Comments in square brackets by David Mayo.

[On the 21st of April 1984, Robin Scott made a taped briefing concerning the facts surrounding his arrest in Denmark, the trial, his release and attempts by Scientology to falsely incriminate David Mayo and many others in the incident.]

[During this briefing, Robin Scott explains that he had just gotten back from Denmark where he had spent a month in prison. He had been lured over to Denmark and arrested under three charges concerning an incident which had taken place in Denmark in December 1983. At that time, Robin Scott and two others, Morag Bellmaine and Ron Lawley, had gone into the Advanced Organization in Copenhagen, dressed like Sea Org Missionaires, and asked for a copy of the NOTs (NED for O.T.s) pack, which they were given by the staff at the Scientology Organization.]

[During the briefing, Robin Scott discusses how Scientology/RTC plaintiffs had charged him with 3 things: A) damages B) theft C) a sub-clause of the Danish penal code which relates to entering premises with a view to obtaining documents or information. During the trial, the plaintiffs dropped the charge of theft against him, and Scott pled guilty to the third charge, under mitigating circumstances. Scott was sentenced to 4 months in jail, three months of which were suspended, and since Scott had already spent a month in prison while waiting for the trial, his time was served and he was allowed to return to Scotland the day after the trial.]

[During the tape, Robin Scott discusses in detail how RTC tried to make a deal with him, promising that they would let him off the hook, if he falsely implicated others, including David Mayo. Robin Scott states emphatically that David Mayo had nothing to do with Scott acquiring the NOTs materials in Denmark nor did he receive them afterwards. Despite considerable pressure from RTC, it's "External Affairs" dept. now known as OSA and RTC's lawyers, Robin Scott had the honor and courage not to falsely implicate others, for which I thank him.]

[Re: DIRTY TRICKS (a.k.a. The Fair Game Law)]

"In the meanwhile I think it's worth mentioning some of the dirty tricks that the Church was getting up to at this end ... cause they were jubilant about getting me in jail. I mean, they were just totally over the moon. This really was good news for them. And, particularly a guy called Mike Garside who works for the Department of External Affairs or whatever they call it now.[OSA] He's an old G.O. (Guardian's Office) terminal - G.O. P.R. actually, he used to work in. But he was hot and heavy on the lines. They tried to intimidate Morag Bellmaine into signing all sorts of affidavits incriminating virtually everybody under the sun of every crime you could think of under threat of losing custody of her children, being extradited to Denmark, all sorts of lies that they threatened her with in order to intimidate her into signing various incriminating affidavits.

"For example, they ... within a few days of my being arrested rang my Building Society to tell them that I would not be able to maintain the mortgage payments on my house and that therefore would the Building Society please repossess my house. I don't have the full details of everything that they did. I know that there was a private eye who was maintaining around the clock watch on Morag Bellmaine's house. I know that the G.O., I keep calling them G.O. terminals, that's what they are really -- External Affairs terminals -- constantly tried to gain access to Morag's house, I mean at 2 o'clock in the morning and stuff like that.

"Adrienne, (Robin Scott's wife), was under a lot of pressure here. She was getting constant phone calls from Garside threatening all sorts of things, saying that our house had been bugged, that the house would be searched - all sorts of - that things would really turn out rough for me unless the materials were handed over immediately ... "


"So, back in Copenhagen, while all this was going on at Candacraig, Scotland, my lawyer got in comm with the church's lawyer in a sort of off-the -record basis. And the church offered us a sort of a deal, which basically, they said, "Well, listen, if you'll cooperate in returning the materials to us we will kind of drop the charges so that, Robin won't get a heavy sentence." So that sounded encouraging. And so suddenly instead of 6 months, I thought, "God, I might be home in about maybe a month, you know." Now that was really a key out. And that looked very good for a few days until the church's lawyer suddenly produced this affidavit that I was supposed to sign, which was apparently part of the deal. And I've got a copy of this affidavit in front of me and you can all have a look at it if you're interested, if you haven't seen a copy of it already. It's a five page affidavit and it's really a scream. I haven't got time to read it all, but it, very simply, it tries to imply that there was an international conspiracy to steal and then distribute these materials, It's total paranoia, because I think they really believe that that's what it was. I think they really believe that we are part of, that it wasn't just the three of us deciding, "Hey, why don't we do it? It sounds great!" That this was really a sinister, international plot.

"The one thing I do want to read off this is the list of names of people who the church believes were involved in conspiring to do this and then subsequently use and distribute the materials, because I think the people on here should know that they are considered to be involved by the church. So, I'll just read it very briefly from the top.

Morag Bellmaine
Ron Lawley
Steve Bisbey
Vicki Ballard
Jon Atack
Julian Bell
Steve Kay
Adrienne Scott
Bob Ainsworth
Mike Wray
Mohamed Bourdouba (sp.)

They're all UK Scientologists. Also in the UK from East Grinstead,

Martin Rustin
Rory Boulding
Marina Boulding
Shiona Foxness
Jay Hurwitz
Pamela Hurwitz

Reads like it's a roll of honor, doesn't it? It's rather nice. From London,

Mile Lawley
Vic Lyons

And then internationally, from Santa Barbara, California,

David Mayo
John Nelson
Harvey Haber

From Riverside,

Bent Corydon
Merrill Mayo

And from Copenhagen, Denmark,

Carol Kanda
Maria Maloney
Per Schiotts

"So those are all the people who are actually named on this document. I think that the other thing worth mentioning about this affidavit, they wanted me to sign this affidavit saying that I conspired with all of these people to steal the materials, to distribute them, to copy them, to deliver them, etc.. And all these other people were involved, which I was very, very happy to be able to deny.

"The prime target is obviously David Mayo. They wanted to incriminate David in our criminal activity. And they'd been lucky enough to be able to get me on criminal charges, now if they could somehow involve David on that, they could really cause a lot of embarrassment and a lot of harassment and try and close him down in the States. And David, I knew from talking to him, had been concerned about this and didn't want to get involved in what we'd done, because he realized, and I must acknowledge David for his intelligence and his foresight in seeing the consequences rather more clearly than I'm ashamed to say, that I did, of what we'd done, and very sensibly decided to steer clear. And I was able to, actually what I did, I didn't sign their affidavit, I had my lawyer draw up the affidavit, explicitly and very clearly exonerating David and all of his staff and associates from any knowledge, foreknowledge, connection or whatever to do with our affair. And I sent a copy to David and various other copies around the place so that if the church do try to make trouble for David on this, he's got something in writing that very clearly denies that he had anything at all to do with it, which I hope will prove useful for him.

"But I thought the people on that list might be pleased and/or alarmed to know that they're on the list, although they probably all know that they're targets, anyway. And perhaps flattered that the church considered them sufficiently serious threats to mention them personally by name. But it was curious, that affidavit. The distressing thing, of course, was that there was no way I was going to sign this affidavit and therefore any potential deal with the church fell through. There was no way they were going to sort of say, "Well, actually, no , we ... It was all a misunderstanding and we don't really want to prosecute Mr. Scott after all, and perhaps you could drop the charges." Which would have been nice, although quite frankly, knowing the church and the RTC, as we all now do, perhaps thinking that they would ever cooperate in any way was mis- guided in the first place. However, refusing to sign the affidavits scotched that deal.

"But to go back to what happened on that Friday afternoon, (April 13, 1984). I was told that I had a visitor, I went down to the little visiting room and I was confronted with this little room, literally the size of an auditing room, if you mock that up, a standard auditing room, table and a couple of chairs with ten people in it, waiting to see me. And I thought, "Oh, goodie, you know, press conference! Tremendous!" But no, it wasn't a press conference. It was the RTC.

"What they'd done, they were trying to serve an injunction on me. I mean this was extraordinary. The prison officers were absolutely freaked out. They'd never had anybody visited by ten people before. This was a record. What it was, there was a judge, she was like the judge of a kind of a sheriff's court, sort of a bailiff's type of thing. She was actually quite an interesting woman, quite intelligent, I would think about forty, her name was Makandahl or something like that. She was rather, she didn't smile much, she was a little bit solid, rather serious, but she had her TRs in and she was pretty straight. She was there with her bailiff, a stenographer and an interpreter. That was four. Then, there were this chap Leiper, the Church's lawyer, he was there, and another lawyer called Oppenheimer. He had a sidekick with him, a sort of junior assistant, who seemed like an upstat guy and said absolutely nothing, a young bloke, probably just a recent law graduate, so that's three guys, right?

"Then there was the Thomas Small from L.A. Now, I don't know if you've been reading the documents from Larry West, but he is one of the church's attorneys in L.A., one of the RTC's, Small and what's the other guy called? Harris. They're the two guys, they're certainly the two attorneys on the Larry West case, and I can imagine they're also representing the church on other stuff as well. I don't know exactly Thomas Small's status with the RTC and with the church, but I imagine that he's one of their more legal senior advisors. He actually seemed like quite a nice guy. I winked at him at one point during the interrogation and he had the decency to smile back. He seemed to have a sense of humor. And he seemed to be the only one in that crowd that did. Ah, and then lurking in the far corner, hiding behind all of these attorneys, right, God knows, these attorneys charge at least 60 pounds an hour so in the hour that they interrogated me I was only too happy to think of their taxi meters ticking happily away. Ah, they must have spent a fortune trying to serve this injunction on me.

"Ah, Warren McShane was there and a mission second. I didn't catch her name. I actually thought she might be from the local Danish org as a sort of mission second, a Danish speaking girl who could interpret for Warren McShane. I was told later that she wasn't Danish and I'm afraid I don't know who she was. But she was a second missionaire. She was in the usual, they were in full Sea Org regalia. Warren McShane looked like quite a decent guy, actually, although I had reason to believe later that I was mistaken in my initial impression.

"I was subsequently told, although I don't know if this is true, that actually Steve Marlowe was the mission-in-charge, but he wasn't there and I never set eyes on him. I know Steve of old. I would have recognized him.

"The purpose was to serve an injunction on me similar to the writ that had already been served on me in this country in my absence, both one in Scotland and one in Copenhagen. And the line of questioning led me to believe that the real purpose in serving this injunction on me was not only to enturbulate and intimidate me, right, but also to harass the local Scientologists, the local independents in Copenhagen and try to, the church are convinced, you see, that people like Per Schiotts and so on, have received copies of these materials from me and that we were going to translate the materials into French and into Danish and so on. So they were going to try and stick some sort of charge on the local Scientologists and harass them with legal action. More and more questioning reverted to the fact that obviously I must have sent a copy of these materials to David Mayo and struck up some deal in exchange with David Mayo and I felt that they were trying to use this action in some way, once again, to try to incriminate David in my actions.

"After about half an hour of this questioning had gone on, the judge was looking more and more pissed off as we went through and eventually said she'd had enough. From what she gathered, I had returned the original documents that we'd taken plus the copies we'd made to the police and therefore there was absolutely no purpose in serving another injunction on me, because I'd already returned the materials so why, why did, why have to be served with an injunction? Which was great. My indicators really came in. I nearly, I didn't actually kiss her, but I thought, "Hey, all right, you know, good girl!"

"I even thanked her but she still didn't smile. But she nevertheless found in my favor. And I was very pleased. And I think the church guys were very disappointed, I was glad to see. Even with four lawyers and two Sea Org missionaires, they still didn't manage to ...


"Now, the next thing we moved on to of course, was the charge of theft. And there was a lot of argument between the prosecution and ourselves, with various people chipping in, trying to prove that these documents were worth a lot in terms of hard cash. All sorts of values had been placed on these documents. But at the end of the day, I think really what the judge decided from a legal point of view, was that there was no clear-cut way of deciding whether the documents were worth anything, and if so, what. There was no way to establish, in a concrete way, that the documents had a specific financial value. And when you consider that we stole one copy, I shouldn't say stole, we removed one copy out of twenty, I mean that's no inconvenience to the church, they can still deliver. We could maybe have possibly tried to sell copies of the documents to people, but there was no evidence that we'd done so. And in fact, we hadn't done so. So, I mean we hadn't made any money out of simply possessing the documents. And in fact, when I was arrested on March 13th, we hadn't even by that time, delivered any of the materials, you know, to our public, so I could honestly say that we made no money at all out of having these materials.

"And the judge decided, "Right. We want to dismiss theft." And the prosecution said, "Okay. We will withdraw the charge of theft." And that, we didn't expect to do that. We didn't expect to be able to withdraw the charge of theft. And so that was a surprise win that we didn't fully anticipate, but of course at that time I was really starting to feel, "Hey, wow, things are really going our way."

"I should mention also that in the court, at the front of the court were all the local independent Scientologists, kind of waving and blowing me kisses and thumbs up and you know, "We're with you, guy," and all that. It was great, you know, I was really getting tremendous amount of theta, encouragement, and support.

"At the back of the court, sulking and skulking, were about six or ten Sea Org guys, including Warren McShane, who'd come to hopefully see me nailed for a couple years. And they were all skulking in the back of the court. And there was nice audience participation. You know, it's like whenever David Miscavige's name was mentioned, you know, there was a lot of muttering and "Boo, hiss, and rooh" from the court and when we gave them the data about how Ron's signature had been forged on these documents, there was sort of much laughter and you know, "Hey, Great stuff," and all that. So there was a nice sound track for the whole thing.

"Well, if there are no immediate questions and as this tape is hopefully going to go out around the world, I think it would be nice just to use this opportunity to say that since I've got back to Candacraig, I have been delighted to see how well things are going here..."

[Excerpted from a tape recording of April 21, 1984 by Robin Scott]

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