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Subject: Scientology, Kids, and Grandma - From _Child Dianetics_
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Summary: L. Ron Hubbard's advice on Kid's and Grandparents
Keywords: Scientology, cult, Dianetics, scam, children, grandparents, L. Ron Hubbard
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(Note: I'll include relevent definitions to some of the Scientology
aka scieno-speak words at the end of this post.)

The following passage comes from the book _Child Dianetics_ which
describes how to apply the cult of Scientology's "Dianetic" tech-
niques to children. Any typos are likely my own.

                 *** BEGIN FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

(from _Child Dianetics_ by L. Ron Hubbard, page 48)

  Perhaps the most insidious thing that can happen to the child is
the exterior ally. Until you have processed a number of of people
you may not realize how deadly is the ally in the sympathy engram.
Grandparents should not be permitted into the home of their grand-
children until they have learned to behave themselves dianetically.
One can have all the mawkish sentimentality in the world and think,
"My dear, dear grandparents"--but wait until you get back there in
the reactive bank and find out what they did. They were very nice,
true, but all too often they bought the child off and brok the
affinity line between the parents and the child.

                  *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

In real life, many Scientologist family units simply "disconnect" from
their relatives in order to "protect themselves" from the entheta
of non-Scientologist relatives. As the family unit moves deeper and
deeper into the arms of the cult they are apparently warned away from
those outside of the cult, eventually leading to disconnection. This
has also been known to happen *within* family units when a member
begins to stray from the cult. 

                 *** BEGIN FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

(from _Child Dianetics_ by L. Ron Hubbard, pages 48-49)

  An ally blurting out to a feverish child, "My dear, I'm going to stay
here until you are well," becomes a leech upon that child's mind.
Consider what happens when a child gets very ill and grandma rants,
"Do you think he will die? Oh, my dear, darling little baby, you are
going to die. I know you are going to die. Please don't leave me!"
  Later on in life the child slides into grandma's valence, and a
period of illness which originally ran about five days is keyed in
and keeps the child sick for months!

                  *** END FAIR USE EXTRACT ***

In the above passage, L. Ron seems to reinforce the dangerousness
of the non-Scientologist family to the "Dianetic" family. This
may lead to the family's disconnection from relatives in the


DEFINITIONS: (from the glossary in _Child Dianetics_)

Affinity: Cohesion between individuals, or between an individual
    and the universe; a force of attraction operating to draw
    them into closer relationships.

Ally: The person from whom sympathy came when the pre-clear was
    ill or injured. Since the ally's purpose is aligned with the
    individual's survival, the reactive mind computes that 
    everything the ally does or says is right, especially whatever
    the ally said in the engram.

Child Dianetics: That branch of Dianetics which is concerned
    with promoting the optimum survival of the immature human
    organism until such time as standard procedure for adults
    may be employed to erase engrams, usually around the age
    of twelve.

Dianetics: The science and techniques as discovered and 
    organized by L. Ron Hubbard; the science of optimum
    existence and survival. Dianetics means "through the

Engram: A mental image picture of an experience containing
    pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat
    to survival; it is a recording in the Reactive Mind of
    something which actually happened to an individual
    in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness,
    both of which are recorded in the mental image picture
    called an engram.

Pre-Clear: One who is undergoing dianetic processing.

Reactive Mind: That function of the mind which files and
    retains physical pain and painful emotion and seeks
    to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-response
    basis. It thinks only in identities.

Valence: The personality and/or characteristics of a person
    or an object. Winning valence is the dominant or most
    successful role.

Valence Shifter: An engramic command which forces the pre-clear
    to shift into a valence other than his own.

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