Scientology-based schools in Denmark

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"Kieler Nachrichten" 16 May 1998   ( auf Deutsch )
Protest against Scientology Schools in Denmark

The admission of two Scientology schools in Danish Nordschleswig has met with harsh criticism. The state administrations's sect commissioner, Hans-Peter Bartels, called the decision of the Danish Ministry of Educaion "annoying." The state administration has no influence with them, Bartels told the epd.

"Kieler Nachrichten" 3 July 1999
Warned about Danish reports

Sect Commissioner of the state administration, warned about the testimonies by a non-accredited Danish private school which is connected with the Scientology organization. With one such testimony several weeks ago the "Sonderjyllands Internationale Skole" in Bjerndrup near Apenrade attempted to recruit teenagers at a business in Schleswig-Holstein. The testimony falsely stated, "Graduating [this school] is the equivalent of a high school diploma ["Mittleren Reife"] in Germany."

Jyllands-Posten 26 February 2000   ( in Nederlands oder auf Deutsch )
Scientology: No to Scientology preschool in Copenhagen

The city district rejects the Scientology preschool Lillekilden ['Little Spring'], since it fears that the children will be forced into following the ideology of the movement. According to the city district rejection, the problem is that Scientology does not promote qualities such as 'openness, tolerance and respect for others'.

Jyllands-Posten 26 February 2002
Scientology institution in danger

On the 6th of March a special hot potato lands on the table of the family- and labour market commission of the Copenhagen City Counsel. The politicians are debating whether 20 nursery- and kindergarten schools are going to be torn away from their secure surroundings of the day care institution 'Lillekilde' in Valby [district of Copenhagen] because the parents and the employees are connected to Scientology.

Jyllands-Posten 27 February 2002
A storm around a day care centre in Valby ;

The Scientology-church in Denmark disclaims any connection with the day care centre 'Lillekilde' in Valby, which has been in the spotlights of the Municipal of Copenhagen and where it is now being decided if the State aid to the institution should be terminated.

Jyllands-Posten 01 March 2002
Officials want to close a Scientology institution

If it is up to the officials, the Copenhagen Municipal will no longer give State aid to the integrating of the day care centre 'Lillekilde' in Valby. In a recommendation to the political board it is now certain, that they do not think 'Lillekilde' can live up to the guidelines of the service law and that the institution is thoroughly soaked with the methods of Scientology.

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