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Affidavit In Support Of A Citizen Complaint

Martin Ottmann
54, rue Pierre Brossolette
92300 Levallois-Perret

Table Of Contents

I - Introduction
- Background

II - Corporative Characteristics of the 4 Reported Organizations

- Religious Technology Center (RTC)
- Church of Scientology International (CSI)
- Church of Scientology of Western United States (CSWUS)
- Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. (FSO)

III - Corporative Intertwinings

- RTC and CST
- RTC and CSI
- RTC and FSO
- RTC and other organizations
- CSI, CSWUS, FSO and other organizations

IV - What is "Dianetics" and "Scientology"?

V - The "ecclesiastical" Structure of the Scientology-network

- The top of the hierarchy - RTC
- The "Mother Church" – CSI
- "Continental Liaison Offices"
- "Class V Organizations" and "Missions"
- "Groups," "Field Staff Members" and "Field Auditors"
- The Finance Network
- The Intelligence Network

VI - Scientology's Relationship with the U.S. Federal Government

- Hubbard and the U.S. Navy (1941 – 1950)
- Hubbard, the FBI and Dianetics (1951 – 1953)
- The FDA, the IRS, the CIA and Scientology (1954 – 1971)
- Operation "Snow White" (1973 – 1983)
- The War against the IRS (1984 – 1992)
- Tax Exemption and the U.S. State Department (1993 – 2001)
- Appeals Court criticizes the granting of Tax Exemption (2002)

VII - Violations of U. S. Title 18

- Chapter 15, Sections 286, 287
- Chapter 37, Section 793
- Chapter 41, Section 875
- Chapter 45, Section 953
- Chapter 63, Section 1341
- Chapter 73, Section 1512

VIII - Conclusion 142


Affidavit In Support Of A Citizen Complaint

I - Introduction

This affidavit is written in support of an enclosed citizen complaint to be filed with the U. S. Attorney's Offices in Los Angeles, California and in Tampa, Florida. The affidavit proves that within the past 16 years the principal corporative officers, respectively the ecclesiastical heads of the following corporations

- Religious Technology Center, a Californian non-profit corporation,

- Church of Scientology International, a Californian non-profit corporation,

- Church of Scientology of Western United States, a Californian non-profit corporation,

- Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc., a Floridian non-profit corporation and the individual members of the so-called "Church Tax Compliance Committee" David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Mark Rathbun, Heber Jentzsch, Marc Yager, Jonathan Epstein and Nigel Oakes have committed crimes under U. S. Title 18, specifically with regards to

- Chapter 15, Sections 286 & 287,
- Chapter 37, Section 793,
- Chapter 41, Section 875,
- Chapter 45, Sections 953,
- Chapter 63, Section 1341, and
- Chapter 73, Section 1512.

This affidavit shows in particular that the above mentioned corporations and individuals have conspired against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

- by willfully giving false representations concerning their operations and activities from 1986 until 1993 during settlement negotiations with the IRS and thereby violating the terms of the settlement agreement from October 1st, 1993, that ultimately led to the granting of taxexempt status of the Church of Scientology and its affiliated organizations within the United States;

- by willfully ignoring the obligations of the settlement agreement from October 1st and conducting and executing various illegal and non-charitable activities through the reported corporations and their affiliated and subordinate organizations from 1993 until 2001.

Furthermore the aforesaid corporations and individuals are responsible for

- stealing a military document, which depicts a NATO-airbase in Athens, Greece;

- executing various covert intelligence operations against private and public persons in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Russia and the United States with the intention to harass, intimidate, incriminate and defame these persons;

- infiltrating the domestic intelligence agencies und judicial structures of France, Greece and Russia with the intention to manipulate and obstruct governmental investigations into illegal activities of Scientology organizations in these countries;

- conspiring and threatening to destroy the profession of psychiatry and its associated institutions while also defaming its reputation, both by the use of the U. S. Postal Service;

- extracting money from their public members for non-charitable and illegal activities by the use of the U. S. Postal Service;

- destroying important evidence during a wrongful death investigation in Florida and obstructing it by influencing several witnesses not to cooperate with State Attorney and police investigators;

- willfully ignoring the data protection laws of Belgium, France, Greece and Russia.

This affidavit also includes a detailed description of the organizational structure of the Scientology network. The complexity of its system with its various hierarchical levels makes it necessary to provide an in-depth analysis to give the reader an understanding how the Scientology management exercises corporate and "ecclesiastical" control over its subordinate organizations. Therefore three chapters are devoted to explain the organization's corporate and hierarchical structure.

Scientology's past and present criminal activities are not isolated occurences of individual and "over-zealous" members, but instead are deeply based in the ideology and history of Scientology. For this reason a summary of the stormy history of the organization's encounters with the American federal government is included in the affidavit as well as a description of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard's principle teachings and the organization's basic policies concerning its therapeutic techniques, finance procedures and intelligence operations.

Attached to this affidavit is a Compact Disc. It contains 378 exhibits in reference to the individual chapters and the various issues that are discussed. The exhibits are scanned versions of documents which support the statements of this affidavit. The CD also contains a digital version of this affidavit with direct links to the individual exhibits for the purpose of easier reading.

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