Re California Appeals Court (2nd Appellate district, Division 3, case # Civ. No. B 038975, Church of Scientology and Mary Sue Hubbard vs Gerald Armstrong)

My name is BRENDAN MOORE. I was in the Scientology cult from 1968 to 1974. I was indoctrinated as a counselor (auditor), Course Instructor and Ethics Officer. I have been actively exposing cults since breaking away - i operate the CULT INFORMATION SERVICE in Calgary, assisting the public, business and government in the cult area.

In Scientology I have witnessed not the positive, enhancing or the planned short and/or long term growth of a person but the short and long term deliberate planned destruction of individuals critical thinking, objectivity, self esteem, family life, relationships, financial and educational goals, ethical and moral standards. In short their lives are totally sacrificed by Scientology to bring money and power to the Scientology leadership.

These victims cannot speak for themselves - they become recruiters, promoters and defenders of Scientology - They are programmed (Brain- Washed) to act on written and verbal Scientology orders and to never question Scientology, its leaders or any instructions. Scientology deceives and brainwashes the public to trust them and be dependent en Scientology policies, bulletins, newsletters, cassettes and videos for direction in their lives - They are promised a better life. The big catch here is - They are told to wait until all the courses are over before Judging - To not think about it. What the victims are not told is that the courses never end, and this is how the mind control (Brain washing) works - they are systematically made to surrender their objectivity, questioning and thinking" until someday when they will see all that they have been promised "The day of course never comes and Scientology ends up with cheap dedicated slave labor.

Scientology is hiding under the banner of religion, to hamper investigations into it and to avoid paying taxes. By Scientology's definition of religion, so too would be the mafia, Ku Klux Klan and any terrorist group. The lucky ones, who get out of their clutches (I have known people to be in Scientology far 2, 6, 12, 22 years and longer) have to be rehabilitated to again cope in society, this will surely add to health care costs (little wonder public taxes are too high). I could not hold a job during or for some time after Scientology, I caused accidents, I had no concentration. The hate of others who were not Scientologists, a lot of it indoctrinated deeply into the subconscious, was so strong (see the Fair Game Law) that it was not until ten years after I left Scientology that I stopped rejecting people. To shun financial and educational goals for self in order to give all to the cult cause, I am still working on recovering this area. Scientology also cost me my marriage and devastated my family - MY sister lost her marriage, her home and acreage.

My sister, brother and thirteen nephews and nieces have been trapped in this evil cult since 1968. I have been harassed and threatened by phone - there was a set up to have me physically harmed - I was sued in a failed attempt to silence me.

BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM - Scientology has been in existence since the early 1950s -The nature of it is evil (see attached documents) The tremendous harm they inflict upon society never ceases - how could it, as evil sacrifices the good or spiritual part of man in order for evil to exist. Please support GERALD ARMSTRONG and his efforts (all our efforts) to let the public know about Scientology, an insidious and extremely evil organization, becoming more powerful each day.

(phone deleted)         signed Brendan Moore (signature)
Witnessed Norma Hutchinson     March 1991

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