Affidavit of Steven Fishman

June 25th, 1993

During August 1986, I attended a meeting at the War Room of the Office of Special Affairs which was located at the 1300 block of Berendo Street in Los Angeles at the time. In attendance were Deborah Truax of Golden Era Productions, John Stachelrodt and Sarita Alvarez of Bridge Publications, Candy Healey of Golden Era Productions, and several OSA personnel including the Director of Special Affairs of Colden Era Productions and others whom I do not remember.

I had been invited to the meeting to report on surveillance I had undertaken at the office of Charles O'Reilly, as well as to turn in my Completed Staff Work on the Bingoing Project of flooding the law office of Charles O'Reilly with unwanted junk mail during the past thirty days.

It was at that time that I was given the telephone number of Dr. Louis Jolyon West, and directed to repeatedly call his home between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM for three successive days before he was scheduled to testify on behalf of Lawrence Wollersheim in the Wollersheim Case, which was referred to as the Battle of Los Angeles and/or the 1986 Crusade.

I also turned in materials which I had accumulated by raiding the trash dumpster of Charles O' Reilly, attorney for Lawrence Wollersheim, located at his law office which to the best of my recollection was on a main thoroughfare in Santa Monica, California.

During that meeting, I overheard Deborah Truax tell John Stachelrodt that the Office of Special Affairs had assigned an agent to work in the law office of Charles O'Reilly as a typist/clerk/ receptionist. The typist, whose name I do not recall or may not have been privy to, was placed there by OSA for two purposes, or major operating targets. I do recall what these targets were.

  1. The primary operating target was to copy legal briefs prepared by Charles O'Reilly and turn them over to the Office of Special Affairs.
  2. The secondary operating target was to make things go right and influence Charles O'Reilly into forcing Lawrence Wollersheim to accept a settlement from the Church of Scientology International. This operation was simultaneously designed to create an irreparable ARC Break or rift between O' Reilly and Mr. Wollersheim since Deborah Truax stated that the differences between the two regarding their positions on the settlement negotiations would be successful in driving a wedge between them, and ultimately would result in O'Reilly dropping Wollersheim as his client and leaving him without counsel. John Stachelrodt mentioned that there were two settlement offers; "one for six million and then another for ten million and that Charles O'Reilly wanted Wollersheim to accept them, but that Wollersheim was unwilling to do so, according to the typist who worked there."
The OSA representative also told us that they had access to a botulism culture from a medical laboratory which he wanted the typist to introduce into O' Reilly' s food, in order to induce a "terror stomach" (his exact words) to O'Reilly, in order that he would be less effective during the days of the trial. I have no idea whether that project was ever adopted or not.

That is all I recall regarding the meeting.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the above facts are true and correct, to the best of my recollection and understanding. Dated: June 25, 1993

Room 324
Dismas House
141 N. W. 1st Avenue
Dania, Florida 3300Y-2835

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