Scientology persecution of non-scientologist children

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Scientology isn't only known for its devilish neglect and abuse of cult children, the organization will also harass & threaten children of people whom are not members but who are perceived as enemies.

Keith Henson's Daughter Amber threatened

[Scientology agent Frank Petty] Are you going to give me your permission to speak with Amber when she comes to school?
[Keith] You realize that that is considered a threat?
[Frank] Is she starting school Aug. 28?

Bob Minton's children harassed
31 Aug 1998

Today (Sunday) scientology picketed and passed out flyers in front of my former home on Beacon Hill in Boston to friends, neighbors, and parents of my children's classmates, so that information about the break-up of their parents' marriage - and who should be blamed for it - was there for all to see, even my 10- and 12-year-old daughters.

08 Sept 1998

Today another picket in Boston. The police were called. Previous nasty leaflets have found their way into the hands of classmates of the children.

28 Sept 1998

Franks has said that each and every neighbor of Therese will be visited in Boston and the whole ugly scene will be laid out for all to hear. The children's schools will be targeted for the same campaign which will include teachers, administrators and parents to paint me as a pariah.

New York Times 21 Dec 1997

Leaving her home in Boston one morning early this month, Therese Minton was shocked to find her husband's photograph on fliers stuck to cars and trees in their Beacon Hill neighborhood. Beneath the photo was text that began: "The face of religious bigotry. Your neighbor Bob Minton is not all that he seems." A few nights later, as children arrived for the birthday party of one of the Mintons' two young daughters, three Scientologists picketed quietly outside the home, handing out the same flier.

Declaration Of Bob Minton in Scientology v. Liebreich
22 August 2001

4. On the afternoon of August 2, 2001, I became aware of the internet posting attached as Exhibit 3 to my Response. I was, to say the least, shocked by Scientology's grotesque, abusive, and invasive action. I was extremely distraught, not only by Scientology's attack, but by their apparent illegal access to such private information.

5. Later that day, I learned that the neighborhood where my minor daughterslive, including their home, had been papered by Scientology with fliers as shown in Exhibit 4 to my response, falsely accusing their mother and me of criminal and/or unethical behavior

Grady Ward's children threatened
Declaration of Rubye Ward -- 5 April 1996

4. He [Scientology agent Eugene Martin Ingram] asked for a current photograph of my son Grady to "remember" what he looked like. Because of his representations, I gave him several photographs of Grady, his wife and children.

During deposition of Scientology executive Warren McShane, he addmitted under oath that the man who stole the pictures of the Ward children in a copyright investigation by the 'Church', was indeed working for Scientology.

Page 1 header - Page 194 admission - Page 222 footer of Religious Technology Center versus Grady Ward, May 22, 1997.

Scientology PI harrasses Mayor Garry Bilger's 12-year-old son
From the book Countercultures: A Sociological Analysis (St. Martin's Press, 1995).
Reviewed by Ron Newman

[Scientology's PI Eugene ]Ingram's first contact in Newkirk was with Mayor Garry Bilger's 12-year-old son, whom he found browsing in the local public library. He handed the youngster a business card and told him to have his father call him. Lobsinger called it a bit of "subtle intimidation. It really unnerved his mother."

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