The story of Vivien Krogmann-Lutz

Plus pictures of child labor at Scientology's UK base 'Saint Hill Manor'.

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Informal translation of 30 Oct 2002 Bild article
by xenu@arscc.INT and captions by Joe Cisar

Vivien Krogmann-Lutz
Vivien Krogmann-Lutz is suing her mother for damages and suffering as a result of her being delivered to the Scientologists

Photo: Malzkorn

Vivien Krogmann Lutz, a 23 year old German girl, sued her parents for, amongst other things, sending her to Saint Hill and ruining her health. The trial began this morning and only 3 hours in, the parents, accompanied by Scientology lawyers, agreed to pay Vivien 35,000 Euros. This decision to settle came after the judge ruled against Scientology requests for gag orders on both Vivien and Ursula Caberta, whom Vivien escaped to when finally fleeing her parents.

This is perhaps the first time that a child raised in a cult successfully sued their parents for damages caused by that cult.

You can see Vivien's story here:

Here's A recent news article about the upcoming (now over) trial:

Clicking on Vivien's photo in the story leads to a small photogallery containing 4 pictures, one of Vivien now, one of her in a SO uniform at the age of 15, another of SO 'barracks' and finally one of St Hill.
St. Hill, one of Scientology's Centers in Europe:  Vivien had to perform heavy child labor in the 300 year old building
St. Hill, one of Scientology's Centers in Europe: Vivien had to perform heavy child labor in the 300 year old building
Google German to English translation below:

Vivien sues nut/mother, that delivered her at Scientology sect

'I was prisoner in Educating camp of the psychosect '


Hamburg - 'I feel only sadness for my nut/mother', say the young woman. 'you me as a child to a psychosect delivered.'

Tomorrow in the Hanseatic city an unusual process one negotiates: Vivien Krogmann Lutz (23) sues its nut/mother and its stepfather, because those gave her as persons under age to the Obhut to the Scientology sect elite unit 'Sea Org' in England. That is an organization, which aims at the world domination and makes humans dependent by psychotechniken.

It is world-wide the first time that a child sues his Scientologen parents. In PICTURE Vivien tells its sad history .

The supervisor: Scientology member Eva-Maria G. gave Vivien (left, 15 in this picture) orders as to which she had to do and think
When Vivien was 13 years old, office purchase woman) delivered their nut/mother, Susanne Karola M. (48, and her stepfather the girl in pc. Hill with London, one of the European centers of Scientology sect, and drove back to Germany. 'I cried the first 14 days long only', remember the large and foreign trade purchase woman.

'most badly was for me that people, which spoke nearly everything only English instructed completely stranger me, what I to make had. Like all the other children also, I had to perform heaviest manual labor.' Ditches dig, pipes shift, up to twelve hours daily roofs with bricks work on, garbage containers push, chopped off trunks carry away...

In the complaint it, parents means approving of in purchase it would have
taken that Vivien had been added by the kinderarbeit heavy health damage. Medical appraisals certify lasting orthopedic damage to the young woman. 'if I had not implemented correctly work in opinion of the Aufpasser, I was punished', report Vivien. 'I was separated from the other children, away-closed, had to eat remainders.' Also on 'good days' there were usually only to porridge, rice and beans.

Vivien was not allowed to go to the school, also into pc. Hill was not informed. Instead the girl had to study the books of Scientology sect founder Ron Hubbard.

In the process it around claims for damages and smart money go at a value of 73,000 euro.

The child, who had been left on her own by her parents, was housed in an open barracks
The child, who had been left on her own by her parents, was housed in an open barracks

Vivien on SternTV of 6 November 2002
English transcript (Google translation) or original deutsche Abschrift

Vivien: One is strictly speaking as in a prison. There it was not a boarding school, it is approximately 200 to 300 children inclusive adults, who work. No matter, thus the children are not directly children but the children as adults are treated.

Vivien interview Vivien was born into a Scientology family and found herself recruited into the Sea Org at the age of 13. When she decided to leave Scientology, her family disconnected.

View Vivien's interview in Realvideo.

Addittional pictures of child labor at Scientology's UK base 'Saint Hill Manor'

English: The day at St. Hill begins for all students at seven in the morning and ends at midnight. Seven days a week, including Sundays.
Deutsch: Der Tag in St. Hill begann für alle Schüler um sieben Uhr morgens und endete Mitternacht. Sieben Tage in der Woche - auch sonntags.

-- BILD 31.10.02

Ubermudet: Der 14-jahrige Benjamin (links) wird fruhmorgens mit anderen Jungs per Bus zur Arbeit gebracht
14-year old Benjamin (left) was together with other boys transported by bus in the early morning to his job.

Source/Quelle: BILD 31.10.02, page 7

Einer von Viviens Arbeits-platzen: In St. Hill arbeitete sie an der Rezeption

One of Vivien's places of work: At St. Hill she manned the reception desk

Source/Quelle: BILD 01.11.02, page 9

Ausgebeutet: Tanja, 13 Jahre alt, bei der so genannten "Kommunikationsweiterleitung" (Propaganda-Material versanden)

Tanja, 13 years old, in the so-called "communications relay" (sending propaganda material)

Source/Quelle: BILD 31.10.02, page 7

Erschopft: Die 14-jahrige Anna muss nachtelang am Schreibtish durcharbeiten
Left to herself
Fourteen year old Anna had to labor nights on end behind her desk

Source/Quelle: BILD 31.10.02, page 7

Ausgemergelt und fade: Die 13-jahrige Lilly war die "Vorgesetzte" fur viele Jungendliche in St. Hill

Skinny and pale
Lilly, 13 years of age, was the "leader" for a lot of the youth in St. Hill

Source/Quelle: BILD 01.11.02, page 9


This is Kent does lousy job of publishing

An excerpt of This is Kent, 01 August 2003
Saint Hill Manor Day of Photo Fun

EVERY year famous wildlife and natural history photographer Heather Angel presents a photographic workshop at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, the former home of the late humanitarian, world-renowned photographer and author L Ron Hubbard.

The workshops have been held every July for the last seven years and are always sold out, being a fixed point on the photographic calendar, similar to Ascot and Wimbledon on the annual sporting diary.

The event is organised by Grays of Westminster, Nikon camera dealer, and supported by Nikon UK Ltd, Kodak professional films and the Nikon Owners Club International.


Hereby I ask Nikon UK Ltd, Kodak US Sponsorships (contact sheet choose OTHER - Corporate information > Sponsorships) and the Nikon Owners Club International (email), if they condone the inhuman treatment of children. And if not whether they plan on any longer supporting the Scientology UK base 'Saint Hill Manor' and its child labor. Gray Levett, co-founder of Grays of Westminster, is a self confessed scientologist and can use that as excuse but I had expected higher standards from Nikon and Kodak.

So too I wonder why This is Kent reporter Liz Nygaard depicts Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard in the way Scientology's promotional publications wants to have him depicted. Anyone with the slightest amount of research skills could have known that Hubbard was a very controversial character and far from a "humanitarian, world-renowned photographer".

At least not in the world outside Scientology.


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