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Subject: Scientology Auditing "Fixes" Bad Boy - from _Child Dianetics_
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Summary: Extract from cult of Scientology book _Child Dianetics_
Keywords: Scientology, cult, Dianetics, scam, bad boy, auditing
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(Note: I'll include relevent definitions to some of the Scientology
aka scieno-speak words at the end of this post.)

The following passage comes from the book _Child Dianetics_ which
describes how to apply the cult of Scientology's "Dianetic" tech-
niques to children. Any typos are likely my own.

                 *** BEGIN FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

(from _Child Dianetics_ by L. Ron Hubbard, pages 40-41)

  A four-year-old "bad" boy was taken to an auditor. According to
the parents, if he had been six feet tall he would have given
Genghis Khan a good run for his money. Hew would go upstairs and
pull mama's clothes off the hangers and practice mutilation on
them with scissors. He would go into another room, preferably 
one which was very neat and tidy, and slash the wallpaper with
a knife. Someone in the family about to eat breakfast would find
his cereal liberally sprinkled with shredded cigarettes. He was
artfully clumsy; he seemed able to break selectively every 
valuable piece of bric-a-brac in the house.

  What he obviously needed, they said, was more discipline.
Inquiry into how much discipline he had experienced brought out
chastisement averaging four spankings and a clout on the head
a day. The only thing that could be said for the punishment
was that it was consistent: no matter what happened, he was
punished. Furthermore, there was unanimity in the family. 
Father agreed and punished him. Mother agreed and punished
him. And the one grandparent who was always around also agreed
and punished him. Here was a red-hot rebel, a verifiable
insurgent in the community, leading a successful revolt.

  The matter was solved very simply. The auditor, taking note
of the fact that the adults who brought the boy were not very
tall, made the announcement that the next person who laid a
hand on the child would be personally accountable to him. They
agreed that this was a new reality, and within twenty-four 
hours thre was a change in the young pre-clear. He picked up
his own clothes. He bagan to do the dishes! Suddenly he was
no longer a hellion.

                  *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

This seems to be typical of some of the claims often found
in the cult's teachings. A person is "cured" thanks to 
Dianetic auditing. Hubbard has claimed to cure many deadly
diseases and sicknesses many times in his writings. 
Outrageous claims seem to be standard fare for Hubbard's
"self-help" and Scientology writings. 

Also, something makes me think that the "bad" boy revolt
leader may modeled after Hubbard himself.


DEFINITIONS: (from the glossary in _Child Dianetics_)

Auditing: Listening, computing, and guiding with the 
    intention of helping the pre-clear to resolve his

Auditor: An individual who conducts dianetic processing.

Child Dianetics: That branch of Dianetics which is concerned
    with promoting the optimum survival of the immature human
    organism until such time as standard procedure for adults
    may be employed to erase engrams, usually around the age
    of twelve.

Dianetics: The science and techniques as discovered and 
    organized by L. Ron Hubbard; the science of optimum
    existence and survival. Dianetics means "through the

Engram: A mental image picture of an experience containing
    pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat
    to survival; it is a recording in the Reactive Mind of
    something which actually happened to an individual
    in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness,
    both of which are recorded in the mental image picture
    called an engram.

Pre-Clear: One who is undergoing dianetic processing.

Reactive Mind: That function of the mind which files and
    retains physical pain and painful emotion and seeks
    to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-response
    basis. It thinks only in identities.

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