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Summary: Phatso talks about the EVILS of aspirin....
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In article <462frr$>, Arun Malik <> wrote:


>In the course of "illuminating" him, he mentioned that one thing he
>couldn't understand was why you shouldn't take asprin.
>Other than saying that Hubbard distrusted doctors I couldn't really
>answer this point.
>Did Hubbard have a "position" on aspirin?

I absolutely LOVE posts like this, where we can explore the nut cult's
wacky leader's sacred scriptures....

NOTE: Any typos are likely my own...

                 *** BEGIN FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

(From _The Volunteer Minister's Handbook_, page 144 (listed as being
>from  HCOB 17 October 1969), by L. Ron Hubbard)

    Pain or discomfort of a psychosomatic nature comes from mental
image pictures. These are created by the thetan or living beings and
impinge or press against the body.
    By actual clinical test, the actions of aspirin and other pain
depressants are to (a) inhibit the ability of the thetan to create mental
image pictures and also (b) to impede the electrical conductivity of
nerve channels.
    Both of these facts have a vital effect on processing.

                  *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

The chapter continues with the Phatman telling the Volunteer Minister
not to audit a person the day of or the day after a person takes
aspirin for the above reasons.

Stop laughing, he was serious! :-)

I like the bit in the second paragraph where the Hubbie talks about
actual clinical tests. I wonder if Mr. Milne would be so kind as to
post the these test results for us. Don't hold your breath. Once
again, IMHO, Phatboy talks about "proof", but will always fail to
deliver. We've seen it time and time again. Narcanon is an outstanding
example. Where's the proof?

The rest of the chapter is like the above, totally un-believable. Does
anyone know if the copyright on this sucker has expired yet? It's
a "History Of Man" "Nut-Cult" kind of book that oughta be in 

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