Do you have a family member in Scientology? If so, here's a quick list of things to do, and things to avoid.

To Do
  • Learn everything you can about Scientology
  • Write cards or short letters very frequently
  • Send reminders of home and family, such as pictures or tapes
  • Keep copies of all correspondence, make notes on phone calls and meetings
  • Keep track of his or her movements, spouse and children
  • Talk to former members of Scientology
  • Network with other families of Scientologists
  • Get your entire family involved, making special efforts to include all brothers and sisters
  • Consider contacting an exit counselor

Don't Do
  • Send money
  • Keep Scientology a family secret
  • Send long, argumentative letters
  • Send negative newspaper articles about Scientology
  • Blame, threaten or disown your family member in Scientology
  • Meet with Scientology leaders or talk with other members, meet one-on-one with the family member instead
  • Neglect other parts of your life or family
  • Tell your family member in Scientology about your networking

List is based on Combatting Cult Mind Control, by Steven Hassan, compiled and adapted for Scientology by Wendy.