New Hampshire picket and forced abortions
From: (Jesse Prince)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: New Hampshire picket and forced abortions
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 02:59:50 GMT

Today a small contingent of faithful Scientologists came out to Bob Minton’s
home in New Hampshire to picket. I say "small," as there were only two people
there --  the Boston DSA Maureen O'Keefe and Joe Stover, an OT8.

Bob responded by pulling out and setting up ten times as many protest signs in
his yard! Pictures were taken by both sides, and all in all, it was pretty
peaceful, no shouting or anything. After a while, the police came and sent the
Scientologists off, saying they were a road hazard and they did not want them to
become road kill.

I talked to Maureen for a little while, just to let her know my true feelings
about Scientology and why I oppose it. She made an interesting assumption about
me which I hope I cleared up for her. She said to me, "You hate Scientology,
don't you?"  

I told her I don't hate anything. I just feel sorry for the fact that she does
not know what she is really doing or what she is trying to support. Here it is
Labor Day weekend, and she and another OT 8 are out in the hot sun with pitiful
signs protesting instead of enjoying the day with their families. At this point
we engaged in conversation concerning  just how Scientology denigrates and break
down the most basic human structure in our society, which is the family..

We talked about specifics. Now, I could go on and on about others having their
families destroyed by Scientology, but I talked to her about my experience
specifically. We talked about  how the Sea Org  makes its members have enforced
abortions. In fact I now recall a Flag Order which forbids Sea Org members to
have children. In order to have a child in the Sea Org you have to submit
something called a "CSW" which means completed staff work. You have to say how
having a child will increase Sea Org productivity and forward the goals of the
group. During my time as a Senior Executive in RTC, no one -- and I mean no one,
including my own wife, who was one of the women at the secret management base in
Gilman Hot Springs who was forced to have an abortion – was allowed to have
children as it was not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
The reason for denial was purely financial. Kids cost money.

Standard procedure for any women who got pregnant was for the pregnant women to
read a PR (public relations) pack and/or get a briefing from the Port Captain
(PR post in the Sea Org) on how to explain to the local welfare board how you
were an adult indigent and had to have an abortion and the state needed to pay
for it. My wife and I went through this nightmare when she became pregnant.
Neither one of us wanted the abortion and it caused us much grief. However she
was convinced to have one anyway, and nothing I said or did would stop her. I
even told her we could both leave the Sea Org, but she didn't want to. All I
could do at that point was to support her in her decision and I went to the
abortion clinic with her. 

Going to an abortion clinic was a horrifying experience in the dark side of
human nature. We sat there and saw the misery of others who were there. To be
honest, it all felt unreal. It is dangerous to have an abortion, because in some
cases the mother can no longer carry a child to full term afterwards. 

To make a long story short, my wife and I decided to have children once we got
out of the Sea Org. She was five months pregnant and we went to have an
ultrasound done.  We discovered that the unborn child was horribly deformed and
had to be aborted. In the end  I held the deformed fetus in my arms after it was
born dead. The face was my face. I loved the child and was very upset and hurt
by the experience. This experience devastated both of us and effectively
destroyed our marriage. We are divorced now. 

How is it that you can devote your life to an organization, yet have no medical
insurance or any assurance that you will be cared for by the organization? What
kind of crazy fools is the Sea Org creating in this modern world we live in?

No, I don't hate Scientology. But I sure hate what it does. What kind of coward
would demand the blood of the innocent unborn as a matter of law? L. Ron Hubbard
is the answer, and just like the Nazi soldiers at the death camps, David
Miscavige, Scientology's new dictator, keeps on  pushing the  button or giving
the orders to kill. L Ron Hubbard is dead! Why does the slaughter of the
innocent continue?

Prior to my association with Scientology I was blessed with two healthy
children. It is my belief that as a result of Scientology I lost two children.

I plan to make the subject of enforced abortions in Scientology widely known and
well documented.

I told Maureen O'Keefe that I have no hate in my heart for her. She is way low
on the Scientology hierarchy and far from the inner sanctum of her "church,"
Scientology.  She does not understand what she is supporting and promoting. I
have an obligation to her and everyone else in Scientology to reveal truth about
Scientology, L Ron Hubbard and the people who are running his organization since
he has died, so that informed decisions can be made concerning what to support.
After that, the burden is on them.

What about you? Where do you stand?

Respectfully  Submitted,

Jesse Prince 

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