from : Roger Gonnet, ex-scientologist, ex CO Lyon Franchise then Lyon Mission, then Lyon Class IV Organization (same group transformed), from 1975 to end 1982; then a critic an opposant to scientology, now in the group known as "Alt Religion Scientology" which is an internet group of news often discussing and/or disclosing so-called secret materials from the cult of scientology.

I am over 18, and I can witness on the following facts that I knew while into scientology or after having leaved that group.

1. As soon as 1976, I knew personally someone having leaved the "Advanced Organization" of Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK, with some of the materials of the level called OT III; for obvious reasons, and though that person has leaved scientology, I cannot give his/her name. I learned it near the end of 1976, and did not at that time any actions to get those materials back. The person did not steal the materials neither burglarized them; he/she copied them from a photocopy machine, as far as I remember the details. I insist on the fact that this person was in SH England AO, known at the time as the first AO having had such materials.

2. Before leaving scientology, probably in Summer 1980, or 1981, while I was myself on advanced courses (OTII or OT III), I learned- as far as I remember - from the then DofP (Director of Processing) of the AO that OT III materials had been reproduced extensively by "an SP" in a newspaper in Holland; later, I learned that the Advanced Org of Copenhague had been "burglarized" by someone who had gotten the secret packs - though I cannot say which ones were concerned. What I am insisting here, is that the appearance of OT III story on newspapers seems to have taken place before the burglary.

3. Once convinced of the really bad side effects of OT materials on many people (my then wife had quite a hard time with them; a friend became very fat; an MD of Vienna (Osterreich) became hemiplegic etc... while this auditing was done, to quote some); one also convinced by actual evidence that those materials were not dangerous at all to anyone if not first convinced that they could harm them, and having seen myself a friend getting OT I, II, and III while she had gotten only 10 hours lower level auditing, I therefore became strongly convinced of the necessity to make them largely known to a maximum of people.

Therefore, I disclosed the entire story of OT III and NED for OTs to a maximum of people, explaining them (from Feb 1983 on) what were the so-called "walls of Fire" or "upper secret confidential levels". This included my own sons. At least 20 persons having not heard of the stories there were fed by me or by me and other persons I knew as OTs.

4. As soon as 1983, I got in touch with a certain number of newspapers or medias as well as with the associations known under the "ADFI" banner or the "L' Alouette" banner; each of those being devoted to dangerous cults attacks. Probably in the summer 83 (or not really later), I wrote personally a complete report critical of Scientology which was widely circulated into those associations, as well as to TV or newspapers; I know I have even been namely quoted in the very well known "Le Monde", though I had not given any permission to do it. When looking for the report in question, I found it with a card returning an exemplar, from France TV3 chain; I do not remember, though, if such materials were spoken of in the shows done from those interviews, neither if it was disclosed in Swiss TV.

What is probable is this: a probably high number of persons, from 1983-84 on, have read my report on Scientology, in ADFI lines, in Alouette lines, in CCMM's (another association anti-cult)lines. The number of call by months done to ADFI Paris from persons wanting to be informed on Scientology is around 400 per year, and many other centers exist. (The number comes from a Special Report no 2468 on Cults in 'L'Assemblée Nationale', one of our most important institutions).

5. Between else, I have yet the article of the newspaper "Le Figaro Lyon", a big issue in the area, dated April 6th, 1990, disclosed the whole (compacted) story of OTIII/Xenu on my own wording.

6. In 1984 , I also got the report in English from M. Lawrence D. Wollersheim, which circulated more or less widely into the above quoted associations, and which was heavily documented (80 Pages long); I do not remember exactly how much of the "secret materials" were disclosed in it.

7. Since I am getting news from internet and "travelling" in every part of the "world of scientology", included what is called "web pages", there is no day where I connect - and I'm connecting internet networks almost every day, there has not been any instance I can recall of that they were no allusions or disclosures of "secret materials of scientology". In fact, some of them are on my web page in many places, because I 've written a book (called "Scientology-Dianetics :A cult armed for war - chronics of an anonymous trade company with illimited irresponsability" - circulated to 13 publishers since 1995); first, this book discloses the main things from OTI to OT VI NOTs levels, and second, I translated some of the vocabulary and some of the NED for OT series no 1, plus some of OT VIII said by another ex-scientologist, Ms Jackson. My web page has been attacked in France (my server has been, not me directly) because I was "infringing the laws on copyrights". My access server having asked me what was the matter, I sent him a detailed letter showing I was not only doing fair use of those materials, but as well, they weren't probably really protected by any copyrights... or perhaps, the copyrights were perhaps property of M. Larry Wollersheim, one of the main enemy of scientology cult.

I also insisted more than once on the fact that scientology pretends to have deposed 10400 trade marks WWide; when I checked for "desposed marks" in France, they were only 3 such ones deposed by scientology's satellite organisation named WISE. I can imagine some others are deposed in other countries, but how many? 100? 200? Not 10400.

8. I have personnaly read entirely or simply read through so many anti-scientology books widely circulating on the net or IN THE TRADE in France or elsewhere, that I could not possibly remember the number of them speaking from OT levels or secret levels: this is almost a must for any of them to indicate what is the Xenu's OT III story.

9. I cannot imagine the scientology cult doing otherwise than keeping on pretending those materials as secret, dangerous, and the lot of other words imagined by them to qualify what spectacular tremendous power they have from those "trade secrets", as they are calling them.

Truth, for me at least, is quite different: as long as they are able to hide the truth upon those "secrets", they can hide the reality. Which is that sells. Selling mystery , said founder guru Hubbard, is quite a good thing... "thetan like mystery", he said; so, scientologists learn from this to sell mysteries. Secret "upper levels" is nothing but mystery to gain access to, through a series of expansive processes showing the true nature of the group, MONEY MAKERS.

This is true, under the laws of the United States,


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