Introduction to another affidavit by Lawrence Woodcraft

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From: Stacy Brooks <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Introduction to another affidavit by Lawrence Woodcraft
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 11:53:06 -0400
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Lawrence Woodcraft was a licensed architect in England when, in 1986, he
was recruited to join the Sea Organization and go to work for Scientology
in Clearwater, Florida. He left England with his two young daughters, Astra
and Zoe, and joined his then-wife Leslie, who had already been recruited
and was a staff member at Flag in Clearwater. Immediately all the promises
that had been made to convince him to join staff were broken. He was
ordered to take a job that had nothing to do with architecture; his entire
family was crammed into one motel room instead of the two-bedroom apartment
he had been promised; his children did not go to private school as he had
been told they would; in fact, Zoe did not go to school at all and Astra
attended public school only briefly. 

By 1994 Lawrence had routed out of the Sea Org and built a successful
architectural practice in Los Angeles. He subsequently helped both of his
daughters get out of the Sea Org. This allowed Astra to save the life of
her unborn baby, as had she stayed in the Sea Org she would have been
forced to have an abortion. His younger daughter Zoe had never been to a
proper school and is now, at age 16, in a public high school working hard
to catch up with her fellow students. 

For helping his daughters get out of the Sea Org, Lawrence was declared a
Suppressive Person in September 2000. All of his Scientology clients were
ordered to cease doing business with him in an attempt to destroy his
architecture practice. 

Read Lawrence's affidavit about his experiences in Scientology, which is
posted concurrently with this message. Visit our website at, where you can read another affidavit by Lawrence in
which he gives a firsthand account of the deadly levels of blue asbestos he
encountered on the Scientology ship Freewinds. You will also find
affidavits by Lawrence's daughters, Astra and Zoe, as well as videotaped
interviews with all three of the Woodcrafts. 

As Lawrence said, "While I give financial support to my daughters and try
to help them complete school and college, the Church condemns me as a
'suppressive' and treats me as a common criminal." 

Welcome to the world of Scientology -- through the looking glass.

Stacy Brooks

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