Affidavit of Steven Fishman

17 Jun 1991

I, STEVEN FISHMAN, am a former member of the Church of Scientology. I was on staff as the Fields Financial Planner of Fort Lauderdale, and later the Fields Financial Planner of Miami, between 1979 and 1988. I left the Church after a successful exit counseling attempt in August of 1990.

I am currently serving a five year sentence for mail fraud in connection with my position at the Church of Scientology. I am currently incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution of Tallahassee, Florida.

I became acquainted with the civil lawsuit of Larry Wollersheim during the fall of 1985. Herein are the circumstances within which I became familiar with the case:

During the summer and fall of 1985, I was being audited on my New Era Dianetics Grade V processing at the Mission of Fort Lauderdale and the Miami Organization of the Church of Scientology. Auditing is a form of spiritual counseling offered by the Church. My auditors were Nancy Witkowski in Fort Lauderdale and Leah Abady in Miami.

In New Era Dianetics, the preclear, or person getting audited, is directed to view mental image pictures of pain and unconsciousness which the preclear or parishioner has been led to believe existed in his "past track" or successive episodes of past life experiences. The preclear is led to believe this through various mind control techniques, utilizing various forms of trance induction and hypnotic suggestion, namely the TRs or Training Routines, and in the latter case, through either "reverie", "anaten" or "boil-off", which are Scientology-defined phrases for specific conditions of hypnosis. This is done with the aid of an electropsychometer, or E-meter.

During-my specific experience with this New Era Dianetics (or NED) auditing, I was led to believe while under mind control that I had been the biological father of Jesus Christ, who was represented to me to be a very evil being, an enslaver of mankind who was given to violent rages and temper tantrums, and who was also a homosexual and molester of children. For five years (1985-1990) I believed that I had "pulled the evil Christ into my own universe" by having been sexually attracted to his mother (Mary) as a young man, and further that she became impregnated by virtue of the fact that each morning I would watch her bathe in a stream and having become aroused by watching her behind reeds (bushes), the semen (ejaculate) penetrated her via the movement of the current of the warm water in the stream.

I was directed toward other (suggested) memories which were indicated by my auditors who measured the truth or falsity of these "events" on the E-meter, including the crucifixion of Christ, where I had believed myself to be present, having been directed to look at mental image pictures in a reduced state of hypnotic awareness of my having hammered his left foot to the cross, and other scenes.

My viewpoint of Christ was that of Hubbard's himself, as evidenced on Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape #112, wherein Hubbard stated that Christ died for his own sins.

During this period of my auditing, my hatred for Christ reached a point where I felt an enormous level of guilt for having fathered such a "degraded being" as he was called by my auditors Witkowski and Abady.

Further on in my auditing, after having sessions at the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida which validated or corroborated the results of the auditing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, I was given further data by Ann Glushakow and Margaret Supak regarding who "Christ really was on the whole track", or what the previous life cycles or incarnations of Christ were. At that point, at the order of Inspector General for Tech Ray Mithoff, I was given some OT (Operating Thetan) data which was normally not extended to someone who had not attested to the State of Clear. Under the supervision of two Class XII auditors, Richard Reese and John Eastment, and where my folder was personally Case Supervised by Ray Mithoff, I was allowed to see some confidential materials which were photocopies of L. Ron Hubbard's handwriting and preserved in cellophane sheets. This data related to OT III, or the Wall of Fire, an advanced level in Scientology.

I learned that there had been an Emperor Xenu who had brought us here to earth in an attempt to solve overpopulation on another planet called Marcab, or the Marcab Confederacy. I had asked Richard Reese where this planet was, and he showed me a Technical Bulletin (typed, not handwritten, but marked Confidential), that explained that Marcab was the planet between Mars and Jupiter in our own solar system, which had been destroyed in a war or holocaust which involved the use of the hydrogen bomb, and that this planet was now a fragment of rocks in space known as the "asteroid belt."

Further, I was given data where at the time the Earth was known as "Teegeeack", and that we (all thetans or spiritual beings here or the aggregate population of the planet) were transported in clusters (packaged by the thousands together) and transported here in space ships that closely resembled DC-9 airplanes, and thereafter we were dropped in two volcanic areas, one of which was Las Palmas, and the other Hawaii. From there we dispersed and through various means, including going up through the evolutionary or genetic track (of picking up bodies), we populated the planet.

I was finally told that Xenu, who had been the most evil being of all, was toppled in a revolt in which L. Ron Hubbard participated as a "loyal officer" of the people. I was further told by Reese and via the handwritten document I was shown of Hubbard's that Xenu was trapped in an electronic mountaintop, where "he was to this very day."

After a rigorous Security Check on the E-Meter by Hans Stahli, who was the Qualifications Secretary of the Religious Technology Center, I was routed back to Ray Mithoff, and was told by Mithoff that the Emperor Xenu had many subsequent evil life cycles, and one of these was that of Christ. I had raised the question of how this possibly could have been true when the data in Hubbard's own hand indicated that Xenu was trapped in or on an electronic mountaintop, where he remained "to this very day." Mithoff explained that the body remained there, but Xenu, the thetan, had dropped the body and has created havoc as a chaos merchant on the planet ever since. The explanation made perfect sense to me at the time, as I knew from previous training and processing in Scientology that the body is nothing more than a vehicle which the thetan or spirit operates, much like one can drive a car, and then abandon it.

The above preface is relevant to this case, as I will now explain.

Mithoff revealed to me that having failed to take responsibility for "fathering Xenu when he was Christ", I had pulled in much pain and suffering into the physical universe. Further, that Christ was back, but this time, presenting the most dangerous threat to the only hope mankind had, namely, the Church of Scientology. Mithoff explained to me that Xenu / Christ had returned as Larry Wollersheim, and I needed to handle him and thus rectify my overt act or high crime that I had caused by virtue of the fact that I had fathered Christ as an illegitimate son in that lifetime.

My hatred for Xenu / Christ was now fixated and personalized against Larry Wollersheim. I felt compelled to destroy him, for I believed that he was the reason for all of humanity's ills and sorrow.

I had been very active in the Guardian's Office of Scientology, working under Fred Hare, and in 1981, having destroyed the legal case of an ex-member suing the Church by the name of Lavenda (Van Schaick) Dukoff. After the Guardian's Office was renamed the Office of Special Affairs in 1983, I continued to work as a OSA Missionaire, under various Church officials, including Lyman Spurlock, who had participated in various covert operations, one of which was the recovery of some stolen documents (archival records of L. Ron Hubbard dating back to 1947-1948), which during said recovery, Lavenda's sister Lisa was raped.

It was Lyman Spurlock who gave me specific data on Larry Wollersheim. I was told that he lived in Aspen, Colorado, and that this parents owned a steak grill or coffee shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Office of Special Affairs, under the direction at that time of Edward Parkin and Lynn Farny, had ordered the Permanent Off Loading of Larry Wollersheim. Permanently Off-Loading someone means killing or murdering them, although we referred to the practice as "an enforced abandonment of the mock-up" and other Scientological euphemisms. It was Lyman Spurlock who told me that the Office of Special Affairs had ordered the Permanently Off-Loading of Wollersheim, and under the mind control influence I was under at the time, I fully agreed with the order, and further, I wanted to be an active participant in it.

Lyman told me that the Office of Special Affairs needed someone with "great confront", (someone who could confront things more than other people were capable of doing), who could "handle" Wollersheim. The Office of Special Affairs had difficulty in locating Wollersheim at his home in Aspen, but concluded that at certain times of the year, such as on the birthday of his father and/or mother, or at Christmas, it was likely that Larry Wollersheim would be visiting his parents in Milwaukee. Further, Lyman Spurlock indicated that as soon as he knew from Office of Special Affairs operatives in the Milwaukee area who had the home and coffee shop of his parents under constant surveillance that Larry Wollersheim was visiting his father, Larry Sr., then that would be the best time for Larry Wollersheim to be Permanently Off-Loaded. Lyman wanted me to relocate to the Milwaukee area and apply as a waiter, cashier, or other food service worker in Larry Sr.'s coffee shop, and if that were not possible to frequent the location as a "regular" and gain a foothold into that scene as a plant. Lyman told me that the best way to handle Larry Wollersheim was to "Pixie-Dust him", or have him given doses of cyanide poisoning. Lyman also had a very strong hatred for Larry's mother, whose name was Elinor. I remember her name because it was the same name as one of my supervisors, Ellie Bolger, the Fields Financial Planner International. Lyman wanted Elinor to be Pixie-Dusted as well, which was supposed to serve as a means to localize the incident and deflect any responsibility away from the Office of Special Affairs. There was another family member named Cindy who he disliked, but I do not recall how she was related to Larry. It may have been his sister, although I cannot recall more about her. I expressed an eagerness and a willingness to do the Operation, although I never was told what the name of the Operation was.

However, I was not called upon to fly to Milwaukee, and two years later, I had asked my Ethics Officer, Dori Hare (Fred Hare's wife, as Fred Hare later became the Mission Holder of Fort Lauderdale), why I was never asked to handle Wollersheim. Dori Hare told me that I could not go anywhere when I was having ethics trouble of my own, plus, she did not want my production (of securities class action lawsuit claims) to be interfered with. I was also a telex/data entry operator for the Flag Banking Office Network External, later incorporated as part of the INCOMM Computer Network of Scientology, and I was one out of three people authorized to send and receive on the INCOMM network in connection with a global tax evasion and money laundering scheme known as Operation Paper Chase, so it was not possible, according to Dori Hare, for me to be away from the Miami Org and/or Mission of Fort Lauderdale for any extended length of time. I also was having difficulties with the Church because of a PTS situation (Potential Trouble Source) occurring because my own parents had become antagonistic to Scientology as a result of conversations with a psychologist who was a friend of the family named Uwe Geertz, and who later served as an expert witness in my criminal case, along with Dr. Margaret Singer and Dr. Richard Ofshe, notable experts on thought reform and specifically on the Church of Scientology's use of mind control techniques.

I was very offended that despite the fact that Lyman Spurlock had offered me the chance to kill Wollersheim, I was never invited to go to Milwaukee and do it. I argued that I was the most suitable for the job as I had been the father of Wollersheim when he was Christ. I further reminded Dori Hare that quantities of cyanide (provided to us by an employee of the American Cyanamid Corporation who was a Scientologist) was readily available at the warehouse in Miami under the custody of Warehouse Manager Charlie Fox, as well as the Flag Service Organization Warehouse, under the custody of Flag Warehouse Manager Bruce Ferguson. Nevertheless, Dori Hare told me that until my production was up and my own ethics were handled (with regard to my antagonistic parents), I was not going to be allowed to handle Wollersheim at all. I suggested to Dori that I would be willing to blow up an airplane that Wollersheim was on as a passenger, if she would provide me with that data when the Office of Special Affairs discovered when he was traveling on a plane in connection to his legal case against the Church. Dori Hare told me that too many innocent people would die along with Larry Wollersheim if I did that, and then I would be committing an overt act against these innocent people. She said that although Wollersheim deserved such a fate, that the airplane method was not the way to go about it.

During the intervening year of 1986, on or around August 23, 1986, I went to Los Angeles to participate in the "Battle of Los Angeles", or the Anti-Wollersheim Crusade for Religious Freedom, as it was called. During that time, I worked under Deborah Truax, who was attached to Golden Era Productions, raising money for the Defense Fund by calling Scientologists all over the country. Although I raised $16,800 in contributions, my stat for that endeavor was "Emergency" because I failed to meet my quota of $25,000, which in retrospect was an impossible amount to raise during the time period allotted. Deborah Truax admonished me and said that had my "confront" been sufficient and my "postulates" positive enough, I could have raised that amount from just one person alone.

To compensate for this failure, I was asked to help her in the covert operations which occurred in the evening. On one occasion raided the trash can of Charles O' Reilly, who was Wollersheim's attorney at the time. I found nothing of value during that raid. During the night, I also was ordered by Deborah to call the home of O'Reilly as well as Psychiatrist Louis Jolyon (Jolly) West, who was assisting Wollersheim in his civil case against the Church. I was told to scream and threaten whoever answered the telephone. I was told by Bridge Publications Sales Manager Jon Stachelrodt that a campaign to harass Attorney O' Reilly, and another attorney named George Rosenberg, until their lives were made so miserable that they would "just give up in apathy."

Later in 1988, Commander Kurt Weiland of the Office of Special Affairs had ordered "Wollersheim completely individuated from his attorney(s)", and this was communicated to me through the Director of Special Affairs of Miami, Humberto Fontana, who had been given this data at a confidential OSA briefing at Flag.

Humberto Fontana had a group of us write letters to Charles O'Reilly at that time, telling him he was a fool for staying on the case because Larry Wollersheim was never going to settle no matter what, and he (O'Reilly) was never going to get paid. The letters were sent to O'Reilly somewhere in Santa Monica, California, and this was a different address from the location on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles where I had searched the garbage during the Crusade. These letters were sent to O'Reilly via remailing services which we used throughout the country. We did not identify ourselves as Scientologists, but rather as relatives of Wollersheim who were angry that "Larry didn't use his common sense and settle the thing." Some of the staff members who were mustered to write the letters were Linda Mac Phee, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights Representative; Fran Hardy, the Public Executive Secretary of Fort Lauderdale, and Toni Levy, the Personnel Procurement Officer of the Hubbard Communications Office in Miami. We sent the letters to O'Reilly via remailing services at the Mail Center of Chicago at 323 South Franklin Boulevard, as well as other locations we had access to in Gretna, Louisiana; St. Louis Missouri; and Fullerton, California. We were never told that the campaign was successful, as I only recently learned that O'Reilly was no longer representing Larry Wollersheim, although I do not know whether our "Individuation Campaign" was the precipitating factor in it.

After we lost the "Battle of Los Angeles" and Wollersheim had received a $30,000,000 verdict from the jury, the effort to overturn the decision through covert operations was stepped up as the case was being prepared to go before the appeals court. One method that I am aware of was to move money out of the country using such corporate shells such as Theta Management, ASSISCO, the Author Family Trust, the Church of Spiritual Technology (which manages the gold storage facilities and the RPF Estates Section used to accumulate profits (gold bullion) from Operation Paper Chase; as well as other lesser known entities such as the Church of Scientology Religious Trust, which recently became the successor in interest to the Author Family Trust, as control is now completely under the control of Religious Technology Center Chairman David Miscavige. Please evidence a document (attached hereto) which describes the actual holdings of the Church of Scientology, as directly quoted from International Scientology News, Issue 24, which was printed by the Church of Scientology at the end of 1989:

"In this decade (1979-1989) the VSD (Value of Services Delivered) has been running routinely at new highest ever levels and has expanded by over 800% with 1.1 billion dollars (emphasis added) of Value of Services Delivered."

Nevertheless, the Church conducted a deliberate campaign to understate its assets to the Court in the Wollersheim case, in very much the same way as it understates income to the Internal Revenue Service on a routine basis.

In March of 1988, as a matter of course in the performance of my post, I worked with Flag Banking Officer Leona Grimm in transferring funds to accounts maintained by the Church under the name of Theta Management at the Bank Leu in Lausanne, Switzerland; Bank Leumi in Tel-Aviv, Israel; the Ziraat Bank of Ankara, Turkey; the Indosuez Bank and the Banque du Commerce et Credite Internacionale both of Luxembourg, and the Foreign Commerce Bank of Vienna, Austria. I did the journals and reported the stats to the Flag Banking Officer International, David Gaiman, while the actual journals and transfers of funds were done electronically by wire at Flag. Leona Grimm signed off on all of my entries on the INCOMM computer. She had mentioned on two occasions that there was an urgency to get the records completed because of "mocked-up" (false) reports required to be sent in to the Appeals Court in the Wollersheim Case. Our entries on INCOMM were forwarded to Carol Martiano at the Office of Special Affairs in Los Angeles, and then she in turn forwarded the completed and authorized documents to Larry Heller, who was the Church attorney arguing the case in California on our behalf.

The above Affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Before me personally appeared STEVEN FISHMAN, known to me to be the person described in and who executed the aforementioned affidavit, and signed the document in my presence.

Witness my hand and official seal this 17th of June, 1991, at Tallahassee, Florida.

Cynthia G. Rona

My Commission Expires: December 12, 1994

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