Letter of Delphi to a Scientologist parent


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Dear (xxxx)

     We've had an extremely good year and I thought you
might be interested to hear a little about how things
have been going.

     The beginning of the Year saw a real focusing of our
delivery in the area of independent study and seminars far
the more advanced students. Largely as a result of this,
we had three highschool graduates in june, They were
Delphi products in all senses of the word. They have their
study tech deeply ingrained, they can think logically, they
can apply everything they have learned:and, most importantly,
they have developed a viewpoint with which to take on the
rest of their lives. Delphi's purpose is to create leaders
both for the larger 3D of Scientology (and more broadly for
the 4D) who have an experiential and education track that
will allow then to both comprehend and tackle the breadth
and depth of the 3 and 4D situation. These graduates are
able to fulfill this purpose.

     Delphi's program has become extremely streamlined, and
the students on it are moving very quickly, We expect at
least nine graduates next year.

     This summer we are again delivering our English-as-a-
Second-Language program to many students--80 Mexicans and
several Austrians. This program is becoming quite famous
far its results, and people are beginning to flock to it.
This is in addition to our regular Summer Institute, which
is doing very well on its own. We had over 150 students
at the peak of the summer. It's been very busy, as you
can imagine.

     I have been concentrating largely on the situation
existing among Scientologists regarding the education of
their children. We have found that education is generally
a quite low priority anong Scientologists and that the
idea that "study tech equals education" is very common.
As Scientolgy's future depends on its children and their
ability to do an even better job than we, their education
must be superb. As I'm sure you know, LRH has written
large amounts on the philosophy of education. It is one
of my highest priorities that Scientologists are made much me
aware of his writings on the subject and thus the importance
of educating their children--not just letting them make it
as best they can through school, and hoping to get it run
out later.

     Delphi is now at a level from which we can start
looking outward. I have spent the last year or so on the
internal side of things. We now have a stable base from
which to operate and we're ready to start taking on some
of what is going on outward. I knew you would be interested
in all this, so I wanted to get it all down.

     I have just returned from LA where I did the HRD
Auditor's course. It was excellent.

     I hope things are going well for you- Drop me a note
with your news;

Best wishes,

Alan Larson

AZ.: hk

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