Statement of Joe Keldani

10 April 2004

A letter to The Church of Scientology International Management . Apr 10, 2004 originally written Oct, 2003

To: OSA INT(office of special affairs international)

To: IJC(international justice chief)


From: Joe Keldani

You have a choice here, I suggest you avail yourself of it rather than attempt to take advantage of the time I am giving you to gather and further promote your black propaganda, and slanderous statements about me. I fear you will choose the latter and create a much larger situation than exists now.

If I don't hear from you in 3 days I will publish this statement, a very small portion of the story of my dealings with you, on the internet. If I still haven't heard from you in three weeks and over the next several months, I will send this and several hundred other pages to select media in the English speaking world. If in 2 months you have still not responded I will approach talk and investigative TV shows across America and ask them to have a discussion about these and other matters of illegal activity on your part. With an invitation, of course, to one of you from RTC (religious technology commission, the holders of C of S copyrights, or OSA (office of Special affairs) to defend your actions. Maybe Miscavige? At some time during this I will take up legal action against you even if it takes a lifetime to raise the money. With this statement I expect others not familiar with my story to read it and gather an understanding of not only what has happened to me but to many others and what may very well happen to them.

I hereby make this statement "Without Prejudice". These here statements reflect my experience and considerations on the perceived actions taken by representatives of the Church of Scientology Flag organization and International Management. They are my experience and what I firmly believe to be the truth.

The direct orders, publicized written slanderous material, and out right demeaning written and verbal attacks on me by your organizations (The church of Scientology) is actionable and must end. This includes the present coaching of my wife's divorce affidavit. I have been on your side of the fence long enough to know your tricks. Altering and twisting the truth to keep your acts and name out of it, but blaming me instead. Having Pam lie to the court about easily provable events to protect yourself places her, but of course not you, in Jeopardy.

Your organizations relentless past and present efforts to separate me from my wife and kids must cease. I am prepared to take on anything you can throw at me and do whatever is necessary to curtail your abuse of human rights; the ruthless tearing apart of my family, that of other unsuspecting families and those you've attacked who could have done something for mankind. Including your abuse of Scientology policy. It amazed me that you could take my kids from me. Turn them away from me by issuing and enforcing false exaggerated twisted reports about me. Convincing them by mass agreement that it was all my fault.

I was a trusting fool to have left them in your hands. It appears you really believe I would just simply cower to the almighty executives of the Church and simply sit there like a drugged, reticent lamb at the altar, allowing you to destroy my family and way of life. Even your own policy, basic Scientology policy (very specific administrative directives) strictly forbids it, but you completely ignored that too. All for what? Just to gather a few more staff; or is it because you believe you are the only important worthwhile game on the planet and no one or any family or anything else matters. It is quite obvious, to others and me, you fail to take into account that a group is made up of individuals and what your basic purpose is! your crimes against humanity are just simply crimes. What little good you are doing does not justify your acts. In fact you have and are stopping those who can make a difference. Anyone not knowing this side of you would think I could only be exaggerating.

This is no longer a plea asking different scientology management terminals to follow basic policy as written/taped by the founder. I am no longer asking for some sensibility or justice; To give me back my kids, to be fair, to have compassion or understanding. One year of pleading while you played me like a mouse is enough. I no longer believe that justice per your own laid out guidelines is accessible, and perhaps hasn't been for the last 23 Years through any in Scientology Management. I have exhausted every means using your own abundant and clearly laid down policies. Per your ethics Policy this is my next step; broadly issuing justice statements. I don't believe this communication will be interpreted correctly by you either as none of my earlier several dozen have.

From what I see on the Internet and people I have talked to in Scientology, there are many others in my situation. Even my now estranged wife had admitted to me in private when she was routing out (leaving) about a number of others going through the same enforced breakup. If it only made any sense. The number of times my kids were ill, even critically ill, when in your care and going through this stress. The little care my wife gave them when critically ill, once dropping one of them off in critical condition at a local hospital and not even checked up on her for 11 days. She had never been like that. The amount of crying I heard from my kids while you and your group pushed and enforced the break up of my family is barbaric and criminally unacceptable in any sane society but the base ones. Let alone a group that has as it's tenants the aim of helping mankind. No amount of pleading seemed to matter, no one seemed to care and handle the situation. I believe that these acts are insidious, deliberate and evil in comparison to Hitler's insanity and perhaps even worse, because you put on the guise of applying L. Ron Hubbard's Technology to salvage mankind. Weather I can prove this in a court of law or even to anyone how deep your injustice runs, I don 't know. But I will say this; the Lies, exaggerations, twisted truths, whispering techniques, you have leveled at me through my kids, wife and written documents issued on me by your organization and broadcast to others are documented evidence of your treachery and will hold up in a court of Law. These tactics and claims you make violate even your own written policy. They are "off policy"(Do not comply with rigid laid out steps as written by Scientology's founder). The things you are asking Pam to hide from the courts only indicate your buttons(weaknesses). There are matters of documented False Declarations by you, that can effect most of your staff that I won't mention here for your sake.

Miscavige and other Management staffs Out Ethics Per the statements on the internet concerning David Miscavige's(head of Scientology) Sexual exploits, admitted to by his co-worker and personal councilor, do not bother me. I believe, Per L. Ron Hubbard Policy, Dave's sleeping with his wife and another women at the same time and the drinking with Broeker, on it's own do not, per your policy, give reason to remove him from post. However when you tear my life apart for something a little more than a backrub. The situation becomes unacceptable. Yes there were other accusations about me, some outright lies, exaggerations, misconceptions and others secured from me under a great deal of stress and the threat of loosing my wife and kids. You had better be prepared to prove them in a court of Law.

If you can't or wont do the job there are plenty of others who can. You have marred the road out( to spiritual freedom) and are even blocking it for others.

This is a statement to you, giving you a choice, I want access to my children. And as you stated "The ball is in your Court".

There is no threat you can level at me that will sway me from my task. My kids are more important than my own life. No matter if through your lies exaggerations, whispering campaigns, legal loophole or harassment of me or my family and friends you have me put in jail as you have tried with others. I will relentlessly attack your infringement of Human Rights. I am G.O. Trained (The "Guardians Office" Once an elite group specifically trained to handle the Press, Legal, Finance and covert operations by the church)

I have been in contact with several Media representatives in the US and Canada.

Before you dismiss my effectiveness, you should review my Public Relations record in Scientology. When I created and headed Narconon Canada(A drug Rehabilitation Group, based on Scientology technology.) in the 70's my PR statistics dictated weather WW's (World Wide; England, Scientology's international offices at that time) statistics went up or down. Those were my pictures in the press and in the news. It was my voice on the countless radio stations. My Press, TV and radio appearances dwarfed all other Scientology statistics on the whole planet. I am prepared to use this experience to let the world know about your tactics. Including the suppression of the philosophy through misapplication of specific copyrighted policy. You hold the planet ransom with these copyrights. Will your abuse of the copyright material give the courts the right to place them in the public domain? I wonder if a reform group of the Scientologists you have mistreated can do that. If it isn't too late maybe a brotherhood of aware Scientologists can.

I am giving you fair warning. And perhaps I shouldn't because you have only taken advantage of it in the past. You act as if you are far better and above anyone else or any Law. I am afraid you are misguided. That status is left for those who can show their intention by their acts. Your organizations across North America, despite the great deal of money and effort you have spent, struggle to achieve half or even in some cases a fifth or a tenth their size of the late 70's. Europe is following in their footsteps. Yet you continualy claim your expanding like never before. Your administration is operating on an obvious "Wrong Why"(the key out-point that is causing failure).

I will be calling some RCMP(Canadian Police) friends of mine and will mention to expect what appears to be "documented data" and "whispering" allegations about me emanating from "moles" and other Scientologists in my area and other areas you perceive will effect me. I have already mentioned it in passing. I will also be notifying the US Dept of immigration concerning ***************************(left out for now) and other matters. A report is written and ready to be shipped out.

This is what needs to happen:

Any attacks from you whatsoever will mean no reconciliation.

1: I want total access to my kids. Not "it's up to them". I want you to undo the Black PR(brainwashing) of how bad their dad is and get rid of the "ethics declare order" forbidding my kids to be connected to me. I don't care how you do it.

My wife was intentionally physically separated from me by you. I am sent back to Canada and later to Los Angeles, because your OSA(office of special affairs) miss-perceived I was a security threat. My wife at Flag in Florida, within a few days placed (according to her) in a very stressful, concrete, dirty, car exhaust fumes filled room, under the garage for more than a day(3 days). Forced by your security team (3 men) to reconsider her marriage to me. They insist on divorce. She cries and demands she would rather stay with her husband but is locked in by her belief that she would lose her and our 3 daughters "eternity". You lead her to believe if I cooperated fully you would let me in. After spending close to another $30,000.00 and almost a year away from my family, it becomes obvious you had no intention of ever letting me in. You knew my wife working very closely with other men, would soon lose interest in me and want out. (You don't even have the final key to the tech do you. The reports that all OT 8's(People at the top level of Scientology) get ill or heavily upset soon after completion is probably due to their realization that what you have given them hasn't taken them out of the trap and given them their expected "Free Being".

Some weeks after the above, there is a backrub with someone you sent up to stay alone with me for more than a month to help me sell my properties. This did have some minor sexual connotation but as you know from the endless number of security checks you gave me, had absolutely no intention of any sex. This act is used to justify your earlier misdeed. Your justice staff demand it is a "High Crime". The Idea that this notorious backrub this women gave me had ruined her ability to hold her job is ridiculous. It was nothing more than the justifier you needed. It was probably a setup anyway. To label it a high crime justifies your suppressive actions to other Scientologists, doesn't it!

After many threats, prompts and support by you, and working closely with other men, my wife of over 20 years, begins to have "a great deal of affinity" for these other men (your staff). Not at all surprised. She is encouraged and is told over and over again she is stupid to be with me by your officials. Later when the backrub occurs it is used to leverage us apart. Per your own ethics codes unmocking (taking apart) a family and an individuals life is a high crime. She finally wants to leave me and marry one of these guys. She mentions this to the kids. Your Officers tell her to leave me legally first. Your executives, draw up a formula for her to follow to completely and legally break up with me and cut off the head of the family. This included paying you another $40,000.00US for her to return.

While for several months I had been begging, asking, demanding that you allow me to have marriage counseling. That I be allowed near my family again. That my wife had been slowly withdrawing and getting more and more critical of me. That I wanted to be back in Florida near my kids and wife and wanted what you promote across the country as marriage counseling. She and I are told the kids don't need a father they are Thetans, (spiritual beings). (Again contrary to advertised and preached data in the Marriage tape by L. Ron Hubbard. Your own avowed unbreakable scriptures per the Keeping Scientology working bulletins). I believe your only purpose was merely to separate them from me and gain robotic, unquestioning, unwavering staff. I had sold everything I owned and spent it all for you. 3 properties 2 businesses, 100s of thousands of dollars wasted for you. I presented you with my family and everything I had and you in return make nothing of my family and me. And don't you dare tell me I did all this to my self. The mistake I made was trusting you and allowing my wife to get us into this trap. I did everything in my power to be with my family. After 1 year of complaining, to keep me quite, and force me to shut up, you had me declared a suppressive person. Thereby making it a crime for my daughters to talk to me, their dad. I think the people of the world would call that suppression not a father fighting for his family.

I want the truth told to my kids. The declare (A written Scientology authorized document stating the person is evil and not to be communicated with) cancelled and the following to be issued.

"The accusation listed in the written declares and Committees findings on Joseph keldani violate policy and are "OUT TECH". The accusations were unfounded, exaggerations, of the truth. The charges on reexamination of the case are untruths or are listed as misdemeanors in the ethics codes. Also as it was he that was receiving the auditing (counseling) and his wife the one that was putting enturbulation(noise and upset) on his lines by mocking up (creating) a 2D( man/women relationship) with someone else; the Non-Enturbulation Order on him and therefore the resultant declare are cancelled. All justice actions are cancelled. Joe has asked to be placed in the "Dead Files" and we agree."

I have absolutely no intention of returning to this group as it is at this time. This group requires major reform. In my opinion it is riddled with out Tech, off Policy and "Wrong Whys". I don't think you have the slightest intention of freeing mankind. You can place me in your Dead Files as a means of handling. Whatever, I want the communication ban with my kids lifted now and in the future and I don't care how you do it. I am not asking you I am telling you.

Per policy, whether LRH himself applied this datum or not, the only true indication for declaring someone an SP is Case Gain and I assure you I get more case gain and TA (Tone Arm Action, A meter measurement of case gain) probably than the whole lot of you. Judging from your inability/ability to follow policy. I would bet on it. That you abuse and justify this correct interpretation of the SP policy is evident. You use it to suite your own purposes. In this case a dark purpose. It has always been obvious that ethics policy and real universe actions by you have a different color.

2: I want a complete refund of the money I have placed in the Sea Org.

To say you have betrayed me and others is an understatement.

The last Sec Check I received at ASHO 60 some hours of grueling, invalidating, actions have not been finished, as I did not attest. These actions violated tech as written by the founder and were heavy, negative gain. I will not pay for you groping to find some dirt for you to use against me or for being made wrong and attacked for wanting to be with my family. Done at the expense of my case, my money and my family. And I want them in the same Canadian Dollar Value as when I was forced to pay it.

I want all the money I spent on the L's(Lists of questions aimed at producing a powerful being) all 3 of them and the preps in 1992, close to $100,000.00. This is to even out the negative gain of the Sec Checks.

I want all IAS(International Assoc. of Scientologists) enforced contributions I have made over the years including the ones I paid for Pam. About 4500USD, But not the HASI contributions(Hubbard Assoc of Scient International).

Never mind the several hundred thousand dollars worth of equity and personal belongings I have wasted just to get my family to you. About 35,000.00 just in Air and travel alone. I think you deliberately led me to believe I was accepted into the Sea Org, till you had my family in your grasp and my wife with enough acts of betrayal of her vows to not want to come back.

I at this time don't care for the vast amount of money I spent earlier in other churches of Scientology despite the fact that I worked night and day for you for close to 12 years.

3: I want a signed statement that if I leave you alone you will leave me alone. This includes the obvious coaching and support you are giving my wife in our divorce and custody battle. There are other illegal issues in several areas, that I won't mention here for you own sake. But I'm sure you will attempt slinging mud at me and wind up giving me more slander material and making me your avowed enemy for a long time to come.

At this time I really don't aim to cause you harm. I know legally, I can. All I want is a close communication line to my kids and for you to be out of my hair as well as some of my money back. But it would be better if you were completely out of everyone's hair. The proper application of the tech could easily achieve all that. What I hope for is reform.

Per your own code of honor "Do not fear hurting another in a just cause". Unlike many X-staff who have gone off quietly, I and many others have no back off on taking an aggressive stance against tyranny. The following gross outpoints to mention just a few, further justify my actions.

1: You promote that all the staff will get Super Power 1st and then the public. The tapes promoting this play endlessly in public waiting rooms. I think you do this to get donations from sympathetic public. What is it, 80 million so far. I think It is a lie. Super Power was researched and given to some staff by LRH 20 years ago, I did some piloting on it my self. He didn't need the Super Power building then. You could do it out of a warehouse. That building is probably for the public and making money and only the odd staff member will ever get Super Power. With GAT it will probably be robotical and altered to being only lightly workable.

2: LRH says, Extravagance is a sign of out ethics. (look at the Super Power Building, the whole base itself, while 10's of thousands of Scientologists are stuck out in the field working their buts off to make enough money to go OT(spiritually free) but cant afford it). Yet you spend millions on color coding meters to auditing rooms and the façade of the buildings and to just find the right marble stones for the floor. Even most of your own staff sleep 10 or 12 deep in hotel or motel sized rooms, yet you own over 50 major buildings in Clearwater alone. Miscaviage, has his own physical fitness trainer while the rest of the common staff are forbidden to use the public facilities if they even had the time.

3: It appears that most Scientologists are fighting to pay off their incredible debts. Debts they incurred paying for training, auditing or lower OT levels that are far, far above LRH pricing policy. The entire package now costing about 300,000.00 per person. They are stuck unable to go up the bridge. It also seems that most staff are neglected and have given up on getting any auditing.

4: North American Orgs and now European Orgs are half or 1/3 or less the size they once were. Indicating a "Wrong Why" is being used in Management Evaluations per the Data Series policies. This 23 year (Statistics) crash has had every chance to be corrected but hasn't. This could only be caused by a deliberate, enforced "WRONG WHY". Most of the money today seems to comes from the Scientology office management groups like "Singer" who service Dentists and Chiropractors and who use this "IN" to get these people on mission(small scientology organizations) service lines and eventually to "Advanced Organizations". It is unlikely these customers will stick around and join staff for the "Cause". Neither will the ones brought in by Cruises good works, It is a dead end.

Even Flag which has a captive audience is still only the same size(#of staff) or far less than 1980 despite the great deal of money they make by over charging their parishioners. International management uses enormous amounts of money to open up Organizations (Battle Creek org and several others) and Narconons (Through IAS(international Association of Scientologists) Donations). Supporting failing organizations financially rather than finding the "Right Why" will only lead to disaster per data series policy. This is nothing more than the use of effort and will only lead to making more money and the loss of original purpose and one day ultimate failure.

5: Most SO staff at present are under the age of 24 and many in their teens. A staff at Celebrity Center International said 95% of the 250 or so staff there are young kids. He didn't quite know where the older fellows went. Almost all the staff in HCO(communication, hiring and ethics and justice offices) at Flag, ASHO and AO LA (Advanced Org LA) were when I was there young people. This is in contrast to the late 70's and thus a major outpoint (not logical; not what one expects to find). Have the grown ups been thrown out because of their failure to accept the misapplication of the Technology or are the innocent young just easier to control and mislead. The internet is littered with dozens perhaps hundreds of old execs and Auditors declared and expelled to the field. What a waist.

6: Ron in HCOPL 16 April 1965 issue II forbids any other drills than the ones he mentions (TR'S, LEVEL DRILLS, METERING). He says all other drills make poor auditors and must be cancelled. GAT (Miscavige's Golden Age of Tech) is out Tech. It makes poor auditors. Glib, Robotical and without Savvy. The auditing, C/S'ing and Exams I received during my last sec check were poor to terrible per Flag standards of 23 years ago. Up to 8 minuets waiting for the examiner to give you the meter indication?? What in the H*** is that? The C/S and Auditor didn't know proper definition of a W/H or what an F/N looks like (Floating Needle, A meter reaction indicating the end of a process). GAT is non-standard or as you call it "Squirrel tech". It is based on memory not clearing misunderstoods and thus gaining understanding. It is a cramming tool not a study tool. It will only lead to light workability on "safe" cases and isn't that what Flag has become. You now won't allow hard cases at Flag. A major purpose of the original Flag. These all seem to be a solution to earlier out tech. What is a withhold! The only thing that will get in the way of a persons ability to confront.

7: I believe the tech (technology) you offer at this time is "out tech" it violates KSW (Policy on Keeping Scientology Working). Per LRH (Hubbard) it should only take 1 year to have a fully trained class six and a few more months to be fully interned. Not 5 to 6 years FULL time(12 to 14hrs a day). That is an indication of out tech (misuse of the tech). I know of 2 Snr C/S's (Senior Case Supervisors) and several others who have taken that long. I know of some on a part time basis who have been on GAT(Golden Age of Tech; a new method of course study) since it's conception in the mid 90's.

8: The OT 8 Offered at this time is not the one Ron was working on before he left. The one now is perhaps at best a minor part of L12 or maybe a closing section of OT 7. Ron in 1980 wrote a bulletin and said we are ready for the release of all the OT levels including OT 8. Which was much more involved and was to take man through the final wall of fire and out of the trap. Either Ron didn't make it through that wall of fire or the OT levels have been sabotaged or have been ruined with the out tech. That perhaps explains why reports of all, 1 for 1, OT 8 completions soon after they attest get ill.

9: 1 OT 8(the highest spiritual state attainable in Scientology today, It takes about 3 weeks to complete)) completion states that the first few hundred OT8's got ill and had to be recalled for repair. He was still ill after all the repairs. He claims he also lost his family to Miscavige and the Sea Org. He also states OT 8 costs $50,000US and that there were many more just like him. It's been about 23 years since Ron intended to release OT 8 and the other OT levels. It appears that International Management has either sabotaged the OT levels or they are groping and unable to get the OT levels working. Perhaps they were never fully developed and need someone who isn't GAT minded to put them together.

10: I bet you I know why the best L's(Class 12) auditor at Flag in 1992 is a Registrar now. He probably wouldn't agree to GAT. He was trying to tell me something he had a lot of charge on when I met with him. It appears that what Flag and International Management want are people like my x-wife. Work their butts off, produce a lot of hours in the chair, make an enormous amount of money for you, (over $25,000 per week at a $50 per week pay ) and ask no questions.

11: While I was at ASHO(American Saint Hill Organization, in LA) several MAA 's (Master At Arms, Ethics and Justice people)were removed from their post and put on "call in". They were the best MAA's; the most on source and fully trained. At least one of the ones kept on post did what she was told without question even when it was clearly off policy and expected me to do the same. Two Course Supervisors while I was there got removed from post and were never heard of again, because they questioned GAT(Golden Age of Tech).

12: The copyright of LRH tech SHOULD be available to all Scientologists. Especially when you abuse the copyright material.

13: It is beyond question with me that OSA Flag in particular as well as Flag Management, and International Management have deliberately and without care destroyed my family and that of many others. They did this by forcing me away from my family and wife and then put her in close (intimate) positions with other men. They told her she was stupid to be with me and even placed her under physical stress when she wouldn't disconnect from me. It is not because kids(my kids) are "Thetans and don't need a family or a father" as the Senior Chaplains Flag and others there claim. That's just an SP (suppressive) talking. That is the ultimate in arrogance and Suppression. She and they spread my personal overts (sins) out to my kids and others but refused to get hers or give us proper counseling. These Flag terminals and International management obviously place no value on the Family. The exact opposite of LRH statement in Tapes thus misleading and entrapping. I pleaded for help with everyone from the chairman of the board down to the local chaplain. This is an indication of out ethics on the 2D (harmful acts on members of families) by individuals high up in management.

14: The Definition of withhold (untold, contra survival act) forced on my wife, was completely off policy and the C/S and Snr C/S all the way up the lines held to that definition. The auditor (counselor) would not agree that her wanting to have a relationship with another man was a withhold and refused to accept her statement of that fact. While Ron in the Marriage tape states "critical thoughts" were some of the withholds he had gotten off in his session. The tech specifically states in many documents and tapes, this is the way to tear people apart. Was it deliberate or is it the Sea Org's "mutual Out Ruds"(inability to confront similar out ethics of their own).

Whatever, it is a violation of the basic published definitions and is therefore an infringement on the allowed use of the tech per Scientology policies on Keeping Scientology Working and therefore violates copyright use. I wonder if a group of x-Scientologists can form a society to protect the Tech including Scientologists and fight to put it in the public domain. Where it belongs.

Despite the enormous problem I had with Flag and their separating me from my wife and kids I was pushed by ethics and tech to continue endlessly with the False Purpose Rundown (Metered(lie detector) Security check) which almost caved me in. It was probably done to get any dirt on me to keep me quite. We went over the same things many, many times. Probably because nothing new ever came up. I mentioned every piece of dirt in my closet right up front. The Tech specially states that auditing someone who has a heavy present time problem without handling that problem first is harmful to the case. Was it done deliberately. This is specified as out tech by the Founder. To show how far fetched it got. I was charged with a High Crime for introverting on it and getting into self auditing(counseling). Another misapplication of tech.

Ron states self auditing is due to poor auditing and "case supervision". But hey these guys are Golden Age of Tech and are the best Auditors on the Planet, They don't make mistakes. So of course the solution is that it's a high crime to introvert and self-audit. What a bunch of garbage. It is due to out tech. I can out audit any of them any time of the day so could any auditor of the 70's.

I was so naive, for 1 year I cried most of the night calling out for L. Ron Hubbard and Justice. Funny enough, I recently saw a 17 year old boy who was working wonders and astonishing people with amazing feats. I wonder, but he wasn't in Scientology either!

The list of outpoints could be extended much further. The ethics and tech "WHY" are obvious.

This statement will be sent to 1000s of nesgroups as the next gradiant, in 1 week.

Joe Keldani

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