I, David Mayo being duly sworn, declare as follows

1. From 1957 until 1983, I was a staff member of various Church of Scientology ("Church") entities. As such, I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth in this affidavit.

2. I have either personel familiarity with or know of the existence of the unpublished, confidential scriptures of the Scientology religons by L. Ron Hubbard known as the "Advanced Technology materials" or "upper level materials." Thise are the levels known as the OT or "Operating Thetan" levels I through VIII, solo II, R6EW, Power, NOTs, the Clearing Course, the Sunshine Rundown, the L Rundowns, and several levels not yet released. As of 1983, when I left the Chruch, the policy of the Church was to keep the materials confidential.

3. I do not dispute or challenge any Church entity's ownership of any copyright in any such materials. I have no knowledge of any entity or person other than the Church of Spiritual Technology who could own such rights.

4. Any suggestion that I currently hold any interest in the copyrights in the Advanced Technology materials or in any of L. Ron Hubbard's works is wrong. I do not claim any such rights and I have no basis for any such future claims.

(signed) David Mayo

Sworn to and subscribed before me this
20 day of June at Los
Angeles, California

Isabelle M. Ripp . . . . (rest unreadable)
Comm # 1064168
Notary Public

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