Affidavit of Paulette Cooper

7 Apr 1981

From the court case Paulette Cooper v. Scientology et al., docket number 81-681, U.S. Federal District Court, Boston. The files are stored at the Federal Records Center in Waltham, Massachusetts.

I, PAULETTE COOPER, hereby depose and state:

The following is a brief summary of the emotional distress I suffered as a result of the dissemination of my psychiatric records.

1. Many of the members of my family had been exterminated in Auschwitz, including my parents. At the age of 17, I returned to Belgium and met many of my surviving relatives and my sister. For the first time, I saw a picture of my dead parents. This caused an emotional crisis for me, but I did not want to admit to my adoptive parents how torn I was between them and my real family. While at college this identity conflict intensified.

2. I consulted Dr. Stanley Cath, 18 Moore Street, Belmont, Massachusetts for this emotional crisis which I experienced.

3. During the course of my psychiatric treatment, I disclosed many intimate facts concerning my personal life which were recorded and compiled in my medical file and kept by Dr. Stanley Cath.

4. On several occasions I received copies of my medical records, kept by Dr. Cath. On each occasion my records were mailed anonymously. This caused me tremendous anxiety over the years as I was concerned that my adoptive parents had or would receive copies of my records, and I did not want them to know of the conflict I experienced concerning my real and adoptive family.

5. I believe that others may have received these records as well, but did not mention it out of delicacy.

6. I am a free lance writer and I am only paid for the articles I produce. I frequently suffer from anxiety attacks, when I think about what the Scientologists would do with my medical records, and anxiety prevents me from writing.

7. On each occasion that I received copies of my medical records, I became extremely agitated. My physician prescribed Valium which makes me extremely sleepy and unable to think clearly and therefore unable to write. These anxiety attacks have impaired my ability to produce articles and compositions.

8. Scientology has sent at least five (5) anonymous smear letters about me, along with a copy of my diary and other personal papers to me and others. Relying on that course of conduct as precedent, I have experienced acute anxiety when considering who might receive my psychiatric records, and what personal and potentially embarrassing information would be revealed.

One of the smear letters mentioned herein was sent to half of the tenants in my apartment building (approximately 150 people) and I feared that those tenants would also receive copies of my medical records.

9. In 1972, the Scientologists engineered an elaborate criminal conspiracy which resulted in my indictment. Subsequently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation cleared me of any wrongdoing, and exposed the Scientologists plan to have me incarcerated.

10. As I have stated, I received my medical records through the mail. A simple exercise of receiving and opening mail has been transformed into a nightmarish experience as I am never certain what my mail may contain. I continue to be anxious when answering the phone for I fear that the caller may inform me that he/she has received my medical records.

11. On several occasions I felt the need to confer with a psychiatrist due to the extreme anxiety caused by the Scientologists. At one point, after my records were disseminated, I became suicidal. However, I am unable to consult with my psychiatrist for fear that these new records would be obtained by the Scientologists.

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