if you need his # it is listed in the
sacramento directory, Roman Tabayoyon.

CWALDEN1970 wrote:

> I have been reading up on Scientology on the internet and cannot believe how
> much it dredges up the memories of my childhood in the org. i can understand
> people committing suicide so they could escape the horrors of the cult. My
> family of 10 had to slip away gradually and in the middle of the night with
> only a carload of kids and dirty laundry, everything else had to be left
> behind. My parents were persuaded to sent their pre-teen children away to the
> Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida and Manhatten, NY to work 12 hour days with
> little or no schooling (outside of Scientology classes) and no official adult
> guardian. At this time I was witness to the horrible treatment of staff members
> who were being repremanded for something or another. One girl, only a year
> older than me, was living at the Sea Org in Manhattan. As punishment for not
> keeping her quarters clean, she was sent to live in the basement of this 7
> story building. A 14 year old, made to spend dark nights in a rat infested
> basement on a mattress. Images like that don't ever leave you. Meanwhile, back
> at our home org, my younger sibling was trained in Dianetics auditing and was
> providing services at the age of 11.My parents were working 6-7 days per week,
> 15 hours per day, for as little as $50 per week, which only allowed them to
> keep five children in a one bedroom dilapitated apartment (with no stove,
> washer or dryer) for the period of one year. My mother was in fact reprimanded
> for even asking (through the proper channels as policy deemed acceptable) for
> one day off each week to relax with her children and attend to the significant
> amount of laundry that a family of 7 will produce in one week. We children were
> largely unsupervised, did not attend school for two years, either working in
> the org or keeping the younger siblings at home while our parents worked. We
> were paid, of course, but the org does not have a pay scale that uses minimum
> wage. As a non-profit organization, they manage to pay the staff according to
> what the org is bringing in each week, which was seldom enough to eat on. After
> I began to rebel against the church in favor of my public school atmosphere, I
> was put in a exit-program requiring me to write all the things I had ever done
> that were against the church (the thinking being that I would not want to leave
> unless I had committed these "overt acts"). Keep in mind that I was only 13
> years old. I went home without telling anyone (big no-no).The church then
> strongly urged my parents to send me to live with my anti-Scientology
> grandmother in a neighboring city. Rather than send me away once again, they
> woke the four of us up on their one day off and instructed us to pack our
> things, we would be moving across the country. We arrived at our destination
> three states away to join my older brother and uncle, who had left the church
> month's earlier. They did not even know we were coming. The church called and
> tried to get us back, and we refused. when my parents returned to the apartment
> to retrieve the remainder of our belongings, they found it ransacked with only
> a few valuables left. We were all then declared "suppressive" and deemed evil
> and can not return without a major apology and repayment for all services
> receieved as staff members. the ironic thing is that I and my siblings, ranging
> in age from 2 to 13, had no say in the decision to leave, but we too were
> declared supressive, forever.
> I wish I could find a support group that deals with the post-traumatic stress
> of Scientology. No one else in my life, aside from the family that lived it,
> understands. Even I know how unbelievable it sounds when I explain it. This
> organization is a money-hungry, brainwashing dictatorship. Active
> Scientologists will go to great lengths to be sure no one bad mouths them
> because they don't want to face the truth and admit they fell for it too. I
> dare any Scientologist or representative thereof to defend themselves against
> my experiences. There are more like me out there who have a story to tell and
> when we all get together and unite, we will make a difference.

According to former member Chuck Beatty has Casavius Tabayoyon been adopted by Dan Przybylski, and changed his name to Michael Przybylski. The reconnection page: find loved ones 'lost' in Scientology and Dianetics.

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