Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

05 September 2005

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	1.	  I, Gerry Armstrong, declare as follows.

	2.	  Since the end of January 2004, I have lived with my
wife Caroline Letkeman in a second floor apartment at 45950 Alexander
Avenue in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada. 

	3.	I first became aware of a man named Rene Helmer when
an invitation to an open house to be held August 27, 2004 for a
company called Techno-Cine was left at our apartment door about a week
before that date.  The open house invitation, a true correct copy of
which is appended hereto as Exhibit A, identified Rene Helmer as
Techno-Cine's proprietor.

	4.	Techno-Cine's address is 45967 Alexander Avenue,
across the street and visible from our apartment, and in a position to
observe our apartment and our comings and goings  It's a shop or
office in a large concrete block commercial building containing
several shops and offices.  Ever since Techno-Cine moved into this
address, Caroline and I have suspected that it was related to a
Scientology organization intelligence operation against us, and that
the location was chosen to facilitate our surveillance, both visual,
audio and electronic.  Scientology's intelligence personnel or hired
PIs have in the past rented, leased or purchased properties for the
purpose of getting physically close to the organization's targets.
Obviously, renting, leasing or purchasing properties for the purpose
of getting close to their targets is a very desirable goal for any
intelligence network or service.  I have been a high level target of
Scientology's intelligence personnel, as well as the organization's
leaders, lawyers and PIs for over 23 years.  Caroline and I have been
joint targets since 2001, shortly after we met.  Being high level
Scientology targets affects virtually every aspect of our lives and
produces a constant awareness of threat, which we deal with as we can.
We have been virtually without monetary resources throughout this
period, whereas Scientology has immense sums of cash available and a
global network of agents to target people like Caroline and me.  We
are both targets because we discovered and exposed massive Scientology
fraud, organization-wide abuses, and criminal conspiracy.  Scientology
agents have physically assaulted me on multiple occasions, attempted
several times to have me prosecuted on false criminal charges,
published defamatory materials about me internationally, threatened me
with assassination, sued me six times, and ruined many good things in
my life utterly.

	5.	Some time after Techno-Cine's open house, a man rapped
on our ground-level apartment door, and when I answered the door he
introduced himself as Rene Helmer.  He said his reason for contacting
us was to be neighborly and tell us that someone had reported some
people trying doors in the neighborhood to break in, and he wanted to
alert us.  He wanted to know if we'd observed anything suspicious, and
I told him I'd sure keep an eye open.  He pointed out his office in
the building across Alexander Avenue.   He said he'd been working in
Vancouver, but had visited Chilliwack, loved the area, and decided to
give it a try.  He said he was in movie lighting, and built elevator
panels and other props.

	6.	Over the next months, Caroline and I encountered Mr.
Helmer a number of times in the vicinity of our home.  Although we had
no proof then of his connection to Scientology we were always
suspicious of his intentions, so we stayed friendly in our brief
interactions with him, but did not encourage contact or any
relationship.  Caroline and I felt very vulnerable and violated, and
talked about how the constant surveillance made us feel imprisoned, or
like Winston and Julia in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  Following
Techno-Cine's "open house," the shop never opened, but remained closed
and blacked out.

	7.	Some months after my first conversation with Mr.
Helmer, he again rapped on our door and again I talked with him.  He
said that he was going to be away for some days and asked me to keep
an eye on his office.  He mentioned that an Owen, who rented a space a
few doors away from Mr. Helmer's office in the same building, is a
good person, but that some other people in the building were not nice
and were creating problems.  I knew that Mr. Helmer was referring to
Owen Stobbe, Caroline's cousin, who has an auto detailing shop in the
building.  I told Mr. Helmer that I would keep both eyes open.

	8.	On August 9, 2005, I received an e-mail message from
Mr. Helmer stating:
	Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 23:58:00 -0700 
From: Rene Helmer <> Subject: TV Show 
To: Gerry Armstrong <> 
Organization: Rene Helmer 
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2527 
Hello Gerry,
	This is Rene Helmer, your neighbour from across the street.
I've wanted to talk to you for a couple of weeks now but we've not
bumped into each other for a while.
	The reason for this e-mail is to let you know of my interest
in the circumstances you and Caroline find yourselves in, regarding
scientology. My neighbour in the next bay, Owen told me about this
some months ago as, it seems, your families are acquainted. I looked
into your fight with scientology, at that time, on the Internet and
was quite fascinated by what I found on your web sites. 
	You may recall that I mentioned to you once, that I have been
producing and directing a TV show, called Unique Endeavours, at our
local Shaw cable TV station. I've recently had thoughts on the
possibility of doing a show on the unique situation that you two are
involved in. 
	Initially, my thoughts for this show ran along the lines of a
David and Goliath scenario but upon looking further at elements of
your web sites, I think that this project would be better served if it
dealt with the effects of this conflict on yourselves, personally, and
how this has affected your lives.
	I have a very strong interest in this matter but I'm also
aware of your personal concerns for your security and privacy and I
don't mean to jeopardize or to infringe on these concerns. I do feel
that this subject could provide a very interesting program and I can
look into other outlets for the show, in the event that it may be to
"risquéé" for Shaw although I have spoken to the the Shaw Cable
Manager about your storey. Please advise me of your thoughts on this
idea. I would be pleased to meet you, to go over any questions or
concerns you may have. You can best reach me on my cell phone at (604)
	My best regards, Rene

Mr. Helmer in fact had never previously mentioned that he was
producing or directing a TV show, or anything about "Unique
Endeavours." This e-mail message radically increased Caroline's and my
certainty that Mr. Helmer was working for the Scientology

	9.	On August 11, 2005 I sent Mr. Helmer an e-mail reply

	Hi Rene

	Wow! Let's connect up after this weekend and talk about your
ideas.  Caroline and I have a full plate through Monday.  We're really
interested the possibilities, so we're looking forward to chatting
with you.


	Gerry & Caroline

	10.	On August 11, I received an e-mail message from Mr.
Helmer stating:

	Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 16:58:56 -0700 
From: Rene Helmer <> 
Subject: Re: TV Show 
To: Gerry Armstrong <> 
Organization: Rene Helmer 
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2527 
Hello Gerry and Caroline, 
	That's great! I'm busy on Monday all day and, possibly,
Tuesday as well. Call me and tell me where and when. (604) 791-8858. I
look forward to chatting as well. 
	Yours, Rene

	11.	Caroline and I did a cursory Internet search for "Rene
Helmer," and found a short biography on the Chilliwack Players Guild
web site stating that he had started volunteering for the Guild in
September 2004.  A true and correct copy of a printout of the Players
Guild web page, which also contains a photograph of the person who had
identified himself to me as Rene Helmer, is attached hereto as Exhibit

	12.	After some telephone calls between Mr. Helmer and me,
Caroline and I met with him at his request on August 23 in the lounge
at the Rhombus Hotel in Chilliwack.  We sat at a table outside on a
deck beside Salish Pond, a shallow man-made acre or so of water, and
we drank beer and talked for several minutes.  Caroline and I had Old
Yale IPA, Mr. Helmer had a couple of Coronas, I believe with a slice.
He said that he had done other interviews or shoots at that spot.  I
suspected that Mr. Helmer had set up the meeting there so he or
whoever else he was working with could secretly record us.  He told us
he had brought video equipment with him in case the meeting developed
that way, and he showed us what appeared to be a video camera case on
the floor beside him.  

	13.	Very early in the conversation, I asked him about his
relationship with Scientology.  He said that he had been involved in
the 1970's, and mentioned specifically 1975.  Before this, Mr. Helmer
had never said anything about a connection to Scientology in any of
our communications.  My relationship with Scientology forces me to ask
any people who seek to have a relationship with me about any
relationship they have with Scientology. Mr. Helmer said he had even
worked for the GO back then, doing volunteer work in PR.  I asked him
where he had been working for the organization and he said Ottawa and
Toronto.  He protested that it was all so long ago, he could hardly
remember anything.  The one thing he remembered was a time he was sent
to get carbon paper late at night after all the stores were closed,
because the GO's reports had to be typed with multiple carbon copies,
and they didn't have any.  He said, as if searching his memory, that
they had a term for that in Scientology.  I volunteered, "Making it go
right," and he said that that was it, and we all laughed.  I asked him
who the head of the GO in Canada was then, and he said he couldn't
remember.  I asked about Ray and Hilarie Rockl, two Scientologists I'd
known in Vancouver in 1969 and 1970, and who became top officials
within the GO in Canada, and Mr. Helmer gave a noncommittal answer,
which I didn't ask him to clarify.  The GO was the "Guardian's
Office," Scientology's arm that during the 1960's and 70's waged its
offensive war against "enemies," on PR, legal and intelligence
channels.  Shortly after present Scientology head David Miscavige took
over the Guardian's Office in the early 1980's, he restructured the
unit controlling organization PR, legal and intelligence activities
and incorporated it as Religious Technology Center (RTC).  Miscavige
holds the position in RTC of Chairman of the Board. RTC's central
control of PR, legal and intelligence activities within the entire
Scientology enterprise is effectuated through the Office of Special
Affairs (OSA).  OSA personnel are posted in every Scientology
"Church"around the world including the Vancouver organization.

	14.	Because Mr. Helmer had already told me months ago that
he had moved from Vancouver to Chilliwack to set up Techno-Cine, I
asked him if he had also been at the Vancouver Scientology
organization.  He said that he had, and then a few moments later
appeared to have a sudden realization, and stated that he was pretty
sure that he had known Caroline in Vancouver.  She had gotten into
Scientology in Vancouver in 1975, but didn't have a clear memory of
Mr. Helmer in the Vancouver organization at that time.

	15.	 I asked him how far he had gotten up the "Bridge,"
which is what Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard called, and
Scientologists call, the organization's "Classification, Gradation and
Awareness Chart."  The chart lists about 30 grades or levels of
ability that Hubbard and the organization promised and sold to their
customers.  The grades or levels proceed upward from ordinary human
beings or Homo sapiens, which Scientologists call "wogs," through
"Clear," which Scientologists teach is a new superior race called
"Homo novis," to the state of "Operating Thetan" or "OT, a state of
staggering intellect, super powers and total freedom.  Mr. Helmer said
that he had had about five or six "intensives," which are twelve and a
half hour blocks of Scientology's "auditing," the costly psychotherapy
by which Scientologists move "up the Bridge."  Mr. Helmer thus claimed
he'd had a total of about seventy-five hours of auditing, whereas, by
way of comparison, I had something over a thousand hours of auditing
during the 1970's.  I asked him why he had left Scientology and he
said that he couldn't stand being regimented the way the organization
demanded, that he'd been in the military before Scientology and had
had enough of that kind of control.  The impression Mr. Helmer
conveyed in all he said was that his relationship with Scientology
ended in the 1970's and that thereafter he had no further relationship
with the organization.

	16.	 Caroline, I believe, said something about the
"Suppressive Person"doctrine, or "SP" doctrine, which is integral to
all of Scientology, and Mr. Helmer appeared to not understand the
concept.  He then said that he had been to our web site, referring to
the Suppressive Person Defense League (SPDL) web site, found at, but said that he had not understood
what it said.  He appeared much more interested in the concept in
Scientology that founder Hubbard called "Fair Game."  This is the
principle, policies and practices governing the organization's war on
its "enemies" such as Caroline and I.  Scientology has been playing a
semantic game in the legal arena and in the media for almost forty
years, even as it fair games its enemies, claiming that "Fair Game"
was "cancelled."  My experiences with Scientology prove that Fair Game
is still the way the organization prosecutes its war, and that the
claimed cancellation of Fair Game is a fraud.  Mr. Helmer referred to
Fair Game as if it was a term he didn't know, but which he had found
on my web site as if I invented it.  I told him a little bit of what I
knew about the subject. 

	17.	Mr. Helmer called the show he had in mind for Caroline
and me a "human interest story," a term he used a number of times.  I
didn't push Mr. Helmer to define "human interest," or to provide any
specifics or details of his idea for the videotaping.  He simply
repeated what he'd said in his first e-mail message, that he wanted to
focus on the effects of our battle with Scientology on our personal
lives.  He said that we seem like pretty happy people, and that we
smiled and laughed a lot.  I assured him that under our happy demeanor
we were very concerned, and we felt extremely vulnerable to
Scientology covert or even violent ops.  I said that even though one
operative may be a decent person, and may even have been put in place
because he is a decent person, and merely reports back to his handlers
about his target's movements, he has no control over what evil his
handlers will do with his information.  

	18.	Mr. Helmer said that Shaw Cable, which he had
mentioned in his first e-mail message he'd talked to about Caroline's
and my story, would not be involved in the project because Scientology
is too controversial.  He said he had discussed us, and his human
interest story idea about us with a Bruce Atkinson, the manager at
Shaw in Chilliwack, and that it was Mr. Atkinson who said that
Scientology is too controversial.  Mr. Helmer said that he also has a
contact in public relations in Edmonton with whom he discussed the
project, and that this guy was interested and could be a connection to
a number of media outlets.

	19.	 I brought up my legal situation with Scientology, and
Mr. Helmer said that he is not trained in legal and had not read all
the documents relating to my legal battles, but saw they were
extensive.  He said that his lack of understanding of legal documents
is a reason why he wants to do a human interest story.  Nevertheless,
I did sketch out my legal situation for him.  I explained that the
Scientology cultists are trying to enforce a contract that they got by
threat and fraud, and which requires that every time I mention this
"religion," such as the coversation I was having right there with him,
I pay them fifty thousand dollars.  I said that meanwhile the
organization runs intel ops on us, black PRs us around the world, and
threatens our existence.  "Black PR" is the term Hubbard used for
Scientology's policy and practice of destroying a target's
credibility, reputation, relationships, livelihood and life with the
organized, broad and relentless overt and covert dissemination of
defamatory material about the target.  I told Mr. Helmer that the
Scientologists are also still trying to get me jailed for nothing more
than defending myself against their attacks and relating my religious
experiences and beliefs.  I explained that Scientology had filed an
appeal from a judgment in California, and that oral argument in the
Court of Appeal in San Francisco would be probably in late September.
I said there very well may be a media flurry around the time, and
suggested that perhaps the timing could be good for Mr. Helmer's
project.  I said that I would send him the URLs for the legal
documents I thought he should read to understand how my legal
situation could relate to the project he proposed.

	20.	  I asked Mr. Helmer about ownership of the video he
wanted to shoot of us and he said that he would own it.  I asked him
if he had any release for me to sign and he said he didn't.  I asked
him if he had a lawyer who could prepare any needed documents and he
said he didn't.  I was very aware that Scientology could edit or alter
video footage of me, which the organization has done in the past, to
attack or defame me in litigation and in the media.  I was also aware
that Mr. Helmer was very happy to lie to entrap us, and would probably
lie just as happily under oath to harm us in the legal arena.  I was
also concerned that through Mr. Helmer Scientology could make some
claim of ownership of my story, and thus create a "legal" right to tie
me up in intellectual property litigation,  suppress my story, and
prevent it from being told at all.  I am aware that my story has
considerable commercial value, as well as immeasurable value as pure
religious expression and as physical defense.

	21.	  We parted with the agreement that Mr. Helmer would
next contact his friend in PR in Edmonton to see what real interest
there was, and would write up some questions for us to think about.
The next step I would take would be to send Mr. Helmer the URLs for
the legal documents I thought he should read and understand.

	22.	Following our meeting with Mr. Helmer, Caroline and I
did an Internet Whois search for the domain.  The Whois
search result, a true and correct copy of the printout of which is
appended hereto as Exhibit C, gave the address of the domain
registrant as 11519 - 142nd Str.,  Surrey, B.C. V3R 3L2, Canada.  The
search result also listed the administrative contact as "Philip
Helmer" at the same address, with phone number 604-582-0193, and
e-mail address

	23.	  We did an Internet search for the name "Philip
Helmer," and "Phil Helmer,"and found that a Phil Helmer of Vancouver
is listed as Scientology Clear No. 12,273 in a webbed organization
publication "The Auditor" from April 1979.  We found a Phil Helmer
listed as having been on board the Scientology ship "Freewinds" in
1989 during her maiden voyage, and having completed a course on board
called the "Route to Infinity Course." We found a Phil R. Helmer
listed as a "Sponsor" of the International Association of
Scientologists (IAS) in a webbed organization publication "Impact" in
1998, and listed as an IAS "Crusader" in "Impact" in 2000.  A Sponsor
is a person who donates five thousand dollars to the IAS, and a
Crusader donates ten thousand dollars.  One of the functions of the
IAS is to fund legal and extra-legal attacks on Scientology's victims
and targets such as Caroline and I.

	24.	Caroline and I did an Internet search for the address
of Philip Helmer as administrative contact for Techno-Cine, "11519 -
142nd Str.,  Surrey, B.C. V3R 3L2," and discovered it in a listing for
Robert and Gail Spick in the webbed 2001 World Institute
Scientology Enterprises (WISE) Directory, which states:
	Robert and Gail Spick
	Conco Electrical
	11519 142nd St.
	Surrey, BC V3R 3L2
	Tel. (1) 604-582-1948

Another entry in the webbed 2001 WISE Directory for Conco states:
	Ray and Hilarie Rockl
	Conco Electrical Services
	125 -1085 East Kent Ave.
	Vancouver, BC V5X 4V9
	Tel (1) 604-322-5734

The Surrey address also appears in the webbed 2004 WISE Director in a
listing which states:
	Robert Spick
	Robert Spick & Associates
	11519 142nd St.
	Surrey, BC V3R 3L2
	Tel +1 604-582-1948

Another entry in the webbed 2004 WISE Directory states:
	Ray & Hilarie RockI
	Conco Electrical Services
	123 - 1085 East Kent Ave.
	Vancouver, BC V5X 4V9
	Tel +1 604-322-5734

WISE is a component of the Scientology enterprise that exerts
organization control in commercial companies run by Scientologists,
requires fees from these companies, and uses them to spread
Scientology "technology" and influence in the commercial realm.

	25.	An Internet search for "Robert Spick" showed that he
was on board the "Freewinds" in 1999 and did a course called the
"Freewinds OT Bridge Consultant Course;" and that in 2002 he was
audited at Scientology's Clearwater, Florida base and attained the
grade called "ARC Straightwire Expanded." 

	26.	An Internet search for "Gail Spick" obtained only the
2001 WISE Directory listing, but a search for "Gale Spick" showed that
she was on board the "Freewinds" in 2000 and did the "Route to
Infinity Course;" that in 2001 she is listed in Scientology's webbed
publication "Impact" as an IAS "Crusader;" that she is currently a
director of Scientology's Heritage 3r's School Society; and that she
is Scientology's contact for its ongoing "World Literacy Crusade."

	27.	An Internet search for "Ray Rockl"and "Raymond Rockl"
showed that he was listed on the IAS "Honor Roll" in 1991, meaning he
had donated twenty thousand dollars or had gotten twenty people to
each donate to the IAS; that he did the "State of Man Congress Course"
on the "Freewinds" in 1999; that he did the "Responsibility and the
State of OT" on the "Freewinds" in 2000; that he did the "Command of
Theta Course"and "New OT VIII - Truth Revealed" on the "Freewinds" in
2003; and that he is listed in Scientology's webbed publication
"Cornerstone Newsletter" in July 2004 as a "Cornerstone Club Member,"
meaning he had donated thirty-five thousand dollars to the building
fund for Scientology's "Super Power Building" in Clearwater, Florida; 

	28.	An Internet search for "Hilarie Rockl"showed that she
was listed as an IAS "Sponsor" in 1993; that she did the "Saint Hill
Special Briefing Course"at the Clearwater Scientology base in 1996;
that she did the "Solo Auditor Certainty Course" in Clearwater in
1997; that she did the "State of Man Congress Course" on the
"Freewinds" in 1999; that she did the "Responsibility and the State of
OT" on the "Freewinds" in 2000; that she did the "Command of Theta
Course" on the "Freewinds" in 2003; and that she is currently listed
as the WISE "Charter Committee" representative in Vancouver, meaning
she has an investigatory and supervisory role in WISE businesses.

	29.	On August 25, I sent Mr. Helmer an e-mail message
	 Hi Rene

	Quite a preliminary meeting!  Old Yale IPA I think is the only
wonder still standing out of the Big Seven.

	I'd suggest these documents for understanding our legal

	1.  1984 LA Superior Court decision.

	2.  The 1986 "contract" with the cult that has been the
subject of five enforcement lawsuits.


	3. My respondent's brief and opposition to writ petition, both
filed in the appeal Scientology took from the 2004 Marin County



	You should be aware of potential enforcement of the "contract"
against you.  And you should know what my position regarding the
"contract" and my lawful rights is as stated in my two appellate
briefs.  I'm obviously not a lawyer, so the language is pretty simple.

	Hope this helps.


	Gerry & Caroline

	30.	On August 27, I received an e-mail response from Mr.
Helmer stating:

	Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 19:45:46 -0700 
	From: Rene Helmer <> 
	Subject: Re: Docs 
	To: Gerry Armstrong <> 
	Organization: Rene Helmer 
	X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2527 

	Hello Gerry & Caroline,
	Thank you for the information. I just arrived back in the
"Wack" and will go over this. Your caution is noted and thank you.
I'll call you on Sunday morning to see if we can't get together, even
briefly. My out of town work was much more extensive than I thought so
I apologize for the last minute re-contact.

	Regards, Rene

	----- Original Message ----- From: "Gerry Armstrong"
	To: <>
	Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 7:31 AM
	Subject: Docs

	31.	Mr. Helmer and I spoke on Sunday morning, August 28,
and agreed to meet for coffee.  He suggested the Starbucks shop in
downtown Chilliwack, and Caroline and I met him there as he requested.
After some small talk about his weekend in Victoria, B.C.and having
high tea at the Empress Hotel and how much he loved it, I mentioned
he'd said he wanted to get together even if briefly, and asked him
what news he had.  He said he'd spoken with his contact in Edmonton,
who is in PR but has connections to major media, and his contact had
said that the reason media weren't touching Scientology stories, and
we were having so much trouble getting our story told, was because the
media is bored with anything to do with Scientology.  He said
something about our being concerned about why media weren't touching
Scientology stories and us wondering why, neither of which facts were
true at all.  I told Mr. Helmer that he may have already mentioned the
name of his contact in Edmonton, but in any case could he tell me
again, and he said "Ed Burton."  I confirmed with Mr. Helmer that it
was Mr. Burton who said that the media were bored with Scientology,
and confirmed that that was what Mr. Burton said. 

	32.	Mr. Helmer said that what Mr. Burton and he agreed to
was to make a "teaser," not the full production but a sample of what
we would say.  He said that Mr. Burton would take a look at the
teaser, and if he was interested he'd send a professional crew to do
the show and that Mr. Helmer would be out of the picture.  He said
that he had a list of questions and held out a sheet of paper with a
list on it.  I was concerned about putting my fingerprints on the
paper, but Caroline accepted the paper from him.  Glancing at the
questions, Caroline said they were for me, and I took the paper from
her.  I read the questions, and then motioned to put the list in the
folder I was carrying.  Mr. Helmer reached for the paper and indicated
that I couldn't keep it, but took it from me, folded it and stuck it
in his dayplanner.  He said that he would e-mail the questions to me,
and he said that we could add any questions we wanted.

		33.	Mr. Helmer said at one point that the question
that comes to his mind is, "Why if we're afraid of Scientology why do
we have our address and phone number on the Internet?"  He said that
Mr. Burton asked the same thing, and he repeated the question.  I
explained that because of my legal situation with the Scientology cult
I must have an address that is public, and we do not have the
resources to drop out of sight beyond where Scientology can easily
look and find us.  I told him that it's an intelligence decision as
much as anything, and having our address and phone number known or
unknown makes us equally vulnerable, and that it is as scary as hell
knowing that even though our address is known the people running
Scientology still want to watch our comings and goings and still mean
us harm.  I said that the threat would only end when David Miscavige
is sitting where Mr. Helmer was sitting.

	32.	He said that he had not read the legal documents I
referred him to, and grimaced something about reading legal documents
made him crazy. He said that his motivation was to make a little money
and maybe make a name for himself.  He said he had no axe to grind,
seeming to imply that Caroline and did.  We parted with the
understanding we'd be in touch and Mr. Helmer would send the

	33.	On August 29, Mr. Helmer sent me an e-mail message

	Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:40:25 -0700 
From: Rene Helmer <> 
Subject: Questions 
To: Gerry Armstrong <> 
Organization: Rene Helmer 
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2527 

	Hi Gerry and Caroline,
	Here's the questions I promised you. Please feel free to come
up with some of your own for this "teaser".
	As I mentioned to you, I'm out of Chilliwack for a couple of
days and hope to be back Wednesday or, at the latest, Thursday. I'd
like to shoot the teaser on Thursday or Friday, if that suits your
schedule. I'll call you from Vancouver when I'm more sure of my
	Have a good week.
	Best, Rene 

	34.	Attached to Mr. Helmer's e-mail message was a document
entitled "Questions" listing the following seventeen:

	What was your background prior to scientology? There's
reference to UBC.
	How long were you involved and what prompted you to leave that
		What were the effects of belonging to the group in
relationships with your parents?
	What other personal costs were there?
	Has there been any effects regarding employment?
	How do you support yourselves and your activities?
		Do you find your Christian faith supports you through
the difficulties you experience?
	When were you married?
	What have been the monetary costs in your legal battles with
	Are there any court judgements against you in Canada?
	What attempts have been made on your life?
	Have there been any problems for you here in Chilliwack?
	What other security concerns do you have?
	Why are your names, address and telephone number posted on the
	Do you believe that your efforts are having an effect on
		What do you see yourself doing in the future? What
would you be doing if not this?
	Do you and Caroline create and maintain your web sites?

	35.	On August 31, Mr. Helmer left a message on our
telephone answering machine stating:
Hi folks, it's ah, Rene Helmer calling here. It's about ah, 10, almost
10:30 Wednesday morning.

	I just wanted to touch base. I've uh, Im in some unfortunate
circumstances. I'm going to have to delay our shoot until next week.
Um, just this project's taking a little more than we thought here. If
this poses a problem or you got any questions please feel free to give
me a call. Um, we'll work something else out. My apologies, I try not
to do this but ah give me a call soon as -- 
	Talk to you later Bye bye.

	36.	Mr. Helmer and I have spoken by telephone over the
past few days and have agreed to meet this afternoon at 4:00 P.M. in
the Rhombus Lounge.  I expect to give Mr. Helmer a copy of this
declaration at that time.

	I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true
and correct.  

	Executed this fifth day of September, 2005 in Chilliwack, B.C.

	Gerry Armstrong

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