The Scientology Organisation, its methods, its business practices and above all its victims and their fate continue to arouse the interest of the public. In recent years various media reports have also highlighted one aspect of the Organisation, the "Rehabilitation Project Force" - or RPF.

Particularly the reports of former members who have endured the RPF in the US, the UK and Denmark have made it possible for the author of this brochure, Prof. Stephen A. Kent, to describe what I consider to be inhuman practices within the RPF. If the term "brainwashing," so often associated with the Scientology Organisation by the public, applies at all, then it certainly applies to the RPF, as this brochure shows.

The RPF is part of the "Sea Organization" (Also known as the "Sea Org") of the Scientology Organisation. The Sea Org was created in 1967 and according to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology Organisation, it is the "sole guarantee of the survival of Scientology technology on this planet." Members of the Sea Org use pseudo-naval ranks and uniforms, and the unit is fully organised along military lines. The Sea Org states that the members, according to its own publicity, have "signed a contract of eternal service to Scientology and its aims." Eternal service is meant literally: Anyone who is a member of this unit signs a contract for a billion years.

When the significance of the Sea Org within the Scientology Organisation is expressed in these terms, it comes as no surprise that Hubbard envisaged special punishments for what he considered to be critical or disobedient members of this unit, punishments that were designed for the "rehabilitation" of those members. Accordingly the RPF created by Hubbard is essentially nothing more than an "education camp" of the kind employed by totalitarian regimes.

This brochure continues the work of the Interior Ministry in providing genuine information about the Scientology organisation. The RPF reveals the true face of Scientology like no other unit. Only those who know what happens or can happen to people in the Scientology Organisation will be able to resist the lure of these glossy brochures.

Consequently I hope that this informative leaflet will have many interested readers.


Ursula Caberta
Head of the Scientology Task Force
Interior Ministry