5 March 1994

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CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY                  Case No. Cv 91 6426 HLH (Tx)
non-profit religious                   DECLARATION OF MARY TABAYOYON
organization,                          RE: MOTION FOR COSTS
Plaintiff,                             Date:  APRIL 4, 1994
                                       Time:  10:00 a.m.
VS.                                    Courtroom: 7


I, Mary Tabayoyon, declare as follows:

1. I became a Scientologist in 1967. I became a member of the elite Sea Organization (Sea Org) in 1971. I remained in the Sea Org until I left Scientology in December 1992.

2. One of my first positions in the Sea Org was receptionist under Heber Jentzsch, at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, run by Yvonne Gilliam Jentzsch.

3. In 1972, I was transferred to the Flagship Apollo. While on the ship, I was on the personal staff of Mary Sue and L. Ron Hubbard in the household Unit ("HU").

4. In March of 1973 my husband Andre, and I were transferred to the Advanced Organization Los Angeles (AOLA). We were transferred because I was pregnant and children were not allowed on the ship. I spent approximately 10 years at AOLA.

5. In July of 73, our son Casavius was born. He has been in Scientology and he was ever since birth. He now has disconnected from us due to the fact that we left the Sea Org and are no longer in agreement with several of the tenets of the Sea Org.

6. In late 1984, I was transferred to the highly confidential location in Hemet, California, commonly referred to as "UPLINES." Sea Org members who work at this location call it, "the Base". The Sea Org units that were at the base were Golden Era Productions ("Gold". Golden Era Productions produces all of the Scientology films tapes, E-meters, music and promotions), Commodores Messengers Organization International (CMOI), Watch Dog Committee (WDC), Religious Technology Center (RTC), and Commodores Messenger Org Golden Era Productions (CMO GOLD). I spent the last eight years of my tenure in the Sea Org at this base in Hemet.


7. On September 28, 1986, Gillaume Leserve, the Executive Director International ("ED Int"), put out an order binding on all Sea Org members. Within the Sea Org, these binding orders were called Flag orders. The September 28, 1986 Flag Order No. 3905 forbade Sea Org members from having any more new children. The reason given by ED Int. was that the Sea Org simply did not have the time, money and resources to raise children properly. In the event Sea Org members elected to disobey this Flag Order, they would be exiled to a non Sea Org Scientology organization of the Class IV level until the Child reached 6 years of age. Once the unauthorized child achieved 6 years of age, the parents could return to the Sea Org.

8. On April 3, 1991, an addition to this Flag Order was issued. Part of that supplement provided that anyone who did get pregnant would be sent to a non-expanding Class IV Org. The Commanding Officer of CMOI, Marc Yager, endorsed application of this supplement to all crew at the base and added to it. It stressed that Sea Org members were the top echelon of the Sea Org. As such Yager admonished us that we had the responsibility on our shoulders for the expansion of Scientology and freeing mankind. Scientology's Senior management determined, we, at this high level, could not afford the time and resources it would take to raise children. Having children was found to undermine our production and our purpose. It became an Ethics matter. An Ethics matter is an offense against Scientology. An ethics matter arises when a Scientologist does something which detracts from the spreading of Scientology. Ethics matters are dealt with through Scientology rituals administered to those who have "wandered off the straight and narrow". (See definition of "out ethics", attached as Exhibit 1).

9. Furthermore, Sea Org members would be exiled, would be sent to a non-Sea Org, lower organization called a Class IV Org to serve as a staff member. The only concession to our years of devoted service was the fact that we were entitled to keep our membership in the Sea Org.

10. The Flag Order established that Sea Org members who disobeyed it and chose to have children would not be allowed to choose which Class IV organization they would serve. Rather, Scientology's senior management would send the offending Sea Org members to a Class IV organization that was failing. This is a severe punishment. In a failing Class IV Org an exiled Sea Org member would have to fend for himself or herself and try and raise a child on the nominal compensation provided to the staff of a failing Class IV Org. In addition, the exiled Sea Org members would be obligated to revive the failing Org or suffer more Ethics conditions.

11. While at the base, I knew of several instances of staff getting pregnant and being coerced to get an abortion. Some instances were relayed to me by the victims themselves and others were relayed to me by another. In two instances, the couples to keep their child despite extensive course of ethics method and thus were banished to a failing Class IV organization. In every instance they had to go through ethics handling designed to prevent them that it would be far more advantageous to Scientology and the Sea Org for each of them to have an abortion. Some of these women went through extensive pressure methods to convince them to have an abortion. The severity of the Ethics handling was directly proportional to the prospective mother's desire and insistence to keep the child. I myself got pregnant in 1993 and gave up my child due to my greatly misguided obligation and dedication to the Sea Org.

12. During the year and a half before I discovered I was pregnant, I was incessantly drilled, along with all other Gold crew, on becoming perfect and on purpose Sea Org member who would always follow Command Intention. Command intention basically means the intention of the highest in command over all of Scientology and Sea Org. Like LRH, Mark Yager and David Miscavige were expressed in various forms of publication I was indoctrinated that I should never put my own personal desires ahead of the accomplishment of the purpose of the Sea Org. I was indoctrinated to believe that I should never put my own personal desires ahead of the accomplishment of the purpose of the Sea Org. Although I would have dearly loved to have had my child and the idea of abortion is abhorrent to me, I did not dare to say it would be nice to keep my baby.

13. I told the Medical Officer (Martine Collins) of my pregnancy. She immediately went into action to arrange for my abortion. She told me, that I would naturally be expected to pay for it myself, since it was considered Out Ethics to get pregnant. (Out Ethics in Scientology simply means your reasoning facilities are no longer thinking in a direction designed to promote Scientology and must be corrected).

14. Medical Office Collins told me to call for the appointment to have an abortion myself. She told me not to give the address of the base as my address or to acknowledge I was from the base. She said the reason for this was because there were too many woman going there from the base for abortions and it was probably becoming "out PR" (out Public Relations, which means your public relations have gone bad).

15. The day after I returned from my abortion, I was weak and sore and had cramps. I proposed a light work load that I felt I could accomplish. My Senior, Megan Rae, refused this and instead gave me a target that literally would have taken about many people to accomplish in one day. I attempted to let her know what an impossible task it was and that her order must have been a joke. I soon learned that she was completely serious. My obvious protest on this was met with the barked threat, "If you use this abortion cycle to dramatize inefficiency and thus not accomplish your production targets, I will have you comm-eved." A commev is short for Committee of Evidence. It is one of the severest Ethics actions you can level at someone.

16. A friend of mine, Betty Hardin, who works in the treasury division of Golden Era Productions, told me that she used to transport the pregnant women at the base to Riverside, California for their abortions. For about a year, she transported women almost weekly to the Planned Parenthood Center, in Riverside, so that they could have their abortions and follow up check ups that were needed. She said it just became routine. Pregnant Sea Org members were sent to the Planned Parenthood Center to get their abortions. When they returned to the base they went to Ethics.

17. The term "Ethics" is used to name the place you go to have your ethics be back put in. To explain this in regular terms, you are sent to ethics any time you've gone off the rails, like went against Command Intention, mistakenly or purposefully, and the ethics officer would then work with you until you were again unswervingly dedicated to advancing Scientology and had made up the "damage". I will explain more about Ethics and its methods later.

18. Betty Hardin said, once formerly pregnant women were back from having their abortions, they would be sent to Ethics and made to do "lower conditions". Lower conditions are, from the lowest on up; Confusion, Treason, Enemy, Doubt, and Liability. Each one of these lower conditions have an exact set of steps you follow. once you get through all the steps of all the lower conditions, successfully, and only the Ethics officer can officially determine if you have gotten through it correctly, and thus let you go on to the next higher condition, you are a gung-ho Sea Org member again with new and revitalized determinism to never make a mistake again that would cause or threaten any harm to your group.

19. My senior made me do the steps of the condition formula called "Danger", which is the next higher condition higher than liability. This was to handle my ethics on the fact I got pregnant. The reason I didn't have to do treason and all the lower conditions is I professed that the Scientology auditing I had prior to my pregnancy had healed my body to such a degree that I was able to get pregnant despite the fact that a doctor told me years earlier that I probably would never have any more children. This wasn't altogether true but it was my only solution to avoid going to Ethics and being put through those lower conditions again. I knew eventually in my future confessional, it would come up and I would have to come clean on it and then do the lower conditions, but I simply was not up to it at that time. This was really quite unusual for me too, as I had made it a constant necessity in my life to always be very truthful.

20. Also, to preserve my own integrity and dignity in my own mind, I professed to myself and to a couple of friends that my husband and I had a real fear of either me or my baby not living through a birth due to complications in an earlier unsuccessful delivery I went through. But the truth was and is, had I been in my normal frame of mine, I would never have considered abortion. My husband and I still wish to have another child.

21. I asked Betty how many women she had actually taken to Riverside to have their abortions. She didn't want to tell me. From the way she had been talking, it sounded like quite a few, so I asked, conservatively, "Was it more than 20?" She waived her arm and said very emphatically, "Oh yes!"

22. Betty also told me how she finally flat out refused to be the driver anymore and it was getting to be quite an embarrassment as there were often anti-abortionists petitioning going on in front of the Planned Parenthood center and they kept seeing her bringing woman to get abortions.

23. The following are the brief stories of women I knew who had abortions after undergoing coercive ethics sessions and being threatened with exile to a Class IV organization. Because this topic wasn't something that we were supposed to talk about, for the sake of Public Relations, within and outside the Base to protect the women involved from retribution and to preserve their privacy, I have not given their names.

A. Case I: She was my friend and also worked in my department at the time of her pregnancy and abortion. She appeared very upset about it and really wouldn't talk about it at first. I got her to talk about it one day when we were alone. She said she would have loved to have kept her baby but after she got through her ethics cycle (which I remember lasted for at least a week) she realized she wasn't ready to have a child. (She was 20 years old). She said her husband was completely thrilled she was pregnant and wanted so much to keep the baby. He was very adamant on keeping the baby. But after the ethics cycle he looked at the fact that he would probably never be able to come back to the base and he would lose his beloved job and position in Gold. He would have to go to a Class IV Org. At any rate, the ethics actions convinced them to be "good Sea Org members" and abort the child so they could stay "On Purpose" in the Sea Org. "On Purpose" in the Sea Org just means you are being and doing what is needed and wanted in furthering the purpose of the Sea Org. 1 (Note: I will later explain the coercive methods of the ethics techniques in Scientology).

B. Case II: Her husband worked in the same area I did at the time of her first pregnancy. He confided in me as a friend, that his wife was pregnant and had decided to keep the baby again! She had been talked out of it once already by ethics but now decided again to keep it.. I talked to her later and asked her if she was pregnant. She said yes and that she was going to keep it. She said it very adamantly. I said good. We discussed the reference in Hubbard's book, Dianetics. the Modern Science of Mental Health, where Hubbard it very clear that he is against abortions. (See Exhibit 2) She was clearly glad to have someone on her side. Sometime later, I heard she went ahead and had the abortion. She also landed on the Rehabilitation Project Force ("RPF"). The RPF is basically a prison camp in the Sea Org. Some months later, I was told she got pregnant again. The fact she became pregnant against while on RPF is remarkable because RPFers' living quarters are segregated from those of other Sea Org members on the base (including spouses) and by her husband was under guard because he was believed to be security risk during her incarceration. This time rather than submit to an abortion she successfully escaped from the base and never returned to the Sea Org. We later found out that she went to England and had her baby there. I read the letter Tina sent her sister. She had sent pictures of her beautiful baby girl. She was a very proud mother and very much in love with her baby.

C. Case III: I was told that sometime in 1986, Case III got pregnant. It was a huge flap because she had always, up to that time, been a top Commodores messenger (meaning L. Ron Hubbard's messenger). She and her husband were very determined to keep the baby. She was put through very extensive ethics, with heavier and heavier threats and penalties until She finally submitted and had her abortion. Around 1990, I saw that he had gotten pregnant again. Coincident with her pregnancy I saw her off post and only doing manual labor. Her husband told me that they were determined to keep their baby. Months later they both successfully escaped. They have not returned to the Sea Org, and I understand that she and her husband have been blessed with an adorable son.

D. Case IV: I was told she was pregnant. She went through Ethics Procedure and had an abortion.

E. Case V: She appeared to be going through hell. She often looked as though she'd been crying. She often looked to be in a state of emotional collapse. I tried to be extra friendly and tried to get her to talk, but she just put on a smile and changed the subject. She and her husband were taken off post and put through extensive ethics handlings because they were determined to have the baby. Then one day I saw them both looking happy and back on post. I asked the husband about what had happened with their baby. He said they had both gone through the lower ethics condition formulas and came out of "Doubt", and she had gone ahead and gotten an abortion. Months later I saw her looking like she was in shock and mentally destroyed after being thrown in the lake with about 6 other Qual staff for not making a target of what they were assigned to accomplish that day. She later blew with another man who was also on staff in the same division.

F. Case VI: I was told Case VI got pregnant and had her abortion while married to one of Scientology's senior managers. I saw her break up with and divorce her husband. Later, she married another Sea Org member at the base. After that she was sent to the RPF.

G. Case VII: I was told Case VII got pregnant and was made to get an abortion by the use of ethics procedures. She mentally collapsed. Having the abortion destroyed her emotionally. She has never been the same since the abortion. She used to be happy and fun to fool around with but after her abortion, it was hard to ever get her to cheer up and joke around anymore. This was related to me by Case VII's best friend.

H. Case VIII: This couple managed to maintain their own sense of integrity and not give up their child. They were undergoing Ethics handlings for about a month before they were finally allowed to go to a Class IV Organization, and thus keep their baby. Ethics was trying to coerce then into having an abortion. They were considered in Treason when they left, and they were talked about spitefully at staff meeting, basically being labeled, deserters. It was as if they left the Sea Org which is considered about the worst crime you can commit amongst, Sea Org members.

I. Case IX: This couple opted to leave, due to her pregnancy. They were sent to the Santa Barbara Class IV Organization in total disgrace for choosing to leave the Sea Org group and go off and have a baby. They were also spoken very critically of at a staff meeting.

I spoke to the husband before they left, in order to get his viewpoint on leaving. He said it was partly for personal reasons, in that he felt that this way he would have a chance to possibly make it go right to get through his OT III (one of the most advanced levels in Scientology) review, and finally get through OT III. He said he'd been stuck in it for 3 years and hadn't been able to get the auditing due to lack of staff auditors. He said, it was literally driving him nuts and felt his only hope was to make it go right on his own to get this.

About four years later, I saw them at the Advance Organization of Los Angeles ("AOLA"). AOLA is where Scientologists attend advanced levels in Scientology). They were both extremely thin. Their daughter, who was now about 4 years old was also extremely thin. The mother had some sort of skin disease that covered half her face. The marriage was destroyed and they were getting a divorce. She tried to keep up a good front. But she did tell me that the Santa Barbara Org was very broke. This meant they were also very broke and barely making it. Class IV org staff members are paid out of the receipts from sales of Scientology literature and courses as the org. Seeing them in this way really convinced me that anyone would be a fool to go to a Class IV Org to have their baby. It seemed to have caused them untold hardships. This lasting impression I formed was one of the things that affected my thinking about a year later, when I discovered my own pregnancy. It's interesting that the only other alternative in keeping your baby, other than go to a failing Class IV Organization was to actually route out of the Sea Org entirely. It's hard to describe how completely unthinkable this would be to someone as completely indoctrinated and dedicated to the Sea org as my husband and I were. A way to describe it is with the analogy of the feeling you would get if someone put a gun in your hand and told you to go shoot your family. You would feel that there is just no way in the world, for whatever reason whatsoever, that you would ever do that.

J. Case X: She apparently didn't put up much of a resistance to getting an abortion because her pregnancy was making her constantly very ill.

24. I can see now that the act of getting my abortion along with the harsh treatment from my seniors afterwards, began jolting me out of the indoctrinated state of blind dedication to the Sea Org. Another thing that jolted me was, just before going back to the Riverside Planned Parenthood, for a check up, 2 weeks after my abortion, I was getting administered to me something called, False Data Stripping. This action was opening my eyes to some real craziness that were going on at the Base, to which I had previously cast a blind eye. The biggest craziness being the fact that, Miscavige, the highest leader in Scientology, was regularly (about once a month or so) angrily yelling at us in staff meetings about how inept and incompetent and inefficient we all were. Sometimes he would even say, "WOG's could do better." (WOG is a derogatory term used in the Sea org to mean someone in the outside world who probably hasn't even heard of Scientology.)

25. These same Miscavige had the crew of Gold at their various posts and functions performing their duties. The video portrayed Gold Crew as demigods, in their levels of proficiency, perfection and skills.

26. Another oddity was I would sometimes note how poorly many of the lower Sea Org Organizations were doing and some of the lower Class IV Organizations. Despite this, Miscavige would portray the International Scientology Scene as doing fantastically well and booming, at all the major Scientology events where he and all his immediate juniors called IG's (Inspector Generals) would talk. Each portraying their area of responsibility as doing fabulously well!

27. I was never able to complete the false data stripping, because I had to leave in the middle of it to go to my doctor appointment for a check up (which was 2 weeks after my abortion). This was lucky as I had been able to complete all the "false data stripping" steps, I would have made complete sense out of everything again and been well on my way of getting back to my thoroughly indoctrinated, very dedicated Sea Org self again.

28. My husband picked me up after my check-up. It was then that he told me of his big argument be had just had with Miscavige and how Miscavige had greatly insulted him. After he told me the whole scene that occurred, he told me, if he had it his way he would just get in our pick-up and leave the Sea Org right now. I daily basis and that "this is a better utilization of productive time.

32. Attached hereto as Exhibit C is a copy of a communication from Fred Swan to Scientology Administration dated November 9, 1989 and complaining about the Executive Directive on family time. Specifically, the communication complains of being deprived of the one-hour per day that parents had been previously permitted to spend with their children.

33. Attached hereto as Exhibit D is a copy of a Scientology Executive Directive dated November 21, 1989 regarding pregnant couples in the Pacific Area Command of the Sea Org. Such couples were to be reposted to "a small and failing Org."

34. Attached hereto as Exhibit E is a November 27, 1989 Scientology personnel order regarding Jill Graham. She was in violation of Scientology policy by having a child and remaining on the advance organization of Los Angeles staff instead of being transferred to a more menial post.

35. Attached hereto as Exhibit F is a letter dated December 5, 1989 from Ken Shapiro to Scientology administration regarding the order that parents stop spending time with their children. He complains that it is not enough that a parent can only see his/her child once every two weeks.

36. Attached hereto as Exhibit G is a communication dated December 8, 1989 from Scientologist Mya and Leif Bergman regarding the cancellation of Scientology time. It complains about the Scientology canceling the one hour per day that Sea Organization members are permitted to spend with their children.

37. Attached hereto as Exhibit H is a Scientology communication dated December 30, 1989 regarding Karen (Jentzsch) Barter. In pertinent part, at the bottom of the second page there is a statement "Dear Sue: Do you know anything in regards to getting Karen Barter handled on wanting to have another child?"

38. Attached hereto as Exhibit I is a Scientology communication dated January 29, 1990 disciplining Yolanda Avila for objecting to the cancellation of family time and calling for a board of investigation that had the result of creating enturbulation or upset in the Pacific Area Command of Scientology. Furthermore, that "there has been cross criminality found on the reg lines in all PAC Orgs." (Para. 2).


39. Actually, Ethics is the method of keeping everyone's mind controlled into thinking and seeing one way only to the point of ignoring major faults in the Scientology leaders, the organizations and the Hubbard technology itself.

40. Once LRH has led you to a certain frame of mind of wanting a higher IQ, higher ability levels, higher awareness levels and spiritual freedom, he then lassos and corrals you in with such bulletins as the one called, "Keeping Scientology Working." (See Exhibit 3). In this Policy Letter LRH, very poetically, stresses that Scientology is humankind's only hope to shed the spiritual chains he's had "for the last trillenia." And it's the first chance humankind has had to do so in all that time and in fact, it could very well be humankind's last chance. LRH goes on to implore Scientologists to bear the responsibility with him of taking this one chance of hope for humankind and leading them all down the road of Scientology towards their spiritual freedom. Hubbard stresses, to not do so is to condemn yourself and all mankind to the worst of hells. LRH ordered this bulletin to be one of the very first bulletins on every course in Scientology and must be thoroughly read and understood completely.

41. Once you have bit the bait and have completely joined Scientology, you are channeled in that vein of thinking, from there on out with the use of Ethics procedures. (See Exhibit 4.)

42. So from there on out, any Scientologist who does or says anything that shows he isn't being a totally dedicated Scientologist, starts to receive ethics procedures.

43. The severity of the ethics action applied to a Scientologist who exhibits unorthodox behavior depends upon degree of departure from Scientology ideals. The severity of ethics actions are increased on the individuals until he gets back in that corral and channeled again in the "correct, Scientologist way of thinking."

44. For example, a student decides to go play basketball rather than go to course that day. The supervisor would probably just admonish him and try to clear up what he "obviously didn't understand in his course materials." If this doesn't make him apologize and swear he'll never do it again, she would send him to "Ethics." (Ethics is also the term used to mean the location on the premises where ethics procedures are administered by staff called "ethics officers.")

45. Once a Scientologist is assigned to Ethics, he or she is interrogated by one or more ethics officers until the officer is satisfied that all non-orthodox thinking has been eliminated.

46. For example, to start with, the ethics officer will let the student tell him his story about why he went and played basketball, and he'll read the supervisor's report. He'll then ask the student what "condition" he is in.

47. In Scientology there are 10 "conditions" in life. A person will always be found to be in one of these "conditions." There is a step by step "formula" to follow to successfully come out of one condition and move up to the next. The names of these conditions from lowest to highest are (1) confusion, (2) treason, (3) enemy, (4) doubt, (5) liability, (6) danger, (7) emergency, (8) normal, (9) affluence, (10) power.

48. If the student can't see why he should have to do one of the lower conditions and if the ethics officer can't convince him even with denigration, intimidation and incrimination, he would order the student to write up all the bad things he's done, especially to Scientology. The belief in Scientology is if a person has that much resistance to following the rules of getting his mind reconditioned in ethics he must have done harmful acts, especially to Scientology. (Following the steps of the formulas of the lower conditions would have made him resolute to never go play basketball or anything else when he's scheduled to attend Scientology courses.

49. If the recalcitrant student refuses to write up any bad deeds, the ethics officer will order the student to get a "Security check". A security check ("sec check") is a list of questions which ask in various ways whether the student did any harmful acts. In a security check, the student would be placed on an E-Meter, so his physical reactions to the questions can be measured. The sec checker is trained to get the person to talk and admitting to their harmful deeds.

50. If all goes well, the student is likely to feel some relief by getting some harmful deed off his chest. He is likely now to cooperate with the ethics officers and agree and decide he probably had gone into the condition of "doubt."

51. The steps of the formula of the doubt condition make you decide what group or type of people you want to befriend and be part of exclusively. In this case, the student needs to decide between the group of Scientology and the group of "those type of people who irresponsibly will just go off and play basketball when they should be on course."

52. The steps you do to help you decide between the two groups is basically to look at the intentions and productivity of both groups. Then join or remain in and befriend the one that does the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Then you announce the facts to both sides. This can be a notice on the notice board saying you were doubt but you've come out of it and have decided to join the group of scientology and that you denounce the group of irresponsible people who . . . . Then you do everything in your power to improve the actions and statistics of the group in which you've decided to remain.

53. As you can see from the way this formula is constructed, every Scientologist would choose the side of Scientology. Notice well that you can only choose one side and it has to be wholly to the exclusion of the other side. After doing scores of these doubt formulas which most long-term Scientologists have, you end up forfeiting your prior goals and ideals and natural tendencies that were part of your natural personality and devoting all of your time and energy to Scientology alone.

54. Once the ethics officer deems the student has done the steps of the formula for doubt correctly and came up with the correct answer, he authorizes the student to move up to the next condition, which is liability.

55. The liability formula basically has you discover who your friends are. Nor surprisingly, the ethics processing does not let you advance until you conclude that your only friends are Scientologists. The ethics procedures requires the student to conclude that he or she must deliver an effective blow to the enemies of Scientology -- which in this hypothetical case is the type of irresponsible person who would put something else in life, like basketball, ahead of going to course. important than going to course." This might talk a couple of his old friends into feeling irresponsible and get them on course.

56. Then the student must make up the damage he or she has done by contributing far beyond the normal demands of the group member.

57. Then the reformed student must ask every group member to agree to consider you a group member again. So in the student's case, he'd write up what he did on this formula and what amends he did and have each person in the course room sign it saying they agreed to let him back in the group.

58. As you can see this puts an extra seal on his resolution to never be the "irresponsible" type again and puts him in a frame of mind that to be really good and ethical, is to really devote all his time and energy to Scientology.

59. Then the student must complete the "non-existent" condition formula which makes the student more compliant and coordinated within the group.

60. The process to rectify the out-ethics action of playing basketball when the student should have been attending a course next involves successfully completing the "danger" situation. Here the ethics officer has the student examine habits and routines and "irresponsible tendencies" in life and to formulate and adopt firm policy which will detect and prevent those habits and tendencies from occurring again. In the student's case this might be something like, "every time I get a feeling like I don't want to go to course and would rather go fool around with my friends, I will call the course supervisor and tell her my feeling, so then she can get me to change my mind right away."

61. Now the student has a future prevention policy to handle himself if he even thinks of playing basketball or other things when he is supposed to be on his course.

62. The next condition on the pathway back to a normal ethics condition is emergency. To complete this condition, the Scientologist must produce fast and furiously, stiffen the student's discipline and burning the midnight oil.

63. After the student successfully completes the emergency ethics condition, he or she moves up to "normal" which says to not change anything -- keep doing what you're doing that's causing your good productivity in Scientology.

64. Then next up is the condition of affluence which applies if your statistics skyrocket, which shows your productivity for Scientology and yourself is continuously very high.

65. If everything continues to go well for an extended period of time, you can do the "power" condition. Completing the power condition requires the student to write in detail everything that the student did to maintain his or her high productivity. This allows the student to pass this information about how he or she achieved the condition of power on to others so they can follow in the student's footsteps.

66. At this point, the student has gone from denying that he or she did anything wrong, to confessing ethical breaches whether real or imagined, to seeking forgiveness from other Scientologists for confessed out ethics behavior, to paying penance for the alleged misdeeds, to rededicating oneself to Scientology to boosting production, an achievement for which the Hubbard tech is given credit, to becoming so much a part of the system that the student authors a write-up to assist others to achieve the same success.

67. You now have this student locked in that corral for good. He not only will happily put the chains and locks back in place on the gate if they get loose or fall off, he is happily influencing everyone else in that corral to follow in his footsteps.

68. Another key function of Ethics methodology is to seek out those Scientologists who are connected in some way to people who are against Scientology in any way. The reason for this is, that antagonistic person may cause trouble for Scientology in some way or may upset the Scientologist by telling him bad things about Scientology or Hubbard. The Scientologist may even leave the organization and turn against Scientology.

69. Once an Ethics officer finds out about a Scientologist being connected to someone who is antagonistic in any way towards Scientology, he labels that Scientologist a Potential Trouble Source ("PTS"). Then that Scientologist won't be allowed to take any further Scientology services until he has handled the antagonistic connection. This is done by causing the antagonistic element to changing his mind and either agree to like Scientology or at least agree to it being okay for the Scientologist to continue on up the Bridge.

70. In some cases the antagonistic person won't change his mind and the Scientologist then needs to disconnect from the antagonistic person. Normally, the Ethics Officer will instruct the Scientologist to write a letter denouncing the antagonistic person and cutting off all future ties and contact with that person.

71. Basically this whole procedure fixes it so no one from outside the corral in which the Scientologists are located, can come and convince any of them that the "grass is greener on the other side" or anything of that sort. So this ethics procedure, again, helps to keep the Scientologists happy to be in the corral.


72. The Sea Org is an elite group of people who have dedicated their heart and soul and life, for the next billion years to the freeing of humankind throughout the universe from the spiritual enslavement to which they have been subjected. This is what the Sea Org members truly believe and they believe Scientology is mankind's ONLY hope for spiritual and mental freedom. The vast bulk of Sea Org members receive virtually no material benefit for their service and receive only $30.00 a week as compensation for their efforts. Sea Org members live in a communal circumstance where food and berthing is provided.

73. The Spartan conditions under which virtually all Sea org staff lives contrast sharply with the circumstances of the highest echelon of Sea Org & Scientology. Most of those in the highest echelon had their own cars. Miscavige, the managing agent of CSI and other Scientology organizations, and his wife always had the most expensive cars.

74. Ethics procedures are used much more extensively and profusely. As you see, once you have those certain Scientologists who are willing to spend their entire lives in the corral, they get moved into another higher corral where they train to lasso and herd others into the lower corral and keep them there by using ethics procedures.

75. Ethics is used to such an extent in the Sea Org that Sea Org members are willing to put on blinders so they can avoid ever thinking or doing anything else but Scientology and their own job and their purpose of freeing mankind. Oddly enough, however, when you are "deserving" enough to be promoted to a post at the base, you no longer get the briefings that hype you up on freeing mankind. All you hear from the top executives of Scientology -- at the base briefings is hyping you up to expand scientology and make money, you rarely hear anymore hype about "freeing humankind" at the base.

76. The reason staffers on the base want those blinders on is it's so easy for your senior or an ethics officer to put you in a lower Ethics condition. If you are in a lower condition you won't get to have time off (which you only get every other Sunday from noon on) and you'll lose a lot of sleep by having to do amends late into the night or all nighters, as you of course had to do amends on your own time. As it is, you're lucky to get 7 hours of sleep a night. And you usually have already been involved in doing all nighters trying to get some project done in time. Plus when a staffer is in a lower condition, he or she is effectively shunned by other crew members who are obliged to not be friendly until a staffer is out of the lower Ethics conditions.

77. Also, you take someone like me, who has been trained on nearly ALL ethics technology in regards to security checking.

78. There is a datum that Hubbard provides in several bulletins which is, if you are critical of an individual or group, and the criticism is not borne out in fact then there is a harmful act that you have committed on that person or group. Spotting the harmful act and getting it off your chest will give you relief. If that's all there is, you will no longer feel critical. But if you decide not to tell, several mental consequences occur: (a) is your mind gets all tripped up in thoughts of who may have somehow found out about it and wondering whether or not they know, (b) you start to pull in on yourself harmful acts.

79. Any trained, committed Scientologist would try always to take every opportunity to disclose even the smallest of harmful acts, to avoid those consequences. It's interesting to note that I believed every word of the Hubbard tech so much that I did experience those two phenomena every time I did the smallest of misdeeds. It's like someone with a hypnotic command.

80. This compulsion went so far that every time something bad happened to me -- like getting yelled at unjustly for example and it was a rare day that that didn't happen), I would feel I must have done something bad to be pulling this treatment in on myself.

81. I would search my mind to find out what I did. If I couldn't find anything (which was after the case because I was compulsive about following every rule and being super good so that I wouldn't experience those consequences), I would have to assume it was something I did early on that I have hidden from even myself.

82. I had had so many security checks and had told every imaginable smallest damaging thing I'd ever done, over and over, I really started to think that since this lifetime has been gone over with a fine tooth comb I must have a multitude of crimes in previous lives that I hadn't properly exposed to scrutiny of the Ethics Officer. To help account for the bad experiences I was having in the present, I, like a number of other Scientologists, began inventing atrocious acts committed in prior lifetimes. I conjured these up to explain why I was so unhappy and always being yelled at despite my efforts to do everything perfect.

83. The trick is to get Sea Org members so introverted and also so consumed with the huge amounts of production that is demanded of you for which you will receive very unwanted penalties if you don't meet the production demand, that you just don't have the breathing space to observe and honestly critically think about anything.

84. For example, I would see a friend of mine being screamed at and wholly denigrated by a very high exec. for some mistake he made. I would feel very sorry for my friend. But I had been trained to refuse to even consider that this type of verbal and emotional abuse was wrong. By definition, the high executive's conduct was beyond reproach. In fact, I was conditioned to believe that it was necessary to yell at people to get good production done. This conflict between my natural inclinations and the Scientology doctrine, which I then wholly embraced, added to my introversion because I didn't have it in me to yell like that. So, by definition under the Scientology belief system there must have been something wrong with me. I truly often felt my inability to verbally abuse my subordinates was a major character flaw fault in me as all major execs would regularly verbally and emotionally abuse me and their other juniors.

85. Hubbard's tech provided an answer demonstrating why I was wrong and the senior executives were right by engaging in is abusive behavior. Hubbard said that if you have a person who always tries to conduct him or herself politely and courteously, you will normally find humongous crimes, like blowing up planets on his or her time track. (Time track is the recording of all your lives which includes billions of years). In other words, the senior executives must have led exemplary past lives, while I must have been a criminal of intergalactic proportions. There was no way that an arch criminal like me could properly confront Scientology's senior executives about what I regarded as abusive behavior.

86. Ethics is used much more profusely at the base than at all the lower Sea Organization units that dealt directly with the public.

87. The majority of what I've just gone over being expressed from the intensity of how I experienced it at the base/ For example, yelling was restrained as much as possible at those lower units so as not to upset the public. You wanted to display a pleasant atmosphere.

88. The only public who have witnessed all the yelling and screaming at the base are contracted construction workers. Several of these were pretty shocked at how people who claimed to be religious fraternity were regularly screaming at each other vehemently and believe me the language they use at the base is extremely foul. I am not exaggerating.


89. At staff meetings, the executives who headed the various divisions in Gold were made to get up and tell what their division accomplished that week and to tell what they were supposed to have accomplish and didn't. (This is while the commanding officer is glaring at them). If they left out some juicy tidbit of something they messed up on, the C.O. (Commanding officer) reams them out and tells them to tell everyone. Usually they get interrupted when trying to explain their error and the C.O. will make them sit down while he angrily tells the crew what horrible deeds were done. In truth it usually was the fact that although his Division really tried hard to make their production demands (which often meant several all nighters) they didn't make it. Sometimes production lagged because Miscavige didn't approve the final production and it had to be redone. This sort of thing occurred with nearly half the divisions heads at every staff meeting which took place at the end of each week. Often individual staff members were pointed out as the main people who let the group down and they were made to stand up and tell what their failure was.

90. This kind of public ridicule also occurred frequently at our daily musters. We mustered at least 3 times a day. A muster is where the crew (all 300 of us) stands in lines in accordance to what division they are in with the head of each department and is division in front of their respective units. Everyone gets accounted for at each muster. I really can't think of anyone at the base, who didn't get yelled at and ridiculed on a routine basis. (That is of course, except the top leader of Scientology, David Miscavige who had no one higher up to yell at him after Hubbard died and the 2 or 3 people who had more authority than him were removed by Miscavige due to their purported crimes that he claimed to have discovered.)

91. Another Sea Org. tradition that is practiced at the base and not at lower Sea Org. units is the practice of throwing people into the lake. This is done with the whole crew present (or in some cases just the whole division). It is done as a ritual with the chaplin on one side and about 2 ethics officers to push them in. The Chaplin says something like, "I condemn your souls to the Sea in hopes you will arise a better Thetan (Thetan is the word for Spirit in Scientology).

92. Sea Org members are not allowed to watch or own a television. This was a direct order from LRH in around 1960 or so. They also never have a chance to read the news. It is frowned upon if they do read the news. This successfully cuts Sea Org members off from the communications of the outside world.

93. In 1969 or 1970 at American St. Hill Organization, I was briefed with other public on the new operation every scientologist was to participate in to terminatedly expose and get rid of the psychiatric profession. The strategy was to spread the word everywhere we went at every opportunity about the psychiatric death camps -- whenever you bring up the subject of psychiatry always refer to it as "psychiatric death camps." If thousands of 'scientologists did this on a regular basis it would eventually be something that the majority of the public at large would associate in their minds, i.e., whenever they think of psychiatry they would automatically think the idea of "psychiatric death camps." It was made into a big deal and all at ASHO was required to attend and the room was decorated with ribbons and so forth. The whole message was this was a very exciting beginning of the biggest project levied against psychiatry ever and the job was given to all Scientologists to bring that profession to an end. Before the verbal briefing by a speaker started, we listened to a tape from LRH on how suppressive psychiatry was and they dealt mainly in killing people or at best destroying them forever. It was our duty to bring them down in order to protect the public at large from them and instead drive the public into Scientology so they could once and for all regain their spiritual freedom. At the end everyone clapped and cheered and were very excited with their new mission.

94. All of Steven Fishman's use of scientology terms are very accurate and he uses terms that only someone who had worked on staff for quite a while would use. I analyzed his writings to see if his terms seemed out of place or not used properly but he used them naturally and well.

95. Reading over Fishman's declarations, none of it is surprised me. The whole atmosphere I had lived in for 20 years was "smashing the enemy in any way you can is a win for Scientology and humankind." USGO or OSA were the organizations that were there to ruin the enemy and keep all entheta of their "goings on" off the regular staff members lines so we could devote all attention in doing our posts.

96. The enemy included government agencies, the media, psychiatrists, psychologists, AMA, any ex Scientologist who claim publicly in any way that scientology doesn't work or who simply leaves Scientoloqy or Sea org and refuse to return. These people are labelled Suppressive Persons.

97. While at Gold I became witness to a death of one of CMOI staff at the base. There was a pilot being conducted by one of the Units of CMOI "RPRC." Martine Collins, the medical officer told me about the pilot which was intended to prove the brain facility by cleaning it. Everyday, she would give the man a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. One day I saw this man sitting in the Qual building babbling nonsensibility. I approached him to try and grasp what he was trying to say. (This middle aged man was usually very bright and coherent.)

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed in Los Angeles, California this 5th day of March, 1994.

Mary Tabayoyon

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