Scientologist Gabriel Williams: child rapist

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Child rapist Gabriel Williams
New York Post, 2 October 2005

A FORMER Scientology staffer [by the name of Jennifer Stewart] is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor [Gabriel Williams] she was "ordered" to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse... In a related civil suit brought by Stewart against Williams and the church, she recently received as part of the settlement a "generous monetary resolution," said her attorney. Although the church admitted no wrongdoing, it forked over about $700,000, sources say.

Jennifer married with Tom Gorman in 2002 and they and Tom's mother reported strange things going on when they filed a civil suit against rapist Gabriel Williams and the Church.of Scientology. Scientology staff members Jeff Quiros and Mark Warlick played their unsavory Office of Special Affairs role in trying to keep the family from reporting the crime, using either emotional blackmail or scare tactics, suggesting the victim would be taken away by social services and given to psychiatrists.

Scientologists are indoctrinated in the fear psychiatrists are the most evil persons in the world and responsible for every crime in the universe. But these people, Jennifer's family and her husband were not about to be swayed aside, or let victim Jennifer be called a "promiscuous slut" by scientologist Dennis Feeney nor called "whore" by Scientology staff member Jeff Quiros.

Here you can read Tom Gorman's Statement about the affair.

When you read above the despicable behaviour of Scientologists Jeff Quiros, Mark Warlick and Dennis Feeney, in blaming the victim, them remember they are carrying out Scientology policy stating that scientologists who are "upstat" - those doing very well, and/or making a lot of money for Scientology - should never be punished, while those who are "downstat" should be investigated.

Gabriel Scott Williams reportedly was such an "upstat" person who was making lots of money for Scientology and so victim Jennifer was to be stopped filing a complaint about the gruesome sexual and psychological abuse of Gabe Wiliams.

Source: HCOPL 1 September 1965, "Ethics Protection":

In short a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can't sneeze without a chop if it's down. ... When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report.

Attorney Ford Greene was Jennifer's lawyer. The following appeared in the SF Weekly, 5 October 2005

The case involved a young San Francisco woman who sued the church after claiming that a former Scientology official in Mountain View used her as a sex slave with the knowledge of local church officials. The woman contended in a court declaration that she was raped and sodomized dozens of times over the course of a year after being ordered by her Scientology superiors to move into the one-bedroom apartment of the man accused of assaulting her. As part of a deal with prosecutors, the man pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual battery in 2003 and was sentenced to prison. The lawsuit was recently settled, but a confidentiality agreement bars Greene, who represented the woman, from talking about it.

Though he can't discuss the case, he has more then enough to say about rapist Gabe Williams, his supporters and Scientology

From: "fordgreene" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Gabriel Scott Williams: Amends For Putting Scientology At Risk?
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 20:08:39 -0700
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In a legal consequence of his felony convictions for statutory rape and 
sexual battery, Gabriel Scott Williams is required to register as a sex 
offender with the State of California.

Although the Santa Clara County District Attorney originally charged 
Williams with forcible rape and other charges of violent behavior 
sufficiently severe to cause bail to be set at $10,000,000, Williams' 
supporters made sure that declarations of Ms. Stewart nee Gorman's 
"friends," which stated she was "in love with Gabe," "had sex with Gabe" and 
so on, caused the prosecutor to back off both from taking the case to trial 
and pursuing the rape count. Doing his time in county jail as a condition of 
probation, Williams never went to State Prison where he might have to face 
being Bubba's shower toy. He got off easy and is probably back auditing by 

I wonder how long those declarations had been eating a hole in a file in 
Scientology's Office of Special Affairs Legal? Probably since Jeff Quiros 
warned Jennifer's father not to report Williams' abuse and torture of his 
daughter to the police because as a minor CPS would get her, and everybody 
knows it was a hop, skip and a jump to the psychs from there.

And you know what happens when THEY get a hold of you.

Wog systems or processes by definition have no justice.

Like Vicki Aznaran's declarations recanting of 1000s of pages of detailed 
deposition testimony, OSA held the betraying declarations of Jennifer's 
peers for the time when DM is likely to have said, "use them now." That was 
one part of what I suspect was a multi-pronged strategy of damage control. 
But such damage control did nothing to address the engineering of the 
atrocity producing situation (like Abu Graib) by Scientology which featured 
extreme power disparities, absence of oversight and a total void of 
accountability when it at 11:30 at night - on what Jennifer says was a 
written RTC order - indefinitely placed her in Gabriel Scott Williams' one 
bedroom apartment. So started eight months of sadism to which Jennifer was 
subjected "for her own good."

I suspect that Scientology's strategy as to Gabriel Scott Williams - a Flag 
Trained Golden Age of Tech Supervisor - that David Miscavige reportedly 
deigned a Kha-Khan who would "make Mountain View go Saint Hill Size and win 
the Birthday Game" - was to insure that the criminal rap stopped with him. I 
don't think Scientology declared Williams a Suppressive Person. But if they 
did, he could still make amends (steps A to E) and have the SP Declare 
lifted after he made enough of those amends. Either way, doing what it took 
to preserve his line on immorthetanality by staying a Scientologist - even 
if one with shaky standing - I suspect he pleaded guilty.

Meanwhile it would be customary for Eugene Ingram to be busy making sure 
Williams' public defender obtained  statements taylored to defame, degrade 
and destroy Jennifer's credibility.

Such strategy would insure that Scientology avoided the righteous tagging of 
child molester paint.

And Tom would not have to publicly describe why he thinks Jennifer is an SP. 
That might present a cluster-fuck for the Oprah Project. 

Police files of the complaint and subsequent harassment

I then asked the Victim how the Suspect was able to control her for so a long period of time and the Victim, sobbing stated: "because he said he would kill me. I didn't know what to do". -- Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_30-27.pdf

Complaint Sexual Assault - 24 June 2002

Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_22-20.pdf 225 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_23-21.pdf 218 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_24-22.pdf 235 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_25-23.pdf 221 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_26-24.pdf 220 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_27-25.pdf 216 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_29-26.pdf 185 KB
Police-report_Sexual_assault_240602_30-27.pdf 154 KB

Supplement to Sexual Assault Complaint - 11 July 2002

Supplemental-report_Sexual_assault_110702_19-17.pdf 206 KB
Supplemental-report_Sexual_assault_110702_21-18.pdf 217 KB
Supplemental-report_Sexual_assault_110702_21-19.pdf 213 KB
Supplemental-report_sexual_assault_110702_18-16.pdf 181 KB

Terrorist threats - 19 June 2003

Incident_report_190603_7-5.pdf 204 KB
Incident_report_190603_8-6.pdf 115 KB

Terrorist threats - 26 June 2003

Incident_report_260603_9-7.pdf 192 KB
Incident_report_narative_260603_11-9.pdf 206 KB

Stalking / Suspicious Occurance - 7 July 2003

Incident_report_070703_12-10.pdf 208 KB
Incident_report_narative_070703_13-11.pdf 181 KB

Suspicious Occurance - 1 December 2003

Incident_report_011203_3-1.pdf 145 KB
Incident_report_011203_4-2.pdf 146 KB

Vehicle tampering - 16 December 2003

Incident_report_161203_5-3.pdf 165 KB
Incident_report_161203_6-4.pdf 108 KB

Gabriel Scott Williams' California Registered Sex Offender Profile Display.

What is also raising eyebrows is that two days before this story broke the site received a DMCA Complaint from Scientology to take down 600 pages with names of scientologists who have completed a Scientology service. Such lists while taken out of Scientology magazines are fair use and the factual data within the compilation is not copyrightable. See Feist v. Rural. The effect of the DMCA complaint is that any journalist entering the Gabriel Williams name into Google will find no lists with him in it. That coupled with the strange harassment the Gorman family suffered does alarm me that perhaps Scientology is back to its old bad self again tampering with cars, as has been alleged many times in the past.

To make good on the removed pages on which documented Gabriel Williams' Scientology career, here then is the short list as complied by Cerridwen and also peeked from Scientology's own magazines. "Source" is an abbreviation of Source Magazine:

  • Gabriel Williams BASIC STUDY MANUAL 96 Source 05/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams PURIFICATION RUNDOWN 97 Source 08/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams OBJECTIVE AUDITING 97 Source 08/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams STUDENT HAT 97 Source 08/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN 98 Source 11/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams TRS AND OBJECTIVES CO-AUDIT COURSE 98 Source 11/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN CO-AUDIT COURSE 98 Source 11/01/95
  • Gabriel Williams HUBBARD KEY TO LIFE COURSE 100 Source 04/01/96
  • Gabriel Williams METHOD ONE WORD CLEARING 101 Source 07/01/96
  • Gabriel Williams NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE 102 Source 09/01/96
  • Gabriel Williams STUDY CERRTAINTY COURSE 117 Source 06/01/98
  • Gabriel Williams PTS/SP DETECTION, ROUTING AND HANDLING COURSE 117 Source 06/01/98
  • Gabriel Williams HUBBARD DIANETICS AUDITOR COURSE 118 Source 08/01/98
  • Gabriel Williams TRS CLAY TABLE PROCESSING DELIVERY COURSE118 Source 08/01/98
  • Gabriel Williams THE NEW HUBBARD PROFESSIONAL TR COURSE 120 Source 12/01/98
  • Gabriel Williams ARC STRAIGHTWIRE EXPANDED 122 Source 03/01/99
  • Gabriel Williams TRS CLAY TABLE PROCESSING DELIVERY COURSE 122 Source 03/01/99
  • Gabriel Williams FLAG ONLY FLAG PROFESSIONAL METERING COURSE 122 Source 03/01/99

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