Hello Critics of Scientology and Scientologists
From: jesse_prince@minton.org (Jesse Prince)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Hello Critics of Scientology and Scientologists;
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 20:03:22 GMT

        My name is Jesse Prince. I was part of the horrid organization known
as the "Sea Organization" from 1976 - 1992. I was a Senior Executive in
RTC for 5 years (1982-1987). This is not something that I am proud
of---to the contrary I am still recovering from the experience.  I have
been disassociated from any form of Scientology for the last 6 years,
since I escaped in 1992, I had been afraid to come out and was feeling
hopeless, but that is all behind me now.

        Three weeks ago I contacted Stacy Young. In talking with her I
realized I could help in the struggle to expose the truth about Scn and
get them to stop hurting people and ruining lives of decent and
innocent people.  The following Sunday after Stacy and I met, Mike
Rinder called Bob Minton to ask if I was now on his payroll. It was
obvious that they knew Stacy and I had met and were ready to attack
all of us---which is what they have been doing ever since.  Scn attorney
Rick Moxon has already put me on notice that I am to be sued if I divulge
any information  about their  criminal  activities.  However, I will not
be silenced by these thugs. 

        I feel an obligation  to do something  to expose the criminal  and 
psychotic nature  of  the  upper echelon  of the Sea Org (all
corporations  included)  in an effort to get some  relief  from the
attacks  that  come to anyone who opposes this godless  so called
church.   Since I made the decision to expose the truth about the true 
nature  of Scn I  have  had my  life threatened by  one of their  hired
thugs  and they try to follow me around where ever I go. To say the
least, I have  personal knowledge  of crimes  and cover-ups  that  have
them very worried  if they want me killed before  I could even  fully
come out  of hiding!

        Well, I want you  to know I am alive  and well  and I have one  hell
of a story to tell.  The Internet  will be the forum I use to tell  the
truth and nothing  but.  If you  liken the Internet  to a basketball
game, I plan to take  Scn  to the hoop like Michel  Jordan.

        Bob Minton, Stacy Young, FACTnet and others are making this possible.

        I'm coming out for me and you.


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