2 June 1994

I, BERNARD J, LeGEROS, do hereby declare as follows:

1. I am currently an inmate at Clinton Correctional Facility, Dnnemora, new York. I was convicted for the February 1985 murder of Egil Vesti, a homosexual fashion student and model from Norway. I was arrested one month after the murder and have been in custody since. Andrew Crispo, a homosexual, was also involved in the Mr. Versti's death. I am not a homosexual.

2. Details of my association with Mr. Crispo and his relationship with several of his close homosexual friends, including Sam Collins, were extensively written about in BAG OF TOYS, a book written by David France published in 1992.

3. I first met Mr. Crispo when I was about fifteen years of age. I started to become involved with Mr. Crispo's crimes about 1982. By 1984 I was directely involved in, and knowledgeable about, Mr. Crispo's criminal activities. I also worked for Mr. Crispo at his art gallery in New York. I frequently went to his penthouse residence at 380 12th Street in Greenwich Village, New York City, and socialized with him and his friends. As such, I have personal knowledge of many aspects of Mr. Crispo's personal life. Mr. Crispo frequently abused cocaine and furnished me with cocaine on numerous occasions. I also observed him engage in homosexual sadistic and masochistic acts with a variety of men.

4. I was recently shown a photograph of man I recognized as Graham Berry. I first met Mr. Berry, a homosexual, at Mr. Crispo's penthouse residence in the early 1980's. I was introduced to him and was told that he was an attorney and law partner of attorney Frank Hoffey, also a homosexual. I had previously met Mr. Hoffey on several occasions and knew that he was a close friend of Mr. Crispo's. Mr. Hoffey also gave legal advice to Mr. Crispo for his illegal enterprises. I also observed Mr. Hoffey and Mr. Crispo ingest cocaine together on several occasions.

5. I personally observed Mr. Berry inside Mr. Crispo's penthouse residence at 380 West 12th Street, New York City on three or four occasions. On each of these occasions I observed Mr. Berry and Mr. Crispo ingest cocaine together.

6. I also observed Mr. Berry at a 1983 party held at the top of the Time Life Building in New York City. This was a party for a game called "Knockoff." The party was actually a pyramid scheme engineered by Mr. Crispo and his friend, Sandi Franklin.

7. One of Mr. Crispo's closest friends was Sam Collins. I believe that Mr. Berry was also a close friend of Mr. Collins. During 1983 and 1984 I heard that Mr. Crispo frequented Rounds, a gay bar on East 53rd Street in New York City where they would pick-up young males, furnish them cocaine and have sex with them.

8. Mr. Hoffey and Mr. Crispo were also good frineds with John Mammano, who was supposed to be a member of the Mafia. I know that Mr. Crispo, Mr. Hoffey and Mr. Mammano were involved in an illegal scam involving the lithographic plates used to make prints of artis Lowell Nesbitt's drawings. I assume that Mr. Berry also know about this because this was at the same time that Mr. Berry and Mr. Hoffey were law partners.

9. Mr. Crispo told me that Mr. Mammano was fencing stolen artwork, including sculptures, for him. Mr. Crispo also told me that Mr. Mammano sold cocaine to Mr. Crispo and that Mr. Mammano imported gay and straight "snuff" movies into the United States from Mexico. Stuff movies are obscene movies in which a person is actually murdered on film. I heard that a man from Texas named "John" produced the snuff movies in Mexico and that "John" was subsequently arrested and convicted for committing a crime in Texas.

10. Mr. Crispo also told me about Mr. Hoffey's involvement in a Brooklyn "baby factory" at the same time he was law partners with Mr. Berry and I assume Mr. Berry also knew about this. Mr. Hoffey illegally brokered infants sold by their mothers to persons unable to give birth to children of their own.

11. At the same time Mr. Hoffey was law partners with Mr. Berry, Mr. Hoffey was very close friends with Frank Rossi, an Italian attorney who practiced law in England. On one occasion, Mr. Rossi told me he ran ads for female models in the United States and Asia. When women responded to the ads they would be drugged and sold as "white slaves" to Mr. Rossi's clients in Tunisia and Morocco.

12. Mr. Crispo once tried to have sex with me in 1982 or 1983, however, I refused to do this and threatened to harm him if he ever tried it again.

13. Mr. Mammano, who was supposed to be a loan shark, loaned several thousand dollars to Mr. Crispo in late 1984. In 1985, when it was time to repay Mr. Mammano, Mr. Crispo gave me cashier's checks to cash for him. When Mr. Mammano came for his cash, Mr. Crispo thought Mr. Mammano was going to hill him and had me hide in an adjoining room armed with a loaded shotgun, however the money wsa repaid without incident. I recall that Mr. Mammano was always at Mr. Crispo's art gallery. Mr. Mammano drove a Jaguar XJ6 painted a light color.

The previous statements are true and correct. Signed under penalty of perjury at Dannemora, New York on the 2nd day of June, 1994.


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